Expensive Hockey Gloves VS. Cheap Hockey Gloves – Which one to Buy?

Before you start playing hockey, you must be well protected. For this, you will need to buy gear that is highly protective. It is also of the utmost importance that you buy protective equipment that will protect you from any falls or if you get hit with a puck or a hockey stick.

You will need shin pads, but gloves also play a very important role in protecting your body. Once you buy a pair of gloves, you will be using them a lot, which means they will be a lot of room for wear and tear. Thus, it is best to invest in a good pair of gloves that will really last you a long time.

Cheap gloves

Cheaper gloves are good for those starting off, such as entry-level players. These gloves vary from $30 to $60 for youth players and $50 to $70 for senior players. Cheaper gloves will have thick padding o the palms, but this padding may not necessarily be strong too. The pads on the back of the glove and the sides will, in most cases, be thin and not very protective. They may tear easily while playing. The pads will also be of single density.

Usually, these gloves have nylon logos that are pressed onto the glove. Thus they wear off easily. The padding is usually not of high quality, and they do not provide too much protection. However, these gloves are good for those who are just starting out playing hockey or for players who do not have a large budget.

Medium range gloves for hockey players

Medium range gloves cost about $ 60 – 90 for junior and $70 – 100 for senior players. The palm of the glove is usually made of a thinner material, and a secondary material lays on top of that to provide better grip and maximum durability. The logo on the cuff of a mid-range hockey glove has the logos stitched on. They have a flat appearance, so they will not be a cause for concern, such as a bump that irritates you while playing. They will also not rub off like logos on cheaper gloves. Furthermore, the fingers are put together in two pieces, which is ideal for maximum mobility of the fingers. It will allow your fingers to bend and move in whatever way you want. They are also more protective than cheaper gloves for hockey players.

Expensive gloves

These gloves cost about $130 to $150 for junior players and about $160 to $210 for senior players. These can be referred to as the top-of-the-line gloves and offer the most comfort from all types of gloves. These gloves have double or even triple-density foams sometimes to offer maximum comfort. Their palms are made of triple fiber blends, which make them extremely durable. They have added grip coatings to benefit you while playing and swinging your hockey stick. The cuff logo will also be stitched on and raised to give a 3D effect.

Lastly, the expensive gloves will have more comfort, durability, and protection. Cheaper gloves could be attractive because of the difference in price as compared to more expensive ones, but they will need to be repaired a lot more!