It depends If the person your ex is seeing is treating him or her better than you do, have it known you will lose him or her. But if you treat him or her better than the person, that is when it will work out for you. “Does No Contact Work If Your Ex Is Seeing Someone Else”

To help clear you well on this, I want you to understand that what matters most is not only the no contact between the two of you but rather the quality time spent together. If you both have good memories in your relationship and you treat each other well with so much love and care, you will see that none of you can stay up to a week without missing each other and thinking about the times spent together.

That is why I said it depends because you can’t expect someone who finds another person that shows him or her love and treat him or her with so much love and respect to be back to you who don’t do so to him or her. “Does No Contact Work If Your Ex Is Seeing Someone Else”

No matter how the person loves you, if you don’t treat him or her well when you are together, you should forget about the person. Am sorry if the words hurt you, but that is the truth about this situation. Each feeling has to be valued, no matter how little the person is.

If you are sure that you treat the person well and try your best to show him or her that you love and care. I advise that you should give the person a break so that he or she can stay without you and see how it looks like, and when the person finally realizes that you mean a lot Tom him or her, you will know that it will work. “Does No Contact Work If Your Ex Is Seeing Someone Else”

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But if you never treat or show the person love, I advise you should start now and start to prove to him or her that you have changed and will genuinely love them, he or she will change his mind if the relationship with the other person is still starting, but if they have gone far, it may be hard for you.

So finally I hope that with this I have answered the “does no contact work if your ex is seeing someone else?” and I hope you understand it clearly, but if you still have any question or contribution to make on this, you can do so on the comment section below.

“Does No Contact Work If Your Ex Is Seeing Someone Else”