Getting Some Crack (for Your Back)

Back pain is something that should never be taken lightly. Sure, it might seem like a slight aching pain that you could shrug off or ignore, but going about it that way can lead to even worse outcomes.


Of course, not all kinds of back pain would be a cause for concern, but some causes of back pain could indicate something serious. Sometimes, if you leave that pain unchecked, it could end up becoming worse and even debilitating. Unfortunately, when you get to that point, things can only become even more worrisome. So, aside from the fact that that pain impacts your quality of life, you’ll also have to do what you can to alleviate it.


Seeking medical help is always a good idea, especially since doctors better understand the human body than anyone else. But, while they can help offer you a solution, sometimes what’s recommended may not be something you’re ready for. Surgery, for example, seems like a rather drastic solution for some back pain-related problems. While it may be the only solution in some cases, there are others where you could take an alternative route.


While surgery may be the answer for some back problems, some could be solved with non-surgical treatment. Believe it or not, this type of treatment could be just as effective as surgery.

What’s With My Back?

Back pain can have a lot of underlying causes. However, one of the most common causes would be due to problems with your spinal discs.


Your spinal discs play a vital role when it comes to supporting your spinal column. For one, they offer some cushioning between your vertebrae. By acting as cushioning, they make sure that they can help bear the weight that is put on your spine. They also help act as shock absorbers, reducing the stress or impact your spine will experience. In relation to this, they also help give your vertebrae enough space for your nerves to exit and travel to the places where they need to be.


Unfortunately, these discs can degenerate due to wear and tear or even just due to age. Disc ruptures, or herniations, are a perfect example of this. When this happens, your vertebrae may not have enough space between them. This would then cause unnecessary compression and pressure on your nerves, resulting in sensations of pain and even muscle weakness.


Usually, the way to solve back pain caused by degenerated discs would be through surgery. But, unfortunately, there are a lot of reasons why people would be hesitant about going under the knife. Aside from being an invasive treatment, it can also be rather expensive and inaccessible to some. Because of this, some people believe there’s no other way to help alleviate their pain.


But, with recent developments in alternative medicine and a better understanding of things, there is a way to go about this without needing surgery. Instead, you just need to take a trip to the chiropractor.

How Can A Chiropractor Help?

A chiropractor is a healthcare practitioner that specializes in treating problems of a neuromuscular nature. Usually, they do this by focusing their treatments on making adjustments to your spine.


Among the many neuromuscular disorders they can handle, spinal disc herniation would be one of them. They have a particular treatment method to help treat these herniations non-surgically.


For anyone experiencing back pain caused by degenerated discs, especially herniated discs, spinal decompression is the ideal therapy to undergo. Based on recent studies and findings, this non-surgical treatment can help reverse the effects of herniated discs. It does this by creating a vacuum within your disc. This then helps put the disc back in its original position, restoring the space between vertebrae and reducing the pressure on the nerves. It also helps reintroduce blood in the discs, helping with healing.


All of this is done with the help of specialized tools. In this case, the therapy involves the use of a specialized belt. The process mainly consists in strapping the belt onto you in the area that needs work, and then the machine does the rest. Within a few treatments, your pain is relieved, and your spine is decompressed! All of this without any surgery.


When it comes to treating back pain, there are several ways of going about it. While some cases may require surgery, there are others where it isn’t strictly necessary. Pain caused by herniated discs, for example, can be treated with the help of surgery. But, there are also alternative treatments that can help alleviate the pain.


With the help of a chiropractor, pain caused by herniated discs can be treated without any invasive methods. Instead, all you need is spinal decompression treatment. With this treatment, the same relief afforded through surgery can be given to you without going under the knife. What’s more, it’s been studied and has shown promising results!


So, if you’re experiencing back pain due to a degenerated spinal discs, consider consulting a chiropractor if you’re having second thoughts about surgery.