Fake Friends: Signs And How To Deal With Them

If you have a friend and the person always make plan to visit or to have dinner or a date with you and when the time comes for the person to do so as plan, the person will not call and will not visit then know that he is not real a friends because if he/she cannot make it as plan, he/she will try to at least call to inform you about it. So if you have a friend who is doing so know that the person is a fake friend.

Signs of Fake Friend

  • Fake friend don’t listen to you when you talk

If you have a friend who never listen to you whenever you two are talking then know that the person is fake because someone who cares or who is a true person will always listen to you when you talk and will also make positive response on the discussion. But that one who is fake never pay attention and at times will talk off points just for you to change topic, so please don’t bother to try to make the person listen because he/she won’t do so.

  • The person exaggerate and lie

Anyone or a friend who always repeat the same stories to you always each time you talk especially the stories on self promotions. Then know that they person is fake because if you try to verify the stories you will see that none of them is true. So just know that the person is not a real friend and is not good to be with such person.

  • Their body language speaks more

If you are with a friend and each that you are with that person look closely to how their body react or the body language of that your friend you are with. If you notice through their body language that the person is uncomfortable staying with you, then know that the person is not real.

  1. Fake friend never get involved in a conversation, coffee date and hang-outs

Any friend who never invites you anywhere. Instead the person will hang-out with others and the persons never bother or think of engaging you into the friendship then know that he is a fake friend. All these are Signs of a fraud Friend.

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They will discourage you to stand by your feet.

A fake friends will always discourage you to stand by your feet. They will definitely put more fear in you so that you won’t be able to see a bright future ahead of you. They will be happy seeing you depending on them to survive instead of encouraging you to stand by yourself. Such attitude is seen in them.


They won’t add any positive value in your life.

Fake friends never adds any positive value to your life. All their advice will be those ones that will destroy your image. There will not be any reasonable thing you will get from them.


They will tell you opposite of what they do to earn.

Fake friends never tells you exactly how to run their business to earn, instead he or she will tell you the opposite of it , so that you won’t be able to join him or her in that. They encourage you to do the wrong ones to make sure that you lose all the hope in making some earning in such business. Such character is gotten from a fake friend.

They won’t defend you outside.

Fake friends will not defend you outside, they will even be the one to bring up your topic to the world, just to condemn your image.

They will give you hope and fail you the last minute.

A friend that disappoint at the last minute and you notice that he or she does that constantly, it’s a sign of a fake friend. Fake friends are not people you can rely on in any serious things because they will disappoint you at the dying limit.

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He or she will not respect you.

Fake friends will disrespect you especially your privacy. He or she will not recognize you at all when insulting you. It may sound as if you are playing but inside, they really mean it. They won’t border if they’re in the public or not. A fake friends never regards you as anything, except when they are expecting something from you.


They betray you and pretend to be innocent in front of you.

Betrayal will never be a problem if the get the chance. They will also pretend to be innocent of the act. They felt no remorse when they betray you, instead they tried to defend themselves and pretend to be innocent in front of you.


You will be the only one that will be sharing your ideas.

They won’t border to share their ideas with you because they won’t like you to understand what they are up to. But you will only be the one to be Sharing your own ideas to them. He or she will be concerned of knowing everything about your ideas and how to hack it.

They doesn’t get happy seeing your success.

If there’s a friend of yours who doesn’t gets happy seeing your success, he or she is a fake friend. Fake friends are unhappy whenever good things happen in your life.


They gets happy whenever you are unhappy.

Your happiness is an omen for them, they get happy when you are dry and gets happy when you are happy.

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Fake Friend

How to deal with fake friends

To deal with fake friends, you have to make sure to keep this guidelines written below.

  1. Pretend that you are not aware of their type. This will help you hit them the more when you want to strike.
  2. Minimize the level of trust you have for them. This is very necessary for it will give you more reason to think before you act.
  3. Set a trap for them and watch them fall into it. That will be the number one strikes you will give to them without them noticing. And be careful while doing that so that you won’t implicate yourself.
  4.  Do not share your ideas with them especially the ones that is more beneficial. Learning to control your words before them will provide you with lots of wisdom when dealing with them.
  5.  Make them hunger for your closeness. Minimizing the level of closeness you give them will less you from danger of take friends.
  6. Place yourself so high when you are with them. Be dependent and classic before them.
  7. Make a new friends that you will spend much time with. This will help you to space out yourself from them.
  8.  Defend your other friends in front of them. With that he will understand what it means to have a friend and be faithful to them.

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