Ten Ways To Wow Guests At Your Wedding

Ten Ways To Wow Guests At Your Wedding

So, your wedding day is near. You are brimming with butterflies and excitement. You’ve also thought of everything, from the flower arrangements to how you’ll be walking down the aisle. 

We couldn’t be happier for you. Nevertheless, there is one aspect that you cannot overlook – your guests. These people were rooting for you to get married, so you shouldn’t neglect the idea of giving your guests a wedding to remember.

Nowadays, setting up a delicious menu, a lovely seating arrangement, and some music is not enough. Those extra touches that leave a mark on your guests are what it’s all about. So, how can you pull off a wedding that’ll leave your guests in awe? With these eight ways, of course!

We know that not all of these suggestions will fit your wedding’s needs or budget, but even just a handful of them could significantly improve the experience for your guests.

Let’s crack on:

  • Consider an unforgettable venue

To keep your guests interested and delighted, choose a unique wedding location. Choose a reception location with character instead of dull and uninspired; it will serve as a talking point and keep your guests entertained for hours with photo ops and exciting places to explore. 

If you need a suggestion, we have you covered – why not have a destination wedding?

While there are many other exotic places to get married in, Bali seems to have gained a unique spot as it has something for everyone and is full of incredible vendors. Plus, the sunsets in Bali are the best in the world. So, holding your wedding here is a no-brainer. 

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To capture every beautiful moment before the event, find a reputable pre wedding photo Bali service and make the most of the experience.

  • Spice up the guest book experience. 

A guest book where your friends and family may write down their wishes for you is a popular touch, but there are more and more creative ways for guests to leave comments these days. Consider having visitors record notes for you in a video guest book. 

To set this up, distribute iPads throughout the space and encourage them to do so. Alternatively, how about getting folks to sign a piece of wood you can place on your family dining room table, always making their kind words evident?

  • Video booth

While the photo booth is still popular, anyone who spends a lot of time on YouTube will recognize all the advantages the video booth provides. Invite your visitors to perform a song, share a joke, or express their best wishes before you sit back and enjoy the shenanigans! 

The video booth is a wise investment if you want to engage your guests and capture some amusing film from your big day that you can relive and giggle at in the years to come.

  • Spend a little more on quality food 

Contrary to popular belief, your guests won’t likely spend hours discussing your lovely tablecloth linen or flower arrangement the following day. They will discuss food, which can make or break your special day. 

Ten Ways To Wow Guests At Your Wedding

If it’s good, your guests will talk about it for hours. However, if it’s subpar or terrible, it may overshadow an otherwise lovely day. So spending a little bit more on delectable delicacies that will stick out in their memories for the right reasons is worthwhile.

  • Get creative with transportation.
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Create a transportation plan that will pique your guests’ interests. Perhaps your uncle, a car nut, would be ready to drive for the evening in exchange for showing off his Lambo. 

It might look great if you decorated your high school’s enormous clunker with ribbons and a “just married” banner. Even your bicycles would make an impressive exit if they were tied up with new flowers.

  • Get some help to keep things in control. 

Never underestimate the power of collaborative efforts! You’ll see how easy things get if you say the right words and include your friends. 

Start with personalized name badges (excellent conversation starters), temporary tattoos, and miniature board games; they’ve been some of the most popular and time-honored wedding favors. If kids are attending your wedding, provide them with coloring pages and treasure hunts to keep them occupied.

  • Confetti canons 

For your first dance, you could be under a lot of pressure because most of us aren’t accustomed to dancing in front of a large crowd. However, don’t be afraid to consider using a confetti canon out of concern that it will just make this critical occasion frightening. 

A solid case can be made to have the opposite effect. Confetti will scatter as it falls, drawing some of the spotlights away from you and creating a fantastic photo opportunity.

  • Bright lights 

To wow your guests, you must ensure that your party contains that “special” element. However, it doesn’t always have to be about recruiting in entertainment. 

With the help of bright lighting, you can make your location look like the show-stopper you hoped it would be. You may create a starry light above you or immerse the walls in a colorful glow of up-lighting. The choice is yours!

  • Give out welcoming baskets. 
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If your attendees travel to the wedding location, they will probably return to their hotel exhausted, starving, and possibly even grumpy. 

welcome box waiting for them at their accommodation will make them feel better immediately. Additionally, a welcome basket doesn’t have to be extravagant; you only need a few treats, a water bottle, and a note appreciating your guests for traveling.

  • Host an after-party 

The after-party is now formally a part of the wedding tradition, especially in places where there are many out-of-town visitors or at events with a large number of them. Even though a spontaneous gathering in the hotel bar could be tempting, think about selecting a different location where you can host and extend the party. 

Include more amusement, drink selections, and perhaps even an additional interactive feature. The time you have with everyone you love in one spot on your wedding day can be extended with this simple method because wedding days pass by so rapidly.


Now that you know all the best ways to wow your wedding guests, it is time to implement these ideas. If your budget allows, hire a professional wedding planner and let them take over. If not, you always have the internet to find advice. 

Lastly, remember that the primary goal of this wedding is to declare your love and share the experience with the people you love. 

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