Cope Or Quit? How A Midlife Crisis Can Lead To Divorce

Midlife crisis happens to most men and women who get to their middle age and is often complemented by emotional and physical turbulence. A recent lawyer’s survey has proven that the share of divorcees ending their marriage during and/or due to a midlife crisis is bigger than that of any other couple. 

If you notice that either you or your spouse is going through a tough life period connected with a midlife crisis and your marriage is to be shattered into pieces, don’t hurry to get an online divorce in California as the only solution. Get to know more about midlife crises and try to overcome difficulties together with your partner and become happy in your marriage again. 

Triggers for a Midlife Crisis

A midlife crisis may arrive a couple of years later or sooner depending on the surrounding conditions of a person. In most cases, it will be a natural rebuilding of your body getting older and different, but in some cases, the reason and the process will be entirely different. Check out what can trigger a midlife crisis to start and/or pass with more complications than usually:

  • death of a close person – the death of a dear person may leave a strong imprint on your or your partner’s life. It causes stress and anxiety. People get concerned about the sense and worthiness of their own being, too.
  • physical changes – not every person is ready to face the reality of getting older. With aging, your appearance, physical feelings, and capabilities become different. Every time you look in the mirror or fail to perform some daily activity, you understand this, and it may cause extra stress and bring you to despair.
  • career failures – imagine a person who has worked at the same workplace for decades, hasn’t got the dream job yet, or wasn’t promoted due to a younger candidate being more skillful. These and other career failures are frequent for middle-aged people and make them get tensed and depressed about their life often. 
  • relationship issues – being married for years you have grown apart, your kids have their own lives, you have a stranger by your side, and you feel lonely and unloved. 

Such a mass of drastic life changes followed by an emotional tornado inside often provokes a midlife crisis or marriage separation. If not spotted on time, a midlife crisis and its complications may lead a person to ruin their family and life and lose happiness without any chance of recovery. 

Signs of a Midlife Crisis

It is not easy to detect that either you or your partner are going through a midlife crisis. It often has strong behavioral effects. They are essential to pay attention to if you want to prevent both male and female midlife crises divorce regrets and deal with your marital troubles in the best suitable ways.

Check out the top common signs of a midlife crisis:

  • craving changes and adventures – a person will question the point of living the same and boring life for many years and may opt for drastic changes or lifetime adventures as a solution. Having an extramarital affair, taking a round-the-world journey, doing plastic surgery, making a big purchase. Any similar actions will signal a midlife crisis divorce may be on the go.
  • experiencing depression – getting unconcentrated, sad, and thoughtful, experiencing problems with sleep, loss of appetite and weight may be the depression running in full mode and midlife crisis being the main reason for it. 
  • ruining long-term routine and principles – if your partner quits the job, changes life priorities drastically, and breaks the routine for no reason, this may be the typical midlife crisis state leading to abandoning the marriage, too. 
  • getting over irritated – getting angry out of the blue, expressing aggression due to every nonsense, putting blame on a partner for every fault or mischievous happening proves that a spouse is living in a midlife crisis. 
  • getting indecisive – being unable to make the best suitable decision, or changing opinion drastically several times depicts a person going through a midlife crisis and questioning the big and little life turns and choices. 
  • drifting apart from a partner – being lost in inner desires and needs, personal decisions, and physical and emotional changes, when in a midlife crisis, people usually give up on nurturing their relationships and become more distant from their partners. 

Any of the mentioned above signs are common features of a midlife crisis that can eventually lead you or your partner to question the essence of your marriage and quit it in the end. 

How to Cope with Midlife Crisis

If you understand that your marriage is going through tough times plus either you or your partner are suffering from midlife crisis challenges, you should take instant measures to prevent any unpleasant outcomes.

Here is what you can do:

  1. Be tolerant of your partner’s behavior, unreasoned actions, or words. Try to understand what your spouse is going through and don’t judge them. You may be the next to experience a midlife crisis. 
  2. Listen as much as necessary. Help your partner by allowing them to let out the pain, uncertainties, fears, disappointment, and concerns. Over time, they will be free of all that inner negativity and can go back to normal life thanks to your support. 
  3. Make positive changes – if you or your partner crave changes, implement the needs. But opt for positive and useful things to take up and change your life and marriage for the better.
  4. Reach for professional help – partner support is great but sometimes can be not enough. Get a professional assistant together to overcome the crisis, fix your relationship and strengthen your marriage. 

If you see the point in saving your marital relationships when midlife is the main challenge in it, start with learning more about the issue, and its main triggers, try to spot its signs in the early stages and find out how to overcome midlife crisis together with your partner, no matter who is the one suffering from it. As a result, you will save your family from a divorce regrets midlife crisis, strengthen the marriage, and commit to your life improvement.