Contact Lens Guide and Why Do Eye Doctors Charge More for Contact Lens Exams?

Contact Lens Guide and Why Do Eye Doctors Charge More for Contact Lens Exams?
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History of Contact Lens

The contact lens was introduced by the famous artist Leonardo da Vinci And Rene Descartes.


In the 19th century, a glassblower from Germany invented the lens that can be used to see through. Then after some time, an ophthalmologist from Germany produced the first contact lens that can be worn for a limited period.

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What is Contact Lens & How Do Contact Lenses Work?

The tiny eyewear that you have put inside of your eye to cover the retina usually looks different with different hues of the lens you chose. If you don’t like wearing eyesight glasses then contact lenses are also used instead of glasses.


In this modern era, a lot of people wear contact lenses as a fashion trend around the globe.


More precisely a hospital in UAE says, a contact lens is a thin concave jelly-like structure that needs special liquid for protection and preservation. This clear or shaded curved lens is used to put it on the retina of your eye. This soft form of the lens is known as the latter form.


Different Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses or cosmetic contact lenses are used for creating a special effect like changing eye color or making your eye prominent. 

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Media industry uses contact lenses for creating horror effects in horror movies and actors use them to look elegant and completely change the hue of the eye.


Types of Contact Lenses:

  • Prescription Contact Lens

These contact lenses are used for correcting eyesight mostly and ophthalmologists prescribe to those patients who have problems with vision and if you wear the lens without the prescription without consulting any ophthalmologists then you may face complications for example infection in your eye and inflammation might lead to vision loss or blindness.


  • Cosmetic Contact Lense

In this modern era, there is this new trend that is very popular among the youngsters and among popular figures to wear colored contact lenses known as a cosmetic contact lens.


How To Prevent Contact Lens Complications?

  • Before wearing a contact lens you must consult your eye doctor or ophthalmologist.
  • Buy a branded contact lens avoid buying a cheap lens of a cheap brand that may affect your vision.
  • Follow the manual instruction written on the package of the lens.
  • Follow the schedule when to wear & take them off.
  • The lens expiry date strictly followed. 
  • Use the contact lens wearing tool instead of your hand.
  • Don’t wear a broken lens.
  • Don’t wear a clouded lens.
  • If you feel irritated in your eyes, remove them immediately and consult your doctor.
  • Don’t use someone else’s contact lens that is very dangerous it may spread different diseases.
  • Eye doctors help you choose your contact lens and eye care solution so must consult to protect your precious eyes.
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Why Do Eye Doctors Charge More for Contact Lens Exams?

In the early time, the eyewear industry is a very profitable profession, and people don’t focus on the fixed amount. In 2020 everything is very expensive and the materials required for the production of the contact lens are very expensive. This material cost affects the professional fees, visit


Ophthalmologists use to cover up the material cost by increasing the consultation amount related to vision or contact lens exam. The shipping of the contact lens is very less profit nowadays as compared to a few decades ago. 


The Ophthalmologist services at the time are not so advanced as compared to now but purchasing at that time gives you a good profit. 


The amount you pay to the medical professional is not proportionally a lot more than the effort they pay and the time and money they spend on becoming a practitioner for taking care of your body parts.


Optometrists prescribe you contact lenses after examining your eye and provide you guarantee that their prescription contact lenses are good for your eyes and without any harm.


According to the code of ethics, professionals take an oath to protect their patient life and take responsibility if something wrong happens so it’s best to consult the professionals and avoid the quacks.


The optometrists generate contact lens prescriptions and they are responsible for any harm and making sure that the contact lens gives you good vision and the best fit even bearable for eyes. 

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And assuring you no headache and irritation as caused by choosing the wrong contact lens. And they also give you a follow-up session as a test. 


They tell you to wear some contact for the next few days so that they identify which one is the best fit for your eye and once settled they will a lot your number and good care guide.


In some cases, people lose their eyes or even get blurry vision due to wrong selection of contact or going to quack and sue them after losing the body part is of no use at that time. So we must go to the proper professional eye doctor and money worth nothing than your precious eyes.


The variation in some people’s experience occurs related to the consultancy the example as under:


For example one of the patients from my contact circle said that It costs $.05 to make each contact. 


The average price I have paid to an Optometrist for just the contacts is $300. According to him, the profit is in selling contact lenses or eye-wear, not in the consultancy.


This all depends on person to person. But the point is we must reach an eye doctor for healthy vision.


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