Reasons not to intentionally hurt a girl

Reasons not to intentionally hurt a girl

There are things I think that men need to understand and try to be careful when dealing with a girl for you not to end up hurting or destroying yourself in the process. So these are a few reasons not to do that to her, and this is the wrong side of it for you as a man to be careful after reading this and you which to know the signs that she loves you to know if that woman loves and cares about you. “Reasons not to intentionally hurt a girl.”hurt

Reasons not to intentionally hurt a girl.


  • She never thinks twice about her actions.

When you hurt a girl, and she has you in mind to revenge on you for what you did to her, she can never think if any of that actions can make you lose anything or even die, all she thinks of is to archive what she plans for you of which when she finally does it the way is in her mind only then she may have the regret of her actions.

  • Always feel happy hurting you.

When she is hurting you back, she can never feel any atom of sad or unhappy because knowing that you intentionally hurt her will always make her happy hurting you back because doing so makes her feel that she has done to you what worth more than you did to her.

  • Hurting you looks like fun to her.

When she is hurting you back, the whole thing looks fun to her, and in such a way, she continues doing it because the more fun it is to her, the more she continues with her actions.

  • She will do you more.

She will do you more than the way you did to her because the whole thing looks like fun to her and even makes her feel happy she will continue doing it, and during that process, she may end up hurting you more than you can never imagine or think of.intentionally

  • She will try everything possible to do you back.

Knowing fully well that you intentionally break her heart, will give her more strength and power to go as far as anything to see that she will to hurt you the way that it will pain you.

  • She will not like to be a looser.

One thing about girls is that they will never like to be looser on anything. They will always try anything possible or even go as far as you can’t imagine that they will go just to win. So in that same way, they will go on any length to hurt that man who intentionally hurt them.



Never you for any reason as a man try to break a girl’s heart or even make her feel sad because there is nothing to gain from it, and it may lead you to what may hurt you at the end. “Reasons not to intentionally hurt a girl.”

Reasons not to beat your girlfriend or wife

Reasons not to beat your girlfriend or wife

At times I wonder why a reasonable man his with complete sense will lay his hands on a woman to beat her, I usual ask myself does it mean that he is not the one who accept and decide to love the woman or was he force to love his girlfriend or wife because I know that love does not in any way means beating, punishing ,suffering or shouting at your girlfriend or wife in public because is not good or advisable at all, if all you could do is to beat and hurt her then let her go a woman deserve to be love and care for, so try to understand and make her happy because love means caring, loving, defending and many good things you can think of that comes with it , so if you thinking that beating, shouting at your girlfriend or wife publicly or any other bad character you do to hurt your wife is good please stop it because they are not good in anyway.

Reasons why is not good to beat your girlfriend or wife

  1. You insult yourself too: Yes you insult yourself too but you don’t know, because you don’t know that when you are busy boxing with your wise that people are their watching you and mocking at you because your woman is part of you and there is nothing you can do to deny it, because if people are talking about your girlfriend or wife, they will in one way or the other talk about you too.wife
  2. You reduce you respect in public: By shouting and insulting your girlfriend or wife ,publicly you also do the same to yourself because you are telling the public that you and your woman cant settle your issues privately, come to think of it everybody has his or her problems with his partner but how many shout publicly about their problem because they know is not the best way to solve the problem rather  people will lets them down or do you think they don’t have their own problems with their partner so why not you understand the level of disgrace you are giving yourself .
  3. She is not your prisoner or slave: For all I know only slave or prisoners are been beaten when they misbehave but why are you converting your woman to a prisoner or slave because she is not a slave but your partner and a piece that nature and God give you to complete your life , to be sincere a man’s life can’t be complete without a woman , God also know that and this is the reason he create a man and woman to be together so why then do you take her as a prisoner instead of partner, think twice as a man before laying your fingers on your woman because you can’t be complete without a woman beside to direct and make you happy.
  4. You will miss her full support and qualities: There is a special qualities of a woman that you will miss and you can easily make a mistake in some actions and things you do, because you beat her or shout at her always she may find it hard to advice, correct or direct you for her not to get you mad or angry and beat her like you always do, she will then prefer to let you be and always agree to what you say or suggest weather good or bad and if you turn your girlfriend or wife to such person you are missing a lot because there are many enjoyment about a woman you are missing, there is a a song of a poplar artist SHAGGY with a music titled “Strength of woman” in that song he said a lot about the qualities of a woman wish always inspired me a lot to value and love my woman more than ever.
  5. You are digging a grave: A man that beat his wife is indirectly digging a grave for himself or his woman because you might end up one day killing her or she kill you but the chances of her killing you is higher so why endangering your life and stop beating your woman, instead love and honor her more than you do to yourself.


As you have see one the few reason why beating your girlfriend or wife is not good now why don’t you take your time to love and care for your woman and enjoy your woman and your life now that you have the chance to do so, and you as a woman please always care, pray and protect your man as a part of you and your life.    

what a woman desires most in her life

What a woman desires most in her life

Women as beautifully being created by God has their own desires which they always pray and wish for, which you as a man must know and try to give them some of those desires for them to always be happy and put up their beautiful smiles on their face which will also in the other hand make you happy too seeing your woman happy. Now what are those desires some may ask.woman

  1. Attention.

    A woman suppose to be given attention and know what she want or the problem she need you as his man or husband to solve at that particular time. Sometimes it may not be that problem you are thinking of, she may at times want you to say or hear your opinion on a particular dress or something she is doing, so try to understand her at that time.

  2. Concern.

    Feeling less concern at your woman is not good of you because your concern at times make her feel happy and relax and if a woman always feel relax whenever she is with you, then you will enjoy the good qualities of the woman. So try so much to always show her your concern for her to be happy and relax with you.

  3. Care.

    You should be familiar with these because if a woman finds out or notice that you truly care, that will make her love you more because women always wish for a caring man that can understand them and show concern of about their life and things they do.

  4. Security.

    A woman will always love to feel secure anytime he is with his man because only then will she have full relax mind, so try a lot to make sure that you woman feels safe each time she is with you because is always your duty as a man to protect your woman.woman

  5. Happiness.

    This is one of the major thing that always capture a woman heart because she will never wish to be hurt, so try as hard as possible to always make her feel happy only then will you see the true beauty of your woman.

  6. Admiration.

    Why won’t you as a man admire your beautifully angel you have and take her as the most beautiful woman you have ever meet so that she will be happy with you and also be proud of having you with him.

  7. Pampering.

    Women always which that their man will pamper them like a baby, so always try to do so to your woman to always be happy.

  8. Accommodation.

    A woman always want to stand as the only one in your life and always try to love her and only her alone because in doing so she will talk about you always whenever she is with her friends, so why not do her that favor by doing that wish she want.

  9. Selfish Love.

    A woman always want a man to do only the things that makes her happy or please her alone. That kind of love is what am regarding as a selfish love.

  10. Tolerance.

    A woman always want you to tolerate her no matter what she do, she expect you as a man to endure and tolerate her actions.

  11. Exposure.

    She always want you to take her out to your friends and for fun at times, she believe that since she is part of you or your woman you will equally need to take her around.

  12. Maintenance.

    Every woman deserve to be maintained for you to see the true beauty of her always try your best to maintain your woman because no woman is ugly but they only lack maintenance which you as a man need to do for them.

  13. Money.

    Trust me no woman like a lazy man, they  love a rich and hard working man who will take care of their needs or things they need to take care of themselves.



As a man is always your duty to make a woman wish available for  them , so I urge you to look into this their desires and wishes and do it for them. Finally to women please always try to also understand, love and care for your man.

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