Daddy Kink: How To Know If You Have A Daddy Fetish

Are you attracted to older men?

Do you like being dominated?

Is it possible to be called “little boy” or “little girl” in bed?

If you answered yes, you might be in the Daddy Kink.

What’s a daddy kink anyway?

This does not necessarily mean that you don’t want to have sex or have sex with your dad, or anyone similar to your father. This is not about incest and paedophilia. It is more about role play and the fantasy of being dominated by a strong, wise masculine figure several years older than you.

Daddy Kink: How To Know If You Have A Daddy Fetish

Some believe that daddy fetishes result from actual daddy problems, i.e. Some believe that daddy fetishes are the result of real daddy issues, i.e. not being given enough attention/affection as a child and thus trying to make a bond with someone who is a father. Others believe it’s psychological and that it’s just a turn-on. It is similar to being blindfolded or having a threesome.

The same applies to those with a Mommy Kink as long as it’s safe, legal, and consensual, knock yourself out.

What might happen if a daddy kink occurs in your relationship

The Daddy Kink, like many fetishes, has been known to build trust, respect and a strong bond among the partners involved in the activity. Although it is possible to argue that Little and Daddy have an unbalanced and possibly unfair power balance, that is not the purpose of Dominance/Submission. There is an unequal power dynamic where one person controls the others and the other gives up.

The Daddy Kink does not have to be in a BDSM setting. It is also not necessary for partners to have a vast age gap. I have been called Daddy at least once in bed, and I am no old man. Although I don’t have a Daddy Kink, the DK seems more commonplace than we might think.