Causes Of Vaginal Odor

Causes Of Vaginal Odor

Personal hygiene is something everyone should take care of. Although awareness has now been created amongst women and most women have actively started taking care of their hygiene and pay attention to clues that might tell them that their reproductive organs might not be functioning properly. Still there several women out there who don’t pay attention to their hygiene.

 It is very important for women to look after themselves that’s why we are going to start with the basic indicator that can tell a woman about the health of her vagina. And this is something that can be easily monitored and that clue is vaginal odor.

Different types of vaginal odor mean different things some of these odors and what they are hinting towards are explained that what cause vaginal odor;

1) Tangy Smell


sometimes your vagina can give off a tangy or sour type. But this isn’t something alarming because this is the natural smell of a healthy vagina which indicates that the correct ph level of the vagina is being maintained. This smell shows the acidity of the vagina is just right which helps kills harmful bