Happy Independence Day Messages

Happy Independence Day Messages
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Looking for happy independence day messages to send out to your loved ones or people that you care about. Then relax for you are in the right place to get all those messages. We all know that freedom is not something that is given quickly. Let take a look at the history of one of the countries that got popular and learn a brief history of them. Let talk a bit About Nigeria’s history.

As early as 1100BC, many ancient African civilizations, such as the Nri, Benin Empire, and Oyo, settled in the region, which is known today as Nigeria. The Shanghai Empire also occupied part of the area.

  Slavery trade started in Nigeria in the late 15th century. The Europeans, British, and the Portuguese captured and sold our young ones. As a result of this, conflicts emerged among different ethnic groups in the region.

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  Nigeria got its name during the colonization era of the whole continent, and the name was given by Flora Show in the year 1897, in the late 19th century, while her colonization lasted till 1960. It was in this year(1960) that an Independence movement was carried out and Nigeria succeeded in gaining her Independence.

  Independence day is a day we celebrate freedom from dependence, exemption from reliance on, control by others, self-subsistence, the direction of one’s affairs with interference, and having sufficient means for a comfortable livelihood. It is worth celebrating.

  These are some of the messages to wish your friends, family, co-workers, and loved ones a happy Independence day:

  1. Freedom gives access to fulfillment, and dependency gives room for bondage. We are not only free, but we can also achieve a lot without restrictions. Let’s celebrate today because it’s worth celebrating.
  2. It’s been years ever since this battle for freedom was fought, yet it remains ever fresh and new today. Enjoy your freedom. Happy Independence day.
  3. Gaining Independence wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. Long live in Nigeria. Happy Independence day.
  4. Our country is full of hidden treasures, but we were only able to discover and uncover it after our freedom. I’m proud of my country.
  5. May this Independence day bring progress and prosperity to us and everyone around us from now and many years to come. Happy Independence day.
  6. We have struggled so hard to establish and maintain our beliefs and heritage. I wish you a special Independence day.
  7. Some people don’t value what they have until they lose it. Let us always acknowledge and appreciate today, so that it could remain forever in our hearts.
  8. We were maltreated, starved and enslaved, all because we were in bondage. Now we are free, let’s appreciate it and celebrate it—lots of love for my country.
  9. The boldness and the bravery of our fathers gave us freedom. They fought tirelessly to make sure we are free. Happy Independence day.
  10. No matter what people say about Nigeria. I am proud to be a Nigerian because no country is perfect; we all have our flaws.
  11. United we stand, divided we fall. Let’s come together and celebrate our own. One mind! One nation! Happy Independence day.
  12. Our country is full of brave men who chose death for freedom, rather than being alive in bondage. Their selfless sacrifice brought us this freedom.
  13. All I wish for my country is peace, progress, love, and unity. With these, we are forever united. I love my country. Happy Independence day.
  14. In life, there is a time of war and a time of peace. Our time of war is gone, and this is our time of peace. Enjoy your peace. Happy Independence day.
  15. Our past heroes fought because they loved our country with passion. Let’s continue on their footprints. Let love lead. Happy Independence day.
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