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This is a mental health group whose aim is to help clients who needs a mental health attention to find places where they can be taken care of. It’s also a center which allows therapist who are passionate about people’s issues and helping them solve them to counseling and help them.

This is mostly needed especially when it has to do with the mental state of a person. They help in bringing out the hidden potentials and strength in humans who has lost or has not discovered theirs. Are you in a situation whereby you think you are stuck and needed help to move on?

Maybe you are losing your sound mind or losing that long time relationship as a result of one thing or the other? Or maybe someone you know needs help to move on with his or her life again?

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Then getting in contact with a growth therapy is the best advice we can give you right now. It offers children, teenagers, twenties, adults, families, married men and women who are frustrated, depressed, and unable to move on with life anymore; help and counseling to help get out of their depressed and frustrated state and make them feel more relaxed, hopeful and lively again.


Life itself is full of ups and downs, good and bad, success and failure, sane and insane, bitter and sweet, backwards and forwards, fair and unfair. At some point in our lives, we might in one way or another need someone to confide in and talk to. There are several situations that requires you or anyone to talk with a growth therapist to see if they can help your mental health return to normal. Let’s look at most of them

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  1. DISREGARD: This is a situation whereby your presence or opinions are not regarded as a result of your physical appearance or financial status. Like in some places, disabled people are neglected, not cared for and people pay less or no attention to them. At a time, this begins to affect their mental health and makes them vulnerable.
  2. ABUSE: This is a situation whereby a person is physically or verbally maltreated, given improper treatment, forced to accomplish a wrong or bad motive, taken advantage of and deprived of his or her right by intimidation, forcefully or violence, because the abused person is helpless or has no one to fight for him.
  3. MARITAL ISSUES: This is a situation of insincerity, intransparency, insecurity or infidelity in marriage, where a partner lies to the other, cheats on the other, hides secrets from the other or makes the other feel insecured in one way or the other. At this point, the victim is mentally and emotionally affected to the point of thinking of committing suicide or murder.
  4. RESTLESSNESS: This is a situation in which you can’t find rest over a present or future predicament. You are anxious to know what tomorrow brings; fear of the unknown. A tight situation you couldnt find solution to but needed to solve it urgently. This has left many stranded and helpless and some find it very difficult to go on with their lives.
  5. TRAUMA: This is an emotional wound leading to psychological injury. Situations like catching your cheating partner right in the act, a child seeing the dad beat the mum to death, witnessing a fatal accident, a life challenging operation, or a child been bullied at school.
  6. BETRAYAL: There is this saying that says “when you trust men(human beings) with your life, they will thrust you with a knife. This is a situation where one is been stabbed behind, back bitten, or delivered into the hands of the enemy by a trusted friend or partner. It can also be violating  the confidence of someone by disclosing a secret of which was told not to make known.                            GROWTH THERAPY
  7. EMOTIONAL PRESSURE: This is a situation whereby pressure is been mounted on someone to do something in order to solve a problem at hand. Such as a child propelled to steal in order to step up with his mate, a lady forced to marry someone she didn’t love just because of money or a barren woman forced to sleep with his brother in-law just to bear children.
  8. DIFFICULT RELATIONSHIP: This is a situation whereby you have tried your best in making that relationship work, all to no avail, and you begin to feel you can’t cope with this anymore. A relationship where you are not appreciated despite your efforts. This can affect the mind or mental health seriously and can also lead to depression.
  9. PARENT COACHING: This is a situation where your child or children has gone out of control, or maybe you are some how concerned or worried about your child’s attitude, academic performance and the kind of ccompany he or she keeps; and as a parent you need help or information on how to coach your children and make him a better person.
  10. FAMILY CRISIS: This is a situation whereby the parents and children are not in good times. Either dragging of properties, or crisis of the most preferred among the family members.
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