Does Size Matter? Sure Does, If You Have A Size Kink | Answers

Does Size Matter? Sure Does, If You Have A Size Kink
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Some people say it’s not about the boat but the motion of the ocean. However, people who are a size kink won’t agree – and that doesn’t just mean penis size.

A size kink refers to a sexual fetish in which two people are attracted to visible differences in size. Genital size, hand size, height, weight, musculature, et cetera. You can find it in any direction; a smaller person may have a distinct sexual preference than a larger one, vice versa or both.

Those with a size fetish might explore the elements of BDSM and power-play together (could pair with a mommy kink or dad kink), where the larger partner uses physical stature to gain an edge over the smaller partner.

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There are many sizes of size kinks, but you can see an example of one by searching “Hafthor Bjornsson Kelly Henson”. Bjornsson is a Powerlifter who weighed in at 6’9 and 400 lbs. Kelsey Henson is his wife, and she’s a massive 5’2″ and 115 pounds soaking wet. You’ll love Size Kink if you believe opposites attract.

(PS. We don’t know if the couple has a size obsession. It does get the point across.


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