Do guys like cuddling?

Do guys like cuddling?

If you are troubled and  disturbed about guys liking cuddle and if that is why you visits here today, relax then for i will give you the right answer to it and make you understand it in a better way.  Yes guys do love cuddling. Especially when the weather looks cold. So asking if guys love it really depends on time, weather and condition of the guy at that time. “Do guys like cuddling?”

Because you don’t expect to cuddle a him or a guy to cuddle you at a hot weather condition when there is sweat on the guy’s body. He won’t be comfortable at time to cuddle you. So before you quickly rush and go because you have heard, try to also consider the condition of the time you want him to cuddle you.

Don’t go at a wrong time, and maybe he won’t listen to you or show the sign of interest in cuddling you. And you now use because of that to conclude that guys don’t love cuddling, because they love it more than you.


In fact nothing sweet a guy more than holding his woman in his arms.

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“Do guys like cuddling?”

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