Just because it is cold outside doesn’t mean your heart has to freeze up too!

In fact, winter is one of the most romantic seasons and gives you the opportunity to plan a range of winter date ideas that we know she will love.

If you do it right, you’ll also get a season-long cuddle buddy to keep you warm on those cold winter nights. So, to help you get the creative and romantic juices flowing, here are our top cute and unique winter date ideas that we absolutely know she will adore.

  1. Have a hot cocoa date

Just because you can’t go to rooftop bars for summertime cocktails doesn’t mean you still can’t go out for seasonal drinks. Nothing is cuter than going on a hot cocoa date—marshmallows included! Not only will it taste sweet, but she will appreciate the simplicity and youthful nature of the date. You can even make it a weekly tradition and go out for hot cocoa all winter long!

  1. Build a snowman

Alright, so this one requires snow. But tap into your childlike joy and organize a time to build a snowman (or snowman couple!). Pre-plan the date by collecting all the necessities like a scarf, pebbles, a carrot, and buttons. Don’t forget to also fill a thermostat with a warm winter drink (maybe even mulled wine) to enjoy after all the hard work is done.

  1. Go see a show

Whether it is a play or a movie, there is no better time to head to the theater than in the winter! It will be nice and warm inside and gives you two a chance to have a memorable experience together. If you really wanted to get into the winter theme, get tickets to the Nutcracker—no matter how many times she may have seen it, we promise it never gets old!

  1. Get out the board games

Nothing beats a relaxed evening in sweats playing board games, drinking wine, and nibbling on cheese and crackers. Whether they are classic board games or newer ones that have been designed for adults, it is a great way to have a laugh and enjoy one another’s more competitive side. You can even make it a double date and bring over another couple that you are friends with as well.

  1. Have a baking date

Wintertime is made for baking. So why not create a date where the two of you bake a range of treats that the two of you can enjoy together? From chocolate chip cookies, gingerbread houses, or banana bread, there is something super cute and romantic when working as a team to make something absolutely delicious.

  1. Make s’mores by the fireplace

While many associate s’mores as a summertime treat, it in fact can be a winter treat as well! Make the most of having the fire on and roast some marshmallows on the fire as well! Just don’t forget the chocolate and graham crackers as well! And don’t worry if you do not actually have a fireplace. You can roast the marshmallows on your stovetop as well!

  1. Have a spa day

Whether it is an at-home spa day or going out to your local spa together, nothing says cute and romantic more than a day of relaxing with one another. Get a couple’s massage (or take turns giving each other one), do a facial mask and put on some soothing spa music. Don’t forget to light the candles too and run a rose petal bath for the end!

There are plenty of cute and unique winter date ideas that your woman is sure to love!

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