High School All Over Again: The Why’s and How’s of Car Sex

High School All Over Again: The Why's and How's of Car Sex
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Sometimes it can get quite boring and repetitive to keep having sex in the same bedroom environment. Mixing things up – taking your fun times to the shower with a waterproof suction cup vibrator, fooling around in a public place, and even car sex can help you reignite the spark between you and your partner that might have started to dim through the years of routinized sex.


Car sex will not only help you make things more exciting and interesting, but it will also allow you to feel young again! Particularly if you enjoy the thrill of outdoor activities and like to run a little bit of a risk with the authorities, having car sex might just become one of your favorite things to do! 

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We’ve put together a list of the Why’s and the How’s of car sex for you so that you don’t have to wait any longer. Read through the article to find out more! 


But do remember- car sex isn’t legal, so the responsibility is your own should you get caught. So be careful, do your due diligence, check your local laws, and be responsible for your actions while you have a little fun getting down and dirty in the backseat. 




  1. Novelty 


Of course, this is not news, but it’s a good reminder of how well mixing things up can work for you and your partner on the sexual front. It may get routinized and boring to keep having sex in the same bedroom, especially with a long-term partner. That might start to affect your libidos separately and the sex in the relationship overall. Spicing things up by exploring both inside and outside the bedroom might prove to be very beneficial for both of you. 

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The novelty value of moving sex outside the bedroom – and quite literally in a mobile vehicle – will surely bring the novelty aspect to the limelight with you and your partner. Find new ways to reconnect and reignite that spark that you and your partner have lost over the years. 


  1. Nostalgia 


Nothing screams “high school” like car sex in an abandoned parking lot or a park. It can really bring back fun memories of all the good times you have had as a younger person, allowing you to feel sexy, wanted, and desired! Car sex is attractive in this specific regard – not only does it bring you a sense of novelty and newness, but it also has the effect of kicking in some of that sweet old-school nostalgia! 


  1. Kinks! 


Car sex can incorporate a lot of kinks into your sex life and can really spice up your time with your partner! Kinks especially centered upon role-playing and mapping out scenarios can work hand in hand with car sex – pretend your partner is a stranger or a long-lost lover – and let things get hot and heavy with them! Many other kinks – including those like being tied up, sex toys, and several others – are perfect for car sex and can make things much more fun and exciting for you and your partner. 

  1. Foster Creativity


This is not surprising at all; car sex means you have to use your imagination – and trust us, if you let your imagination run wild, there are so many things you can do! The sky’s the limit, really. How does one cap dreams and imagination, right? Car sex can foster a lot of creativity in the way you and your partner communicate and come up with new ways of getting to know your own body and your partner’s and creating unique atmospheres depending on location. 


  1. Quality Time with your Partner 


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This goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway, car sex is an excellent way of spending quality time with your partner. Not only do you get to explore each other’s bodies and minds, but you also get to communicate, talk, and share the experience of being together in such an exciting and new way.




  1. Pick a Safe Spot 


Obviously, one of the first things you should do before attempting to reignite the spark in the car with your partner is to make sure that you are not endangering anyone or causing them offense. Particularly in areas like public parks or hiking trails, you might encounter children who should not be exposed to public sex! So, make sure the spot you and your partner pick is safe, secluded, and comfortable enough for you to really get frisky. Trust us; it will cramp up your style whether you like it or not, if some stranger shows up at your window – or worse, have the cops be alerted about “suspicious” activity. Play it safe by choosing the right spot, far enough for it to not cause harm but familiar enough for you to not be completely new to the scene. 


  1. Scout the Area and Know your Surroundings 


This brings us to the next point – how do you pick a spot that’s safe enough for car sex? Well, a good bet is always picking a place you know well. And we mean thoroughly, the ins and outs of the place, the vantage points, and the surroundings. Know them well enough to understand whether you can be spotted, whether you will be endangering someone or causing offense, or if there are patrols around the area that might be inconvenienced by this act. Scout the area you and your partner choose well before you engage in sexual activities there, plan a few trips back and forth to familiarize yourselves with the ways and to really get to know the space you will be inhabiting for a little bit, even if it is temporary. It will help you ease your fears and anxieties and make you feel more excited about enjoying this time with your partner without worrying about what could go wrong.

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Just in case, plan contingencies – know where your horn is located (and DO NOT TOUCH IT) or you will draw attention to yourselves, know how the lights switch on and off to avoid drawing even more attention, and just play it by ear when you’re there

  1. Pick Positions that Work 


We have a few suggestions when it comes to car sex positions which include:


  • Car Girl: It’s the basic cowgirl position but in the car! How exciting and simple, no? Have your partner sit on the seat and get riding! 
  • Reverse Car Girl: Pretty much self-explanatory with this one, we believe. 
  • The Recliner: Pick one of the two front seats, either the driver or the passenger. Recline the back all the way down to make sure you have enough space to get around and lie flat on the seat comfortably. Ask your partner to get on top and really ride the wave through to feel all the good feelings and sensations. 
  • The Backseat: This one’s a classic, so it doesn’t need too much of an explanation, but of course, throw it back to one of the sweetest memories of high school with your partner by occupying the backseat. Use the interior to your advantage and make sure you’re comfortable enough to move around. This would mean picking a vehicle with enough space in the backseat to move around, have fun, and get to know your partner better! A car with a reclining backseat is even better – that way, you can have more space to experiment! Missionary, doggy; the choices are endless in the backseat. 


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