Happy Birthday Epistle for My Girlfriend

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Happy Birthday Epistle for My Girlfriend

It’s a special night out tonight. Somewhere, I am taking you, and I will try to make everything unforgettable. I will do everything. On this day was born one beautiful Princess, and fortunately she fell in love with me and made me feel like the luckiest guy in the world. So for her majesty I’ll do it all. My girlfriend, happy birthday!

You are my Love, my desire, my everything, a moment with you last a memory of a life time, I cherish everything about you, and I hope to spend the rest of my life with you. Your love came as a surprise, something remarkable, something I didn’t plan for, I totally lost control of myself, this is going to be the longest fall of my life because each new day I keep falling in love with you endlessly. Happy Birthday my dear and my joy!

Whenever we are apart, have it in mind that I am with you in heart, everywhere you go my heart goes with you, leaving your side is never an option, in your highs and lows I will be by your side always. And we will be happy together forever. I so love you, you are my life, and for ever I am yours.

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Happy Birthday my love! I want you smile all this special day. I would never like to see you sad, I would do anything to keep your faces glumbing and happy because your love is everything to me, is more than what I have offered, I ‘m glad I have you, I love you so much. You are so tired, and you feel so coughing and sore.

Yeah, sweetheart, you ‘re so great.
It’s everything I ever wanted to have you around. I am glad I can share your special day with you, I know how to do your best to give all the comfort they deserve. I could never give all of you really deserve, but I know this, I love you so much and on that path of life I will stay with you. May all your beautiful dreams come true to you, happy Birthday my sweetheart.

Heart Touching Epistles for Girlfriend Birthday

I looked up the celestial lands, the universe, I find none that I could compare to you in charm and elegance.
I want to make you want, as long as I live when you take me and let me. You offer my heart so much joy, I want to.
I reaffirm my promise on your special day to stand up to your support and encouragement. Have a great year and a great birthday party.

The unique day is here, a beautiful Queen’s day. You ‘re a beautiful woman’s every hue. Words will never be fair to how precious you are to me. In a short period of time you have turned my life around and filled my heart with love. With all that is beautiful and bright, I pray this new age. Happy birthday, queen.

You ‘re one of the best things that happened to me in all honesty.
Every year to celebrate your birthday it is always a pleasure that we wake up to this date. I hope you can join all your amazing and optimistic vibrations on this day. May this new era and every other day come to you so much nice.
Bonheur, sweetheart.

Close your eyes and think beautifully and lovely, you ‘re still not perfect. And I wish all the good and perfect stuff life has to offer on this day, the anniversary of your birth. It’s so incredible to have you in my life, but gifts won’t suffice, and words won’t be enough. I love you sweetheart, so wear the crown like the queen you are, and show the world what you have. Blessed is my queen’s birthday.

On this glorious day, I shall ascend to the top of the mountain and shout out to the world. Sweetheart, I love you all. I join the world to wish you a very happy birthday. I pray that GOD will show you his love all year long and bless you abundantly. Have a wonderful happy birthday.

Birthday Epistle for My Girlfriend

Wow, here’s again that special day of the year. A day to celebrate a gem ‘s birth. Our paths have crossed, I’m so thankful. I hope you can still have many magical moments, be your best and win everything you do. For you sweetheart, I’ll always be here. Have a lovely Birthday and a splendid birthday.

And another year has contributed to the life of this smart, funny and caring person. Thank you so much for being always in the best and most beautiful ways with yourself. Thank you for your acceptance and love of me. I’m still going to be with you if I do love and life again. I do love you my sweetheart. Happy birthday my Love, have the best of today.

It’s a special occasion for me in the year I love your birthdays, sometimes I sit down and think what my life might have been if you hadn’t come to me. You know now why your birthday is extra special for me. I can see you have an incredible 365 days. I can’t ask for more, you ‘re a blessing. I hope that today and always you will be as happy. My sweetheart, happy birthday.

