Good Immigration Lawyers: 10 Key Reasons to Hire an Immigration Lawyer

More than 40 million people living in the United States are immigrants.

The immigration process is not easy. It involves lengthy procedures and hefty paperwork.

These procedures may be tiresome and overwhelming to handle alone, hence the need for an immigration attorney.

An immigration lawyer directs and helps you to apply for your immigration straightforwardly. Good immigration lawyers may also advise you on the ideal areas to stay and how to conduct yourself in the new country.

Here are ten key reasons why you should work with a seasoned immigration attorney when migrating.

1. They Offer Many Services

Immigration lawyers offer a wide array of services. They collect documents on your behalf, help you understand them, sign, stamp, and even take them to the right government offices.

The lawyers answer official calls, represent you in the formal proceedings, and make the right follow-ups. Besides the permanent immigration service, the lawyer might help in obtaining sponsorship, business visa, and so on.

They can also help you to:

  • Handle a deportation case
  • Apply for a green card
  • Apply for an asylum
  • Apply For the H-1B Visa
  • Marry a foreigner

A lawyer who offers many services can save you the hustle of working with new people every time.

2. Can Help You Secure a Job

Most immigrants don’t secure jobs in the new country. This is because the employers give priority to the people who obtained their citizens via birth. Besides, the new immigrants do not readily understand the new nation’s employment laws, hence the low chances of securing jobs.

A great immigration attorney can help you apply for the available job openings. They might also help you interact with the top employers, and thus, increase your chances of securing a good job. The lawyer might also show you the leading employment sites to use to secure a job.

3. A Great Lawyer Avoids Mistakes

As mentioned earlier, the immigration process involves a lot of paperwork.  You may also come across other extensive procedures that require maximum accuracy.

An average immigrant can easily make many mistakes, and cause costly damages. The immigrant may also get fines, or even get a cancellation or denial of the immigration.

The immigration lawyer handles the sensitive paperwork, and thus, minimizes the mistakes.

4. Provides Timely Updates

The immigration system changes frequently. The United States, for instance, revises its immigration laws every month. After reviewing, it makes amendments to the existing laws.

You may not readily know of these changes if you don’t have a relative in the country. A great lawyer continuously updates you on the recent changes to ensure that you don’t miss deadlines.

Timely updates can also help you make necessary changes to your documents to increase your chances of successful applications.

5. Explains Your Options

Immigration lawyers are experienced. Most of them have been in the industry for years, meaning that they understand many things regarding immigration.

Having handled similar cases to yours, an immigration lawyer can explain the options you have in regards to the immigration.

Proper guidance on your options can help you make an informed decision.

6. Clarifies the Immigration Laws

There are many immigration laws in the United States. Even when you obtain your permanent residency or the work permit, you will still need to comply with those rules.

The immigration rules are specific to the immigrants only, and they might prohibit you from doing some things. Failure to do so, you may risk getting deported, even when your visa has not expired.

A good immigration lawyer will clarify the different immigration laws to help you make informed decisions.

7. Can Help You Become a Citizen

Judging by the number of immigrants in the country, immigration lawyers help many clients obtain citizenship. The number of immigration applications increases daily too, hence the screening processes continue to get stricter.

When alone, you might get overwhelmed, tired, and even give up on the application. An experienced immigration lawyer walks you through the immigration journey to help you get your permanent citizenship credentials.

8. They Are Affordable

Immigration lawyers are affordable when compared to the cost of doing the follow-ups alone. The lawyers usually charge a small fee, which is negotiable. Besides, you can always compare the prices charged by different lawyers and choose the most affordable.

When you work alone, you will most probably spend more on transport, phone calls, printing, etc.

The right immigration attorney will give you an estimate of the charges you might incur in the process to help you plan and save on the long-run costs.

9. They Protect Your Rights

The current politics and other events can easily dishearten an immigrant and their families. Therefore, it is wise to work closely with a reputable lawyer to help you protect your rights.

A great lawyer ensures that you receive maximum protection, and that your rights are not violated.

When you are in need, the lawyer can help you develop an ideal action plan, even when you face an arrest case. The lawyer might also educate your family members on how to stay sane amidst a crisis in the country.

10. They Guarantee Privacy

Privacy is guaranteed when working with an experienced immigration lawyer. These lawyers are well regulated and licensed by the law societies. The societies require lawyers to maintain ethics, professionalism, and competence when working.

Also, the law requires them to maintain confidentiality with their clients, failure to which they might face severe repercussions.

As such, an immigration lawyer cannot disclose your details or information to other people or the government without your consent. The guaranteed privacy gives you peace of mind that your details will not get into the wrong hands.

Tips for Choosing Good Immigration Lawyers

The current market size of the immigration lawyers and attorneys in the United States is $5.7 billion. This means that there are numerous immigration lawyers in the country.

The lawyers are experienced in different immigration fields, and you should, therefore, select the best one for your situation.

Here are great tips to help you select the best immigration lawyer.

Use Trusted Sources

Don’t work with any immigration lawyer who comes your way. Tap in the friends and acquaintances networks to know the great immigration lawyers they have worked with. The trusted referrals will give first-hand information regarding the lawyer you should work with.

Lawyer sites could also be trusted sources for immigration lawyers. Find out the best places and directories which give information about the best lawyers.

Confirm the Credentials

Confirm if the lawyer you got referred to is the real deal.  Dig deeper into the lawyers’ professional life to know how they have been performing.

The best way to confirm the credentials is to visit their site. Check out the past clients’ remarks, and find out what they say about their services.

Also, confirm the database of the lawyer on the local state bar. The bar will provide you with comprehensive information about the lawyer. Drop the lawyer immediately if you find many malpractice cases or many complaints.

Consider the Expertise Level

Find out how long the lawyer has been in the industry. Ask for papers too to see if they indeed have the right experience.

The attorneys who have been in the field for more than a decade are better than those fresh from college. They are more exposed, and they know how to handle different types of clients.

Interview the Shortlisted Candidates

The various sources will probably give you multiple lawyers. Create a list of those lawyers, and start narrowing your option by interviewing them.

You may interview them over the phone, and then later, meet face to face.  During the interview, ask them the general immigration lawyer questions regarding your options as an immigrant.

The best lawyer will talk to you without fear or hesitation.

Negotiate the Fees

Payment is an essential consideration for hiring an immigration lawyer. Ask for price quotation from your preferred lawyers, and then compare the different prices.

Most lawyers do not have fixed payment schedules, and you can, therefore, negotiate for better terms. Also, find out the hidden charges you may incur in the process and the flat fee.

These fees could include transportation costs, postage fees, printing expenses, and so on.

Ensure That You Are Comfortable

Trust your instincts. Do not work with an immigration lawyer whom you are not comfortable with. Turn away the offers for lawyers with excellent paper credentials, but their personality is a turnoff.

The best immigration lawyer should be friendly, and easy to approach. For convenience, the best lawyer should also communicate the language you understand. You may also have your personal preferences of either working with a male of a female lawyer.

Your relationship with the lawyer will be long-lasting; thus, you will need to work with an easy-to approach person.

Find a Great Immigration Lawyer Today

Immigration processes involve many challenges. From the stringent rules to the paperwork, the activities may easily make the application thorny for you. However, good immigration lawyers can help you get through the processes.

If you are looking forward to initiating your immigration process, find a reputable lawyer to give you the right advice. The lawyer will enlighten you, and you’ll have peace of mind to carry on other activities sanely.

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