Do Hunting Hearing Aids Work?

Do Hunting Hearing Aids Work?

Hunting is undoubtedly an art, and some people take this as a hobby. Firing those bullets, the smell of burned dynamite and those aesthetic firing sounds can surely give you an adrenaline rush. 


But are those aesthetic firing sounds harmful for your ears? The answer is ‘YES.”


These firing sounds can indeed damage your hearing with time. At first, you might feel that it’s just a quick pop of a bullet coming out of its shell. But slowly, you’ll start to feel some ringing noises in your ears. That’s the first stage of Tinnitus. 


Tinnitus is a hearing condition where you experience some ringing noises in your ears. And gradually, it can cause you severe and permanent hearing loss. 


Even some hearing-impaired people love to hunt, and some are way too good at this. But the only thing that bothers them is will their hearing devices work during hunting or do they need to wear a different kind of hearing protection while hunting. 

To get all these answers, read till the end of this article!


The Connection Between Hunter’s Ears and the Shooting Sounds


If you are a regular hunter, you already know how devastating the bullets’ sounds can be. It can leave your ear ringing. And the more you get exposed to these sounds, the more you are damaging your ears. 


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Even if you are someone who has partial hearing loss, it can also have a significant impact on your ears if you don’t take any sort of hearing protection. 


A single gunshot sound can reach 165 decibels, and the idle sound for your ears to feel comfort is below 85 decibels. Moreover, this gunshot sound can even be louder than a jet flying at 100 feet. Even a rock concert is comparatively quieter than a gunshot from a shotgun. 


So, you can already imagine how dreadful these noises can be for your ears. If you have healthy ears, then you should grab ear protection while shooting. 


And if you are someone who’s suffering from mild or moderate hearing conditions, then it’s MUST for you to take precautions because these intense and sharp noises can lead to permanent inner ear damage. 


Even in many surveys, it has been found that most of the hunters who have hearing loss are bird hunters. Therefore, never go hunting without your hearing protection.  


Does Hearing Aids Work During Hunting?


It’s a general question regarding many hearing impaired hunters. But honestly, you can use your hunting hearing aids to cancel the gunshot noise. This is because, in many recent devices, you can easily adjust the surrounding noises with the buttons in your hearing aids. 


Even in many hearing devices, there’s A.I. technology present that automatically adjusts the intense noises for you. 


Moreover, to be on the safe side, you can even wear hunting hearing protection over your hearing aids so that you can actually be extra careful so that you don’t harm your inner ear. This is only if you are suffering from mild or moderate hearing loss.


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Even many manufacturers produce special hunting hearing aids for hard-to-hearing people. In these devices, you’ll find features that will benefit you during hunting. Moreover, these new devices are completely-in-the-canal style. So, you won’t feel uncomfortable while wearing them. 


These devices are also very cheap, and you don’t have to worry about wearing extra protection during hunting. 


Symptoms and Hearing Effects on Hunters


In most cases, if you don’t wear any sort of hearing protection or even your hearing aids, then there are high chances that you might end up shifting your hearing issues from moderate to severe. 


Sometimes, if the gunshot is too intense and loud, then instant permanent deafness can take place. Your hair cells will get badly damaged, which will prevent the brain from receiving sound, and hence you will become completely deaf. 


So no matter what happens, never go to the range or hunting ground without proper hearing protection. 


Symptoms of Severe Hearing Loss


Although you’ll notice that your hearing impairment will gradually start to deteriorate, there might also be cases where complete hearing loss can instantly occur. The inner ear is very delicate, and a single sharp and intense sound can be devastating. 


These are the few symptoms that a moderate hearing impaired hunter might start to face:


  • Severe hearing loss 


  • Tinnitus


  • Permanent deafness


  • Inability to hear people at all.


But do remember, if you have complete deafness, then there’s no point in taking the help of your hearing aids. This is because your hearing aids can only be helpful if you have mild or moderate hearing issues!


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Final Thoughts


If you love hunting and you want to enjoy every moment of it, your hunting hearing aids will be able to help you with that, especially on cutting the gunshot sounds. 


But you do need to keep in mind that no matter what, you can’t put your finger on the trigger unless you have entirely protected your ears. 


And lastly, if you still have any of the symptoms mentioned above, do consult with your audiologist as fast as possible and make sure you also ask him whether your hearing aids are suitable enough to cancel the gunshot noises. This will enable you to know whether your hunting hearing aids work or not!


Till then, stay safe and do look after your ears because it’s worth it.

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