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Do hookups lead to relationships?

This question is somehow funny but very interesting to ask as this question. Well I don’t know what is going through your mind now, and I can’t tell if the answer to this question now can make you feel disappointed, but anyway no matter how it makes you feel I will only answer it the right way, and tell you the truth of it  “Do hookups lead to relationships?”

Can one night stands turn into relationships?


YES of course hookups do lead to relationship. Just as relationship can lead to marriage. That same way hookup can also lead to relationship. Especially if any of you or even both of you fall in love, during the process of hooking up with each other. I have seen many relationship that exist today, which starts from hookups

“Do hookups lead to relationships?”

So if you are asking if it leads to relationship just know that YES it can lead to it.  So  don’t think less or take for granted any person you are wit today because you don’t know what tomorrow will be and if the person is the right one for you. So take things serious if you really care. And remember you got this answer at Be Wise Professor, and don’t forget to share our site with friends and love ones, together we can build a better relationship in the society.


Now over to you reading this i want to also hear your suggestions or idea on this, tell us what you think about the topic and if really think that hookups can lead to relationship. We will like to hear your own opinion on this, just let me know through the comment section below, so that others to can learn from it and know your own reason on this.

“Do hookups lead to relationships?”


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