Topics to discuss with your boyfriend

Are you confuse things to be talking about with your man? Do you plan to meet your man but don’t know what to discuss with him? Relax for we got you covered with a lot of topics that you can talk with your man. So if that is why you are reading this, or why you visit here, then relax for we got you covered with great topics to discuss with your man. After reading this try to also read How do you know when to dump your boyfriend so that that guy won’t play with you. ” topics to discuss with your boyfriend.”

Topics to discuss with your boyfriend

Talk About the cars

Most men love to discuss the car, but you are the one who knows him better than anyone. Although if you start talking about cars and it models you will get him interested, and it will keep both of you busy. So instead of looking at each other without discussing anything an all s better you start the conversation about care with him. Let say you may ask him this way. “There is one car I saw today, and I wish the owner will just call me and say, Take this key the care is yours”. From this way, you can then start discussing cars.” topics to consult with your boyfriend.”

Food and drinks

You can also start by asking him more about the food he likes. Ask him if he takes alcohol and what his favourite drink is. From asking him a question like this, you will get to know more about the food and beverages he loves most, which is also part of knowing him better. Now don’t be bored just ask him. And go deep in it like how many drinks he takes a day on that his favourite drink. Just keep the conversation going by discussing more it.

Sports activities

Most men love sports, and they never get tired arguing and discussing it so if your man is the type that love sports, especially football then you can start by asking him about his favourite club. The first time he started watching football and his favourite player among all players. You can begin by asking him more about football and also go more deep in the discussion if you know about it. “topics to discuss with your boyfriend.”

The movies

This is also a great topic to talk about with your boyfriend, and it even an easy one that you can use to engage with him in a very long and deep conversation. You can start by asking him about his favourite movies and what happened to it. You can ask him about the scariest movie that he has ever watch and what happens to it that makes him call it a terrifying film he has ever watch. With the discussion like this, you will see that both of you will have a very long conversation and it will also be fun for both of you.

His line of work

Not all guys like to be talking about their work, especially if they don’t love it much. But if your boyfriend is one who loves his job at least to some extent, then he would love for you to discuss it with him. You will learn more about him, especially if is a work that he doesn’t like he might tell you the reason why he is just doing it, and from there you will get to understand him better and what he wants or how he wants his life to be.

Ask him About his friends

If your boyfriend is one of these guys who love keeping friends, then he would like to discuss more his friends and may even go deep in telling you why he loves each of them. When talking about his friends and their character, you will also get to understand the kind of person he is, remember it is said to tell me your friends and I will tell you who you are. So by discussing merely his friend, you will get to understand more things about him. “Great Topics to Discuss with your Boyfriend”

His interests

You can ask him about the things that interest him most and the things that he loves most. From there you will also know him better. So I advise you to ask him about his interest. The things he loves most and love doing. Also, ask him about what he hates most about someone or something that pained him most. From there, you will understand precisely how to treat him and things to avoid when you are with him, for you not to get him angry.

His childhood

Yes, discussing his childhood and things that happen when he is small. The type of games and activities that he did when he was little. Ask him what he misses most about his childhood. Discussing the childhood experience will be a perfect and exciting topic for you two. So engage your man with a problem like this will make him for once think about nothing else but the conversation between the two of you.

You will be surprised that you will even learn a lot about him and many other things from his childhood discussion. Or you may also be surprised that both of you may have almost the same experience on the past and all this will make the discussion to be more sweet and very entertaining for the both of you. “topics to discuss with your boyfriend.”