Erectile dysfunction (ED) is not a natural part of the aging process for men. And while ED is more prevalent in men as they grow older due to many factors, it is not a situation you are destined to live with.


The fact is ED rises as men age, likely because of obesity and other medical comorbidities, which can be diabetes, cardiovascular disease, neurological diseases, and even sleep disturbances – all of which affect blood vessels and nerves.


Gainswave is giving you an insight at ED by age group, what may be making erectile dysfunction at certain life scenes, and what can be prepared to help. Below you can find symptoms common for certain age groups. For all men, belonging to these age groups and struggling with sexual-health-related problems, the Gainswave shockwave therapy can be an excellent solution. 


AGES 20 – 45 YEARS:

  • In young men, erectile dysfunction is ordinarily psychogenic but may also be generated by low testosterone when men show other symptoms or when obesity is a problem.
  • When we think of low testosterone or Low T, which is the hormone that regulates sexual drive in men, it’s necessary to understand that Low T in and of itself is not a single cause of ED but rather a relevant factor. Testosterone drops as men age and younger men with low average values may become “unmasked” as they age. This means that their testosterone can fall low enough to cause symptomatic hypogonadism needing testosterone replacement. 
  • Sleep apnea and obesity can also be circumstances in ED. A healthy, low-fat diet and training can help relieve symptoms caused by being overweight.


Younger men who encounter more than just special ED should discuss this with their doctor to determine the underlying cause. 


AGES 45 – 60 YEARS:

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As men age, chronic medical situations can arise and play a principal role in ED development.

  • Diseases such as diabetes, vascular disease, high blood stress, and high cholesterol harm the blood arteries and restrict blood flow.
  • The growth of neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, many scleroses, and even stroke also change the nerves and blood vessels, further reducing blood flow and ED difficulties.
  • As a catch-22, medicines used to treat high blood pressure can seldom conflict with the blood flow.
  • Sleep apnea and obesity can also be causes of ED as men age.


Men who are feeling ED around middle age should talk to their physician. ED can signify one of these underlying medical health issues and should be assessed thoroughly so any pathological conditions can be diagnosed early and kept under control to ensure overall good health.


AGE 60+:

  • For men in this group, chronic medical diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and neurological disorders can worsen.
  • Prostate cancer, which can also change middle-aged men, is not a direct ED object, but many prostate cancer medications can cause ED. 
  • Prostate cancer patients should think of rehabilitation to help in the recovery of erections after treatment.


The bottom line for any man feeling erectile dysfunction is this – don’t just live with it or think it’s something that occurs as you age. Often, there is a therapeutic reason for ED, and the ED experts operating the Gainswave technology are committed to helping men return to their usual selves.