Dylan O’Brien Might Be Dating A Model, & They Went Public At Paris Fashion Week

Alert the presses: Dylan O’Brien’s “slut period” appears to be officially over. ICYMI, O’Brien claimed in April 2022 that he was still in his slut age. O’Brien didn’t provide any details, but it likely did not involve a girlfriend. O’Brien appeared to embrace a new season on Jan. 19, though: his boyfriend era. O’Brien was seen getting intimate with Rachael Lange, an NYC-based model while attending the Alexandre Mattiussi Menswear Autumn-Winter show at Paris Fashion Week.

O’Brien, 31 and Lange, 25 have not commented on the speculation, but the video of them together seems to speak for themselves. In a TikTok by @Gala.Fr posted Jan. 19, O’Brien and Lange looked to be making their official first as a couple — holding hands! In public.

The comments section was filled with both joy and sadness at O’Brien’s possible relationship status. “HELLO?!?! One fan commented, “HELLO!?!?” One fan, more resigned, commented that “they look so great together nil.” However, the happy-for-them attitude was not universal. Another account commented, “Hearts broke all around the world …. including mine,” Another commenter said, “a tear just rolled across my face,”

Lange is perhaps best known for her modelling career, but she is also the founder and designer behind Dreamers Delicates (an intimate brand).

Since his split with long-term partner Brittany Robertson, O’Brien has kept his relationships private. They met while filming for The first time in 2012. They dated for six more years before they broke up in 2018. They kept their relationship very private, though. O’Brien was reportedly still in love with Chloe Grace Moretz after their split. However, their relationship was never confirmed.

O’Brien could keep the potential romance between Lange and her on the down low for a while. O’Brien and Lange may be moving their relationship in a public direction with a first hand-hold at Paris Fashion Week.