Covid Havoc: Five Prominent Healthcare Services in 2020

Covid Havoc: Five Prominent Healthcare Services in 2020

Ever since the disaster of the Corona Virus or Covid-19, the world has gone into a frenzy. Spreading in one country and slowly capturing the world in its horrific grip, Covid-19 has made us go back into the survival mode. It shut everything down; shops and public places, schools, and other institutions impose a curfew and bring the world to a halt. People have become more cautious venturing out, carrying masks and sanitizers but mostly staying indoors in their safe homes.

Staying on constant duty and staying away from family has made countless healthcare workers pay a hefty fine. Every single healthcare staff has been serving tirelessly by this deadly virus all over the world. Covid-19 has wrecked families apart emotionally due to social distancing and canceled flights. Living alone or not being able to greet one’s children has made everyone realize the real hardship. 

Staff requirements have increased in the health field; hence, soon-to-be doctor students played their part. Frontline doctors directly going at war against covid-19 have proved the value of having various health services. As hospitals are going through financial and management issues in harboring patients, numerous healthcare services have emerged. 

Covid-19 has drained all of us, mentally and physically. It has disrupted our daily routine. Now we have to take careful steps all along the way. Many of us got lucky during this pandemic, but many have gone through all sorts of crises. Amidst all, what states fear the most is the forecasted homelessness and covid-20 other long-term effects on almost all life matters. People have been furloughed from their jobs or not given their due salaries. Poverty-stricken families have gone through the roughest times in this pandemic. 

Hence many healthcare services have risen to take care of the world and return on its feet. Here are five superior healthcare services witnessed in 2020.



To date, no successful vaccine or promising treatment got produced for covid-19. So what happens if people get infected? In this situation, they can only try to keep their immune system healthy. Since the coronavirus spread, a range of nutritional programs has gained momentum, allowing both sick patients and others to improve their health by supplying vitamin-rich beverages and healthy meals. These nutritious products have also allowed people to acquire the immunity they need to fight the deadly disease. Besides, they may also be sent to the doorstep to minimize unwanted public interaction.


The importance of mental well-being has been recognized over the past decade, fortunately. Due to this, a variety of mental health services surfaced in the times of covid-19 as well. Many who were already suffering from psychological disorders were unable to visit their therapist for concern of transmitting or infecting others with the virus. While some have developed mental illness since the Covid-19 breakout due to constant agitation, unproductive behavior, disrupted schedules, toxic households, and much more. These mental services have addressed the psychiatric trauma of these individuals by holding virtual counseling sessions.


Before the spread of covid-19, there was little or no idea of isolation facilities since patients used to get housed in general hospital wards. However, there was a need for them during the coronavirus situation to establish isolation centers for patients of covid-19 so that they would not infect other patients. Patients of coronavirus must remain in these centers in isolation until they have completely recovered. These isolation centers are built in most locations so that hospitals not get burdened by plenty of covid-19 patients.


Personal hygiene has long been an essential element in human life, and it has now become a priority at all times to keep ourselves and space clean. In current times, health standards need an uplift, and hand sanitizers, gloves, and safety face masks have become a must. Several hygiene services are now available to provide sanitation in households, offices, educational establishments, and other public areas to fight against this harmful virus. To guarantee a clean and secure atmosphere for users, they sanitize all surfaces daily or weekly.


According to international reports, the elderly are the most vulnerable to coronavirus due to their already low immune system. Elderly family members get assistance in their home or nursing home by a caregiver attentive to their nutrition and give them timely medications to induce strong immunity. 


The coronavirus pandemic has indeed proved that man is powerless when an uncontrollable situation arises. It has opened our eyes to the man’s vulnerability and the adversities a man faces when he is helpless. The entire world is slowly recovering from the shock of covid-19, even though it is still there with its permanent impact. The whole healthcare force has come together and gave birth to innumerable healthcare services to support the affected nation. People availed facilities like online consulting services to mental health services, financial help, free grocery, and many more. Thus, if we come together, we can fight the pandemic together. Stay home and stay safe, always take necessary precautions when going out and help those in need. 


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