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Because you’re in it, life is worth living.
This lovely love and life I exchange for anything with you, I can and will never trade. I pray you will become wiser and succeed in all your efforts this same day, as you become a year old. Let’s just be beautiful this new year. Happy birthday, I love you dad.

It’s just as good, I think, this new year.
All of your preparations for this year have been discussed. You get the chance to add another year to your lovely life, I’m very excited. Honey, I want you to be as beautiful as this fresh year of yours. Honey, happy birthday.


Romantic Birthday Epistles to Gf

Hey sweetheart, this is another time of the year to celebrate how amazing and brilliant you are. Here I wish you all the fun and enjoyment of your day I hope will be enjoyed in lol. Hope you have all your heart desires for this new year. My love to you, Happy birthday.

Getting a place in your life I’m honored.
You ‘re my favorite person, and it’s amazing to have you with me here.
I know that the universe knows that you are such a nice girlfriend. I hope that the world takes your direction better and better as you continue your journey in this time. Love, happy birthday.

Hello, girlfriend of birthday. First, you ought to know that you are different. Second, I’m never going to put someone else above you, you should know. Third, you ought to know that to me you mean the world. You ‘re all good and nice, finally. Have a great year ahead, have a lovely birthday my darling. Yeah, baby, I love you.

Honey, I would like to let you know how grateful I am to you with me on this occasion of your birthday. Every day you are cherished, but today love is exceptional. I pray that you have a long, happy and healthy life, and I hope I will share with you many more wonderful moments. Never cease to be your lovely self. Blessed birthday, darling. Happy birthday.

Some years ago this day, the globe was given to grace the face of the earth by one of the most wonderful people ever. That’s you (for your information). You ‘re so cool, I always imagine how sweet and kind you end up being. In this world, there’s no other like you, indeed, and my heart is dear to you. May you carry some blessings from above this new year. Blessed my baby’s birthday.


Birthday Epistle for Girlfriend

The ever happy lady who took my heart and filled it with happiness, has a lot of birthday blessings. That evening, I ‘m thankful I bumped into you. I really began to live the day you came into my life. I love you my princess forever. Happy birthday, very prosperous new age to my girlfriend.

You ‘re angel and more myself, I ‘m thankful that it’s added to your wonderful life for another year. I am grateful for who you are, all the good that I have received these past few years and I’m really excited for all that the future holds for you. How do I attach to you that much, I can’t literally do without you? You’ll have a great year, I know. You and you have an incredible new age here to love you.

Like this is my own birthday, I’m too happy. So much is what you mean to me and I’m so thankful to you today. There have been many ups and downs, but you have pulled all through like the superwoman you ‘re. You’ve got an incredibly good year, I pray. I love and have a good birthday and I love you baby.

Because you’re there every day is a wonderful day. I want you to know on this most beautiful day of your life that you deserve all the right thing. May this new year bring you to a lot of happiness and joy. Have a beautiful and colorful birthday.

From heaven comes every good and perfect gift. You ‘re my God ‘s excellent and wonderful gift. You ‘re coming into my life has only given me the right things. Another time to celebrate your birth, I ‘m grateful. Birthdays are reminiscent that I’ll always need you in my life, most particularly on earth. Have a wonderful year and a happy birthday ahead.

One of the most amazing people I’ve ever met, you still welcome your positive vibes. Keep faithful in all you do my honeymoon. Today is the anniversary of your birth, you enter the universe. I pray that you are always happy and that you will achieve new heights. My sweetheart, happy birthday.

My wife is always happy and caring with a heart of gold. Again, we have another chance to celebrate your birth. Because you are there, the world is better. I wish you a long life, happy, profitable return on all your investments in this new year. Keep your caring sweetheart, happy birthday.

Every day I love you but it’s a special occasion for you to appreciate even more. You ‘re rare, life is so much improved to live. You ‘re by far one of my best things, I love you all the time. That your anniversary be the most wonderful memory and a fantastic year.

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Long Epistle for Girlfriend on Her Birthday

The lady with the most beautiful soul has happy birthday. I would give you all the hugs and kisses available today if I could.

