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Does my crush like me

If you are looking forward to know whether your crush like you or not, relax for the answers are here now. Read carefully and understand everything concerning your questions, “does my crush like me”?

Does my crush like me

To get the answers you need to ask yourself these questions below, if he happens to be positive in all the questions that you may ask yourself, then believed that your crush truly like you just as you like him.

Here are the questions


1. Does he border to see me?

As he is your crush, you will be always wanting to see him, same thing goes to him. Ask yourself or you observe it yourself, to see if he also borders himself to see you. If he gets worried for not seeing you.
And to get that observation right, you have to stay away for sometime, then show up and pretend that you didn’t see him, so that you will know if he is looking forward to get your eyes or attention. Do that without him noticing your prank then after you must have confirmed what you ever wanted and you come to conclusions that he is really worried for not seeing you in a while, then know that you have gotten his attention and he is also into you. That is to say that, your crush truly likes you as well. You can also use someone that you are walking around with which he knew, so that when he sees her and keep looking around to know if you came with her too, remember don’t do it to his notice.

2. Does he care about my feelings?

As you are the only one that cares about him since he is your crush, you should also ask yourself if he cares about you the way you do.
And to get the answer, you should first act as if you are sick or worried or even disturbed for some personal emotional problems, do it at a place you know that he will come or a place that he will get the chance to see you. Know if he can asked you what the problem is, not just asking you as a normal person can ask, but asking with emotions or concerns. If he really finds his way to come to ask you that and keep asking you how you are feeling after that day must have gone. If your observations are right, he is into you and like you just as you do. Again, if he keeps asking other people about you and whether you are okay or not, especially when he has not been seeing you around. If he is busy asking such questions about you, my dear your crush is really in love with you too. Don’t let him know that you are pretending to do that just to get his attention, if he happens to know, it will automatically divert his positive feeling to negative one. And he may take you as a very cheap with no self control. “does my crush like me”

3. Does he feel happy whenever I show up?

You know, you always feels happy to see your crush coming your side, so you should also ask yourself if he also feels happy whenever you showed up. You know someone may not be happy seeing the person he or she may not like showing up to him.
To get the answer, you should, try one day to show up without him noticing, you just show up to him or her to know if he can get bored or get angry or stop whatever he is doing per that time and go away from there. If he does walk away from that place just because you showed up to him, then know that he’s not into it, that is if he doesn’t like you the way you like him. But if he feels happy to see you showed up to him and he feels relaxed to be with you freely. Know that you have gotten your answers to your questions.

4. Does he sacrifice his time just to be with me?

You will not be the only one to be sacrificing your time to be with him, you should also ask yourself if he can or will sacrifice his own time for you, then know that you are good to go.
To get the answer. You should try to asked him something at the moment you know that he is busy, if he can do that for you, despite the fact that he is busy with something important to him. If he can abandon what he is doing and first answer to your calls at that moment. Know that he is also crushing on you, but if he ignores you and concentrate more in what he is doing, even get angry at you for coming to distract him, know that his is not into it and he is as well not crushing on you. But never try that when you know that he is doing some things that cannot be left alone for a moment. Do it in something that can at least be done later without much implications. For instance, if he has somewhere to go and you came in for his help to do something for, and he can sacrifice his time and leave the place that he wants to go for that moment and attend to you. He likes you too.

5. Does he really want me around him?

You are the one that only want to be around him just because you like him, so you should also ask yourself if he also wants you around him or he gets angry seeing you around him.
To get the answer, you should try to be around him for a little moment and hurriedly want to leave immediately, if he doesn’t feel bad that you are leaving, or he doesn’t use tricks to make you stay back at least for a little moment, then know that he is not crushing on you too. But if he is happy seeing you around him and wanting you to stay longer. My dear your crush is crushing on you too. “does my crush like me”

6. Is he proud of me?

You are the only one that is praising him and proud to be with him, ask yourself if he also does the same to you.
To get that answer. Try to know how he addresses you at your absence. Know what he takes you for in the presence of his friends and close ones. You can use one of his friends to get your answer or better still use your own friend to get the answer, but it should be your trusted friend not the betrayer. What he sees you as matters in this case. If he sees you as just a flirt or someone that can’t control herself. Then know that he is not proud of you, and you should leave immediately. But if he can defend you outside and proudly sees you as a good friend. His also crushing on you too.

7. Does he really feel the same way am feeling?

You shouldn’t be the only one to feel the love, he should also feel the love so that the expected relationship can work. So you should ask yourself if he feels the same way you feel.
To get the answer. You should try to observe his motive and emotions towards you whenever you are close. Know what he likes doing per that time. Know if he loves you too through his actions. If you find out that he also have feelings for you. My dear you are good to go.

8. Can he be able to accept his feelings if I confront him?

If you noticed that he can’t he able to admit his love to you maybe due to being a shy type just being afraid that you may get angry. First find a way to initiate the emotional and personal talk. That can warrants him to expose his feeling to you whether knowingly or unknowingly. Make him speak his mind in one way or the other. Try to lure him in an emotional discussion that can help him to free his mind. “does my crush like me”

9. Is he ready for such responsibilities?

Try to know if he is ready for the responsibility, by your discussion you will know whether he is ready or not. If he is far from relationship talks or he avoid anything related to it at all, but if he is complying bro what you two are saying, he is ready.

10. Will I be able to cope with him?

Do not let love and likeness to cover your eyes to the extent that you can’t observe his character, and know if it’s something that you can live or cope with. Examine him and know what his is okay for you. If his character is not something that you can handle, my dear kill that love and move on. You can’t handle a man that can’t even handle his character or control his own behavior. Be sure of what you are getting into to avoid regrets.
Do not forget that Happiness is the key to a lasting relationship. Do not sacrifice your happiness for something that is not worth it.

We believed that we are able to feed you to your satisfaction. And you are free to drop your comments in there comments box or even your contribution if you have any.

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