How To Mix And Match Styles For A Bold Look

How To Mix And Match Styles For A Bold Look

If you feel bored with the idea of wearing your outfits the same way again and again, it would be the perfect time to try to mix and match fashion. Through this approach, you can put together completely fresh outfits while also bearing the mark of your personal style

Here’s how to mix and match styles for a bold look to assist you through this fashion journey.

How To Mix And Match Styles For A Bold Look

Be Smart With Contrasting Colors 

Creating mix-and-match looks is about embracing your inner style and letting your confidence shine. When you put together contrasting colors from a variety of styles, you can develop looks that establish your individuality and panache at the same time. Whether using a guide to create your accessories or buying your outfits off the rack, being smart with color choices can elevate your looks without any stress. 

Use Layers to Your Advantage

From trying on a couple Halloween costumes with your partner to individual funky outfits, using layers can give your style a story and a statement all at once. For instance, if you pair a jacket from the minimalist style with a blouse from the vintage style, you can create looks that are bold and fashionable simultaneously. For added effect, you can emphasize wearing layers made from different fabrics while focusing on the latest trends. 

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Go Monochrome for a Chic Look

The monochrome look is the opposite of contrasting colors. In this approach, you have a single color in nearly every accessory and piece of clothing. This is incredibly chic for formal wear but works wonders for casual outfits. You can pair your monochrome outfits with signature accessories such as an initial diamond pin on your jacket or shirt. This gives your confidence a touch of excellence. 

How To Mix And Match Styles For A Bold Look

Create a Boss Work Wardrobe

Knowing what to wear for work can eliminate some of your work-related stress so that you can have more time to focus on your projects; having the right outfit on during a large presentation or work meeting can make all the difference to your confidence. Wearing a power suit can make you feel like a boss, which pairs perfectly with black stilettos. Be sure to have a variety of work-appropriate clothing, like button-up blouses, smart trousers, and chic blazers.

Utilize Accessories to Make a Statement

Have more fun with your style by mixing various styles, decades, and personal preferences to create a unique look; you can match a Victorian pearl choker with a gothic corset to create a high-fashion look. Similarly, you can pair a biker leather belt with a classic summer dress to play around with juxtaposition. The sky’s the limit regarding fashion, and everyone can have a unique personal style.

Complete Your Look-Through Makeup

No matter your mood, makeup remains one of the most exciting ways to express yourself. This also holds for fashion. Are you feeling bold? You can put on a red lipstick and blush combo. Want to boast of subtle elegance? You may go with a nude palette for your lips and eyeshadow. You can play around with different shades and looks to combine killer outfits. You can also modify your look according to the time of day and the occasion.

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These tips let you mix and match fashion styles like a pro. Be bold, be adventurous, and most of all, have fun with your style! 

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