Special birthday blessings to you my friend. Live long and prosper forever.
It’s all love from here. Have an amazing birthday party and a really memorable year.

Today is a very special day, a day a queen, an incredible friend and a good woman was born. Indeed, it is a perfect day.

You are noble and kind and I love you a lot for that. Your love, encouragement and sincere interest in others is incredible. I love that I get to share very beautiful moments with you. Happy birthday to you my heartthrob. I love you very much, have the best of this new age.

Happy birthday, my virtuous woman, you have a beautiful and kind soul. May the good Lord clothe you with uncommon favours and all the things you will ever need. Over all your hopes, I hope that you get everything, I love you baby. I celebrate you, and to keep you happy I will do my utmost. Have fun with this New Year today and every other day.

My treasure keeps blooming and flourishing. Every year, your birthday is one of my favorite. Nothing is fit for you to know how much I love you in my life.
I know only that someone as amazing as you deserve all the lovely things the world has to offer. Keep your head up, laugh loudly, and smile whenever you wish. Happy sunshine birthday. Happy birthday.

You know I can’t bring someone else over you, honey birthday girl. In a manner that I didn’t intend to add to you, I suppose, I’m not sorry. As you grow older and happier in a year today , I hope that you remain your incredible self, inspiration and guidance. Blessed is my love’s birthday.

You’re not of this world, Sunshine, too sweet, too loving as an angel. Sunshine.
In celebrating one of your own, I join the host of Angels. You’re loved, you never forget. May the light of God illumine your path and take you to higher heights. Good morning, love.

You ‘re suddenly one year older, my beautiful stone. This date is special because of you every year now, knowing that you were born just for me a couple of years ago. You are all beautiful shades and I couldn’t love you any less. You should know that, too. I would never let you go. You are the queen of my heart. Let the stars in your favor align with this new age and always, like diamond rain.

You celebrate your anniversary every year. How lucky I can share my life with you, I ‘m reminded. Beside you, as a life partner, I wouldn’t want anyone else. Every day I’ll hold your hand to remind you of how wonderful you are. You ‘re really favored, my Queen. You ‘re going to get higher, win more, I love you so much and have a hearty Laughter. Happy birthday.

Best Epistle for My Girlfriend

To my girl birthday and my life ‘s love.
Your hair, your beautiful smile, you are all beautifully lovely. I want you today to know that I value you so much. Today I want you to know. I hope that your future will be as lovely as you imagine. Continue to bloom as you’re the beautiful one. Enjoy more success and a lovely future. Blessed birthday, dear. Happy birthday.

Good morning to a wonderful lady. Today and always, I want you to have all the best stuff. I wish you love and lovely friendships, lovely gifts, more golden opportunities and above all to hold with you. You know, my love, Birthday kisses. Have a wonderful year in front of you.

Hey, mate, because you’re around, life is far better and beautiful. Thank you for showing me the loveliness of friendship and love. It is the best feeling that you have to celebrate another birthday. My support system and cheerleader are delighted to you on my birth day. Have a happy day in this New Year and the happiest of days.

For my everlasting girl, your heart is so caring and your lips full of beautiful smiles. My sunshine, I want you to pause for a moment, close your eyes and wish another year in your beautiful life. Every this year and all your heart desires become a reality. You ‘re my complete definition of a wonderful soul. Blessed baby girl for birthday.

A very special lady’s day is luminous and breathtaking. In my world, it’s beautiful for you. I hope that this year will bring more happiness and success to you as you celebrate another year, because you deserve all this. I love you so, dear. You deserve every gladness, my love. Have a wonderful birthday.

I’m sharing my treasure today. Your love gave me a new and lovely meaning in my life. Sweetheart, welcome to you at the start of another century. An era I pray is overflowing with the abundant blessings of God, joy, happiness and good health.

In my life, I am eternally thankful to God. For you, what will I ever do? I love you in all respects and I look forward, when you turn a year older, to be here for you. Today I love you. I would like to love you forever. Stay firm to be the loving soul you are. Blessed is my love ‘s birthday.

