Dreams Of Being In Jail: The Many Different Meanings

Dreams Of Being In Jail: The Many Different Meanings

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People often have dreams of being in jail. This could be a fear of commitment, having suppressed emotion, or because of being controlled.

When you wake up from your sleep in the morning, sometimes you remember things you saw in your dreams. There could be different kinds of dreams and are random. Sometimes people can dream about the same concept which is normal.


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Plenty of people have dreamed of being imprisoned or being in jail. This dream could be caused by various situations but all have the same meaning, being suppressed in real life.


There could be variations of this dream, and each could have a separate meaning. 


The Same Concept But Different Dreams

The following is a small showcase of dreams that are related to being imprisoned in jail.

1. A Dream Where You Are Inside A Jail

If you see yourself being in jail in your dream, then that could probably mean you are about to invest in something. Getting involved in something, whether it is a business or in your own company.

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2. A Dream About Seeing A Jail

If you dream of seeing a jail, it could have two meanings. 


If you are seeing the jail up close, that means you have done something reckless and are about to be in serious trouble. 


On the other hand, if you are seeing the jail from far away, then that also means you are in trouble, but it is possible to avoid the trouble. 


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3. A Dream Where You See Someone Close Inside A Jail

If you are the type of person who always comes to the aid of someone close, then this dream might be common for you.


Dreaming about someone being locked in jail means that they are in trouble and you are willing to help that person.


4. A Dream About Looking Out From The Window Of A Jail

If you are having a tough time when you feel helpless and can not free yourself from the trouble you are in, that emotion could manifest into a dream where you have lucid dreams of seeing yourself locked up in jail and looking out through the window.


5. A Dream About Breaking Out From A Prison

If you dream of breaking out from prison or even trying to get out, that could mean you are trying to break yourself free from the norm and want to do something different, and new. This willpower could manifest into such a dream.


Interpretations Of These Dreams

No Matter what type of dream is related to jail, they can be of a similar si source from where they manifest. 

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Normally, it is when you get involved in something, be it positive or negative, and is feeling being trapped. Now, what could these dreams mean?


1. You Are Afraid Of Having A Commitment

You may come across an amazing person in your life. This person could be your love interest, business partner, or just a great friend. But no matter how much you try, you cannot be fully committed to that person. 


It does not even have to be a person. Suppose you are thinking of starting a business, but you are afraid to be fully committed to the business as you are uncertain about its success. This fear of commitment, not being truthful, makes you anxious.


This could manifest into a dream where you see yourself trapped or “committed” to jail, the very fear which put you in this situation.


2. You Are Hiding Your Emotions

Have you been trapping your emotions? You want to speak out to someone, but you are afraid to express yourself? Are you locking yourself up inside yourself? Then this could be a reason for a dream of seeing yourself trapped in a jail.


This dream is a visual representation of what you are doing to yourself. You see yourself trapped inside a jail. Unable to get out. And even if you see someone outside of the jail, you cannot call for help. Just like you cannot open up and express your feelings to friends and family.


3. You Are Trapped In A Relationship

This somewhat correlates to the first cause. Suppose you are in a relationship with someone. That necessarily does not need to be romantic, it could be between your boss, co-worker, or someone from your family. 

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But, you are feeling suffocated in that relationship. You feel that you are not yourself and constantly adjust your personality to satisfy the other person.


This also results in trapping yourself in a toxic relationship and you dream yourself trapped in jail, reflecting the ‘trapped in a toxic relationship’ that is happening in your life.


4. You Feel Alone And Separated From Everyone

This constant feeling of being left out and always being alone could manifest into a dream where you see yourself trapped in a cage. 


You feel that you have no friends and cannot rely on anyone in your life. This puts you in a difficult place where you never feel the warmth of acceptance.


This reflects into a dream where you see yourself trapped alone in a cold, isolated jail. No one will come for you in that jail and you also can not get out.


5. You Let Others Control You

This is the opposite of the previous interpretation. You have many people around you, but you are too shy and can never be yourself. You constantly let others decide what you should do and you have no right or freedom and this causes severe stress.


Final Thoughts

There could be various reasons why you have a dream where you are trapped in jail or imprisoned. Hopefully, this article has shown you why you see such dreams and what you can do to get yourself out of such imprisonment.

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