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flirty questions to ask a guy

flirty questions to ask a guy
flirty questions to ask a guy

In a relationship, there is need to spicy things up at least to look more romantic and memorizing. So if you are looking for flirty questions to ask a guy, we are here with a lot of them. So take your time and go through them one by one. “flirty questions to ask a guy”


Flirty things to ask a guy


  1. What kind of girlfriend do you prefer?

This particular question will make him at least to open his eyes seeing you in a new light, realizing you may be the perfect girlfriend and the kind of girl he wants. It will give him the opportunity to look at you in a different way knowing that you will be good for him.



  1. What do you like best about me, physically?

If you noticed that he is enjoying the conversation but not actually paying attention to your physical beauty, use this question to remind him of that, sometimes guys need to be reminded that you have interest in them by your questions.


  1. What do you like to wear on bed?

Asking him such question will automatically make him realize how much you need to know about his intimacy. Indeed he will feel hot and will be willing to share it with you. Knowing that a girl like to know his intimate dressing will make him love the game and will like to play along.



  1. What can actually turn you on.

Asking him this will tell him that you are actually in for a real business and not just a friend.

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He gets that and immediately knows you’re not content to be just a friend.

“flirty questions to ask a guy”


  1. Which part of your body will you like to be kissed?

This one will drive him so crazy enough to know that you are far from just a friend but really good to work with.

This line is downright dangerous-flirty but it will definitely let him know what’s on your mind.


  1. What is your hottest erotic fantasy of all time?

A wonderful question that is most flirty enough to drive him so crazy enough to begin to reason how you will be wonderful in terms is screwing. It will automatically charged him up and he will understand where you are coming from.


  1. How can you defined Love?

Asking him this will give him the opportunity to answer based on his mind and how he is seeing you too. He will appreciate it to speak what ever he knows about love.

“flirty questions to ask a guy”

  1. How would you seduce a woman?

This is a clever and almost a technique to use when asking flirty questions to your guy. Using yourself to ask that question is basically inducing him to demonstrate his sexy, manly personality on you and so he will feel the very emotion he is pretending to display.

It’s such a brilliant question because it’s unexpected and plays upon his oblivious nature. It is a Great way to break out the friend zone!


  1. What are your best sex position?

Another crazy question that is capable of driving him nuts. It’s a question that will make him realize the level of your friendship.

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  1. How will you like your manhood to be sucked?

A wonderful flirty questions that will automatically turn him on, and move him to actualize how well you will be. And how much your relationship have moved.



Above questions listed are the flirty questions to ask a guy, after reading that and still gets confused, you can contact our forum for more guidelines.


“flirty questions to ask a guy”

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