Dating in Foreign Countries: Customs, Barriers, and the Online Culture

Dating in Foreign Countries: Customs, Barriers, and the Online Culture

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When considering dating in foreign countries, keep in mind that you can’t apply American cultural norms to other cultures. Develop an awareness and appreciation of different barriers and customs that will impact your communications with local people.

Getting Started with Foreign Online Dating

Welcome to the online dating scene! Dating means finding a connection. See who shares your interests and makes you feel a spark. Without chemistry, it’s hard for friendship to turn into romance. If you’re using international dating sites, you need background knowledge for success.

Understanding Messaging

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A romantic relationship develops because the messages between two people break down their barriers. Learn to send and receive the right types of texts, especially using an online platform, to move forward from flirtation to exploring a potential relationship. If you’re unsure of what to say, you can always take advantage of the different special features online dating services provide. For example, gives its users an opportunity to use “FlirtCasts” to make a good first impression. Using such a flirty message will surely break the ice and set the right mood at the very beginning of your conversation. By the way, if you’re traveling, be patient because it might take more messaging and waiting for the other person to be ready for a first meeting on their terms. They might prefer a group outing, for example, to meet you and gauge the connection. Here’s an overview of what to expect:

  • Language Barriers
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Even if you and your date are multilingual and/or using online translation tools, there is the potential for misunderstandings. Within every language, there are regional dialects that affect your speech and how your words are received and interpreted. The word you choose might mean something different to a potential date than you intended, or the way you say something might contain the wrong tone or innuendo, which can turn someone off to further communications.

  • Racial Awareness

Right or wrong, every society has views on relationships between people of different races. In addition, there exist social classes within each society, and it’s challenging to date someone who is of a different background, such as if it’s hard for their family to accept you.

Customs of Dating in Foreign Countries

  1. In the USA, there is a well-accepted hookup culture. Typically, online dating can lead to a one-night stand or brief encounter without hard feelings between two people.
  2. Dates in the UK often occur at a local pub. You must be close to your date’s location for this meetup to occur. 
  3. In Japan, it’s more traditional for people to participate in group dates, even lengthy dinners for singles at someone’s house or a nice restaurant.
  4. In India, the man is the traditional provider for the female, and it is customary to woo the lady and spoil her. However, many singles desire love matches that will please both their families, so they spend time understanding each other’s family background before meeting.
  5. In the romantic culture of France, you don’t need a formal date to start seeing someone. If you’re expressing affection and spending time together, it’s easy for your partner to assume you’re dating. 
  6. In Canada, going to movies, bars, the gym, or clubs are examples of informal outings that routinely occur between men and women. They don’t signify a romantic relationship unless it turns intimate. Discuss how you feel about the dating phase with your new friend. 
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Going online to see your matches is exciting. You’ll meet singles with different looks, interests, and cultural backgrounds. There are billions of people searching for love online, but many have limited means for meeting or exploring how they feel after becoming friends via a dating platform. Fortunately, you have nothing to lose by chatting with international dates, but understand that their norms might preclude exploring a romantic attachment.

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