Free Apps to Make Birthday Invitations on Android Phone

Free Apps to Make Birthday Invitations on Android Phone

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Birthdays are undoubtedly a very special occasion. This is the day that marks a milestone in your life. Gifts and cards are given to people who are celebrating it. For the birthday person, celebrating this day lavishly with loved ones is all that they want.

When it comes to throwing a birthday party, it can bring a lot of tasks with it. Organizing the event, getting the special cake, decorating the event area, finalizing the list of guests, all this requires a good amount of hard work. Everyone wants to celebrate their day by throwing the craziest and memorable parties of all time.

Without a doubt, we all want our guests to remember the day as an amazing one filled with emotions and interesting activities. Birthday invitation cards will help you achieve this effect.

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Why Use a Birthday Invitation Card Maker?

A birthday card maker is an app that allows you to create an invitation card of your choice through your smartphone or computer system. You can come up with all sorts of invitation card ideas using this app. It’s a great way to inform your potential customers of the event date, time, and theme of the party.

Making birthday arrangements can be time-consuming, and visiting a card designer to get your card designed adds up to further tasks. With a birthday invitation card maker, you can create your own customized cards and save your visits to a designer shop.

Moreover, you can generate birthday invitation cards for free using the app. A card designing store will charge you an insane amount of money for something you can get for free.

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Getting your thoughts to the other person may not always work well. A card designer may produce a design that you don’t agree 100% with. To get things done, you might compromise on the choice but won’t be completely satisfied with the output. With a birthday invitation card maker, you can create designs that you like.

Best Free Birthday Invitation Card Maker App

There are many apps and websites that allow you to prepare invitation cards for any occasion for free. Let’s talk about each one of them in detail.

          Invitation Maker Free – Birthday and Wedding Card

Invitation Maker Free by Content Arcade offers a pleasant experience to all its users. With this amazing app, you will definitely be able to create exceptionally good invitation cards for your birthday. Just like Evite, this app is not only limited to birthday card creation but can also generate cards for many different occasions.

You can add HD pictures to your card to add to the liveliness of the design. The app comes with hundreds of HD stickers that you can insert into the picture. You have the option to either download the card or send it directly from this invitation card maker App to your desired email addresses. Definitely a must-have app!


Evite is one of the most trusted birthday invitation card maker apps we have today. The app works on both Android and iPhone devices and is available free of cost. The software is equipped with the most advanced features that are hard to find in other apps.

Evite also runs a website, and you may choose to design your invitation cards on the website if not on the app. Using this app, you also get to create invitation cards for various other occasions like weddings, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and many more.

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Evite has ready-made templates that come in a lot of creative and colorful themes. You can choose the one according to your taste and make as many changes as you want.


Next comes Canva! A user-friendly invitation card maker app that offers some of the best and free graphic designs. Canva is probably the first one to come up with animated invitation cards. This reliable app comes with stunning card templates. The app is available for free, but you may also choose to opt for their premium version that offers slick fashioned templates and many interesting features.

          Paperless Post

With the Paperless Post app, you can design invitation cards both online and offline. This is a great option for busy people who can work on their cards while on the go. The templates you find at Paperless Post have bold, exciting colors and amazing themes. They have multiple font styles that you can use to create text.


Pingg is a birthday invitation card maker that works differently. The app has a community of independent designers that contribute their designs to the app. This feature has allowed a mix of designs from many different minds. If you are looking for something young and innovative, then Pingg is certainly the best option you have.


If you want to design invitation cards of amazing quality, then Purple Trail is the app you should download right away. The app has more than ten thousand templates to choose from. 

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The above-discussed birthday invitation card maker apps might be a great help for all those who are looking for a free invitation maker. You can use any one of them as per your desire and make as many invitation cards as you require without any hassle.

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