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I have woken up today with great happiness at a very lovely sunrise and that’s only because today is your birthday. I never want to lose you and you’re ideal for me. I could never replace you, you are so thoughtful and kind. Since you’re one year old now, could you gain more wisdom, grace and courage in times of difficulty? Please keep on winning, love your baby forever. Happy birthday girlfriend.

The only golden woman who came to my heart solved every mystery. You finish me and I see myself without judgement through your eyes. With you sweetheart, I’ll grow old. Today is a year ago, a more wise year and a more beautiful year. Keep being as cool as you are. Happy baby to show the world what you have.

Nobody like you is in this country. You ‘re strong and beautiful. Everything and anything you want can be done. You ‘re not a kid alone, I’m here to help you. You are a thousand rubies worth Happy birthday to my dream art piece.


Heart Felt Epistles for Girlfriend on Her Birthday

You add a lot of light to my soul, my ray of sunshine. In particular I want to tell you that it is one of my favorite days of year to be your birthday today. With your very life, I ‘m grateful that the universe was blessed. I love you because of who I am, and particularly who you are, when I’m around you. I gave everything of my to you, and I’d constantly do that. Infinitely, I love you.

My lucky girlfriend, happy birthday. On that blessed day, God gave you as a precious gift to this earth. I’m celebrating you, the woman you are, your mom. I’m super proud of everything that you have done so far, and I know many more tales of achievement have to be told. Your love and affection keeps me going, I celebrate my precious one for you. I hope that in this new era you will find all the happiness that you deserve. Blissful birthday, sweetheart.

You are irreplaceable, nobody compares to you. I appreciate what we have on your special day; there was never a beautiful love I met. I celebrate who you are, a gem, and your new age, I’m very excited. Make more of my honeycombs and win. You ‘re incredible, you never forget. Blessed is my love ‘s birthday.

Happy birthday, my treasure! You will be happy and glad this is the day the Lord has made you. My dear, may you fulfill all your lovely dreams in this new year and see the world in all its magnificence and beauty. Keep blessed and keep my dear satisfied. Have a great celebration of birthday.

An extra special welcome for my birthday girl. You ‘re perfect and kind every inch. You carry my day’s light and my night’s moon. You ‘re here every day feeling special. You celebrate every birthday as a chance to create new beginnings. Create lovely memories, enjoy lovely moments, make better choices for life and be happy.
Happy baby birthday, I love you always.

You know that I rejoice each day, but I celebrate you in a special way on the anniversary of your birth. Another year I am here with you and thank you. You proceeded to bloom like lovely roses. In recent years I have watched you tackle so many challenges and get to where you are now. May the anticipation and achievement of your new age fill you.

An Epistle for My Girlfriend on Her Birthday

If not, my life would have never been finished for your birth. I never want to know how loving and loving it feels.
If I didn’t have your love and companionship for this beautiful day some years ago, nobody would stand with me thick and thin. There is nobody. I have a remarkable birthday because I’ve got my soul mate that day. Enjoy many more years of good love and lovely smiles. Blessed is my love ‘s birthday.

I ‘m glad you add to your life for another year. It’s me who gets the rare chance for a superwoman to love. You are so lovely and kind, always patient and willing to take care of it. You’ve got a wonderful personality and a lovely ability. Welcome to your best year, I congratulate you, my love. Good morning, love.

When the stars are on my side and the moon shining brightly upon your lovely face, I would just like to lie under the moonlight. I lift my eyes up into the sky and I will say a gratitude prayer to God, and especially an angel for the gift of the world. Long live, happy sweetheart, have a beautiful birthday until the evening.

My favorite girl, you are special birthday warm wishes, in every way awesome. The winds have passed by, the future is still unclear. Breathe into this moment my sweetheart and bring you into new beginnings. Give my love a lovely birthday.

You ‘re great, hi birthday kid. You can be all of whatever you want. Every other day, you create beautiful things. You get things done once you make up your mind. Never forget that you can never be put down by anything.

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