How can I live a happy life without money?

How can I live a happy life without money
How can I live a happy life without money

Happiness does not come from money, so don’t think that money is the source of one’s happiness, you may have money but still you are not happy and also you can see someone who does not have money, and the person will still be happy. So take money off your mind now and ask of ways one can be happy without love. So if that is why you are here, relax then for I will show you ways you can be happy without money. “How can I live a happy life without money?”


How can I live a happy life without money?


You need only two things in this life for you to be happy which are love and the right people.  With these two things you can always be happy.


  1. The right people.

If you are with the right people, there are many things you will see that will make you feel happy. They will give you peace, care for you, give you their attention and rejoice with you when something good happens for you and you will also rejoice with them when something good also happen to them. You all will live in this world as one and when you are with that kind of people you will always be happy.

“How can I live a happy life without money?”

  1. Love.

It is said that love covers many things. You can be with the right people but if there are no love, you can never be happy.

But first, there’s one particular love that must be involve before any other love, which is the love you have for yourself.

The love that you have for yourself is the major love that will help you to recognize when other people loves you. But if you find it hard to love yourself, you will see that you cannot feel the love that other people are showering on you.


The love you have for yourself includes those things that you find in you that keep you happy. It could be the life that you have, the privilege you are in the land of the living. So many of your mates may be in the hospital or some of them may be dead, but seeing how you are still alive may be the number one and the ultimate love you feel for yourself.

It could also be the character that you possess that always keeps you happy without hurting anyone around. It could also be anything that is capable of making you happy.

“How can I live a happy life without money?”


In life, one cannot only have to get money before he or she could be happy, you can also be happy without money if you are ready to accept the love that people are showing you and recognizing how much people around you are trying their best to keep you safe and make you happy. And again, you can only notice that if you have that same feeling for yourself. Loving yourself is the major part of it all, that love that you showered on yourself will automatically keep you alive and willing to accept other people’s love. You shall always be the number one fan of yourself before any other person can.

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We believed that you are able to see that money is not always everything in life especially when it comes to being happy. So you can make it if you are ready to start from there. You are free to drop you contribution on our comments box for others to learn too.

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Good luck, thanks.

“How can I live a happy life without money?”

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