Discovering The Right Skincare For My Fitzpatrick 5 Skin Type

For years, I navigated the complex world of skincare, guided by the belief that my Fitzpatrick Skin Type V determined how to choose my skincare products. But I learned some shocking news! The Fitzpatrick skin type classification, developed at Harvard, was initially intended to predict skin’s reaction to UV radiation—not to guide skincare choices such as what serum to use. This realization marked the beginning of my journey to truly understanding my skin type and my unique skincare routine needs, leading me away from generalized assumptions towards a more personalized skincare approach.

Discovering The Right Skincare For My Fitzpatrick 5 Skin Type

My Journey to Skin Type Solutions

My struggle with skincare was always two-fold: the ashy appearance of my legs due to dryness and the relentless battle against clogged pores, dull skin, dark spots, and roughness on my face. Despite diligently cleansing and moisturizing my face twice daily, my skin’s condition stagnated until I discovered the Skin Type Quiz at The revelation of my skin type was eye-opening, illustrating that the skin on my face was, in fact, oily and distinct from the dry skin of my body. 

Unveiling My True Skin Type: ORPW

The skin type test diagnosed my skin as a Baumann Skin Type 11: ORPW skin type. I was confronted with the reality of my skin’s concerns: excessive oil production, uneven skin tone, and risk of loss of elasticity and sagging. This skin type classification challenged my previous beliefs and the flaws of my skincare routine and led me to adopt new skincare habits. As per the advice I received from my results at Skin Type Solutions, I gave up my cleansing oil for a foaming cleanser and my luxurious Crème de La Mer for an oil-free noncomedogenic moisturizer, a stark contrast to the moisturizers and hydrating masks that I previously used.

Discovering The Right Skincare For My Fitzpatrick 5 Skin Type

The Transformation

The shift to the new cleanser and noncomedogenic products was transformative. Once persistent issues, clogged pores, and uneven skin tone began to clear, revealing smooth, radiant skin and enlightening me on the importance of understanding one’s skin type. This personal evolution in skincare habits emphasized the disconnect between Fitzpatrick Skin Typing and the basic skincare routine needs of my ORPW skin.

Discovering The Right Skincare For My Fitzpatrick 5 Skin Type

Sun Protection: A Daily Essential

Incorporating SPF into my daily routine became a cornerstone of my skincare, especially after learning that darker skin types are more prone to sagging rather than wrinkling due to elastin loss. Finding a sunscreen that matched my complexion and did not look violet was challenging, but the journey led me to a sheer sunscreen with diamonds made by Pavise. Yes, it has diamonds, and it protected my skin and evened my skin tone without leaving a white cast.

A Friend’s Journey to Personalized Skincare Was Different than Mine

Curiosity and an appreciation of my newly glowing skin led a close friend struggling with clogged pores to take the Skin Type Solutions quiz. We always shared skincare product advice- but guess what- we were no the same skin type! She was a Baumann Skin Type 15:DRPW, and her clogged pores were due to dryness, while mine were due to increased oil production. We needed very different skincare products and had been giving each other bad advice for many years. Despite our shared symptom- sandpaper-like bumps on our forehead, the causes—and thus our recommended routines—were vastly different. Our shared sunscreen choice, however, underscored the universal need for sun protection tailored to our skin color.

Discovering The Right Skincare For My Fitzpatrick 5 Skin Type

Conclusion: Embracing Individuality in Skincare

Four weeks into our personalized skincare routines, my friend and I have witnessed remarkable improvements in our skin’s health and appearance. This experience underscores the pivotal role of understanding and catering to our unique skin types, far beyond the surface-level classifications of the past. We now don’t recommend products to each other but have fun comparing the skincare advice we receive in the skincare blogs at (These skincare blogs are fantastic!) The journey to discovering your skin type and designing the best skincare regimen is deeply personal, and the key lies in taking the skin type quiz. The knowledge of our differing skin types has fundamentally changed our approach to skincare. By embracing the individuality of our skin types and the dermatologist-backed guidance provided by Skin Type Solutions, we’ve embarked on a path to healthier, more radiant skin. The realization that skin care is not one-size-fits-all but a profoundly personal journey has been the most significant takeaway from this experience. If you take the quiz, put your skin type in the comments and tell me how your skin type and experience compare to mine.