Hip Dips: Exercises You May Try To Shape It Up

Hip dips are sometimes referred to as violin hips due to the violin-like look they impart to your hips. It is increasingly becoming a trend which is thought of by many as “not attractive” or a “flaw”. However, scientifically speaking they’re not a flaw! However, many who want to conform to the standards of beauty are seeking ways to eliminate hip dips.

The first thing to note is that hip dips are not in any way a health risk! It’s just a normal form of the body. It’s also not possible to eliminate these. However, if they hinder the process of being confident in the way you look, here are exercises that could help make them appear less apparent.

What do you mean by hip dips?

Hips dips are the curved lines which occur when your hips meet with your thighs. They’re natural and are an integral part of body structure. The hip dips can be described as the swells on the outside of your legs’ upper part that is located beneath your hip bone. Many people experience hip dips because of genetics, while others may experience it because of the shape of the pelvis. they’re certainly not signs of being unwell.

What is the cause of hip dips in the hips?

Hip dips are when the skin is tied or connected to the lower portion of the thigh bone known as the trochanter. The appearance is greater for some people, and this can be because of the volume and distribution of muscle and fat within your body. The hip’s dips can be more or less apparent based on the size of your hips, the form of your pelvis, and the body’s distribution of fat. They can also be more noticeable when you wear tight, combat-style clothes like shorts and skinny pants.

Although it’s impossible to get rid of hip hips some exercises will aid in keeping them in control. Expert in fitness Karan Sawhney of The Tribe shares his top exercises that focus on the lower part of your body, specifically the glutes, and will aid in enhancing your body.

Hip thrust

1. Hip thrust

Targeting those glutes is the best way to build the flexibility of your hips. To perform this exercise, you will need to be seated on the floor and take the help of a solid floor like a bench for the gym. With the help of your feet and shoulders then you must thrust your hips up and then take yourself off. You could also add weight to move your lifting to the next stage.

Step downs exercise

2. Step downs

The hamstrings, hips, and quads collaborate in this workout to improve the strength and stability of the muscles. Set one leg on the surface that is raised such as a stairstep and the other on the floor. Keep your body straight, then bend down, and then return to your starting posture. Perform 10 repetitions of this on each leg.

Reverse lunges exercise

3. Reverse lunges

Reduced pressure on joints Reverses lunges help strengthen your core and glutes. To begin, stand straight and put your hands on your hip. Step backwards with your left foot and bend your right leg to 90 degrees. 20 reps per side.

Pause squats exercise

4. Pause squats

This kind of squat engages a variety of muscles across the lower back and calves, allowing more stability as you work out regularly. This is the standard squat however with the twist. If you lower your knees, you must stop for 2-5 seconds, then get back up.

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5. Side plank

Invigorate your ab workout by adding the side plank, which really can feel the burn. As in the regular plank exercise, rather than putting your body weight on your elbows, do it on only one elbow to keep your body lifted diagonally. You should hold the plank for at minimum 30 minutes on each side.

Donkey kicks exercise

6. Donkey kicks

A great method to strengthen the muscles in your thighs and increase the performance levels of your entire body. To begin, sit down on the fours. After that, lift one leg and stretch it back and upwards. Do 20 reps on each leg.

It’s best to take these exercises to stay in shape instead of to hide an alleged “flaw”. You are all beautiful as you are!