good night love message

Good night love message

Get a list of goodnight text messages for the one you love. Feel free to copy and send it to that special guy or lady. You will find this right night love message adorable and exciting. If you are a guy looking for love messages to send to your girlfriend, the visit love message for her to get more sweet notes to send to her.

Good night love message

1. I don’t care how dark a night it is, and I never feel scared as long as you kiss me. Good Night.

2. My nights are longer than my days since I am not by your side. But it’s all worth it – dreaming about you wakes me up with a smile mile full. Good Night.

3. I don’t mind having even the most brutal nightmares as long as you come to wake me up in the morning. Good Night.

4. The most handsome guy in town deserves a good night’s kiss from the most beautiful girl in the city. So here’s a good night kiss for you, from me. Muah, good night.

5. I wish the moon will always be full & bright, and U will always be fresh & right. Whenever You go to the switch and put off the light, remember that I’m wishing U Good Night!

6. Good Night, sweet dreams, love, and peace!

7. No matter how far you are… you are always in my thoughts! Good Night. “good night, love message.”

8. Every day I spend with you is the new best day of my life. I can’t wait for the morning. Good night baby.

9. As I try to fall asleep, I am counting every star. But everything seems dull because the brightest one in my life – you are. Good Night.

10. Sending a simple good night text to you every day is my way of expressing that you are like wallpaper for my mind – always there in the background by default. Good Night.

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11. I wish a good night to the guy whose thoughts give me sleepless nights.

12. Didn’t you know that there are strict dreaming rules while dating me? Rule number 1 is that you must always dream about me. Rule number 2 is that rule number 1 is the only rule. Good Night.

13. I wish I could be your soft pillow. Then you would look forward to seeing me every night, even if we fought. Good night sweetheart.

14. Wishing you good night is pointless because I know that you can’t have a good night without me, just like I can’t have a good night without you. But try to have a good night anyway. Muah.

15. Let’s get a good night’s sleep because tomorrow, life will give us one more day to fulfil our dream of cherishing our love – the sweetest feeling of them all. Good Night.

16. Good Night. Sleep tight. I wish you lovely dreams with all my might. “good night love message.”

17. Goodnight, my love, goodnight, my everything!

18. Goodnight I love you see you in the morning!

19. When I wish you good night, don’t wish me back in return because I don’t want to sleep. I will be awake thinking about you all Night. Good night sweetheart.

20. The starlit sky looks fantastic, and the ambience of the Night is mesmerizing. But it is nothing as compared to how beautiful I feel from within when I am with you. Good Night handsome.

21. The warmth that you will feel tonight won’t be owing to your thick blanket. It will be the warmth of my hugs that I am sending this message. Good Night.

22. Every good night leaves a SOUR taste because I know I will be away from you, but it all becomes SWEET when I start dreaming about you.

23. The silence of this Night is broken by the beautiful thumping meditation of my heart beating for you and only you. Good Night.

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24. I wish this text message had arms, legs, and a face so it could hug you tightly and give you a good night kiss. Good Night.

25. Good Night, to the guy who makes my days bright. Sweet dreams, to the guy whose love makes me burst out at the seams. Hugs and kisses, to the guy who makes my life seem like a bed of roses. I love you.

26. I am so jealous of sleep because it controls and conquers you every night. I wish my name were sleeping so you could rest while falling into my arms every night. Good Night.

27. I get goosebumps all over when I think about you, my lover. I get shivers down my spine, as I believe that you are the only mine. I feel twitchy and slightly edgy when I think about how I am in love with you like crazy. Good Night.

28. Love is the more uncomplicated feelings, and I dream every night about you I want to capture your heart… I love you.

29. Sun is upset, and the moon is happy, bcoz sun is missing you, and the moon is going to be with you for the rest of the Night, have a beautiful night.

30. A day is going to end again. It is nice to have someone like U making everyday seems so great. Thank You, my love, and may all the angels guard you this Night!

31. Every day I love you more than yesterday. Sweet dreams.

32. Here’s to dreaming about all the romantic things we can do when we meet tomorrow. Good Night.

33. As the breeze blows, I hope it takes away your worries. As the skies darken, I hope they hide all your weaknesses, and as the stars shine, I hope they throw light on the best opportunities of your life. Good night sweetheart. “good night, love message.”

34. Goodnight, my love, pleasant dreams, sleep tight, my love, may tomorrow be sunny and bright and bring you closer to me.

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35. Good Night! I shall miss you til morning.

36. I don’t dream about you, because I can never fall asleep thinking about you.

37. Muah… virtual kisses may not be as romantic as the real ones, but at least I can tell you that I love you tons. Good Night.

38. I am just starring at the selfie that we took together in the day so that I can pass the lonely night away. Good Night.

39. Good morning is easy because I know I’ll get to meet you in the day. Good Night is difficult because I know that from you, I’ll be away. Good Night.

40. Our love is like a Polaroid camera – its vintage, trendy, sexy, and fresh, all combined into something so timeless. Good Night.

41. No matter how hard you try, your dreams can never be sweeter than mine because I dream about the hottest and the most adorable guy ever – YOU. Good Night.

42. In a perfect world, every night would begin with a good night cuddle with you, and every day would start with a good morning kiss from you. Good night handsome. “good night, love message.”

43. I don’t want to say good night, but I want to say Flirty Night. That is because I hope that we can flirt with each other in our dreams all night long. Flirty Night my boy.

44. When I say good night to you, I feel hurt and sore – because it makes me miss you all the more. Good Night.

45. When I say good night to you, I mean that the day I spent with you was Gorgeous, Outstanding, Optimistic, Dazzling, Nice, Interesting, Grand, Hot, and Tantalizing. I love you, GOOD NIGHT.

46. Being away from you leaves me in a state of sorrow, but I smile when I think about meeting you tomorrow. Good Night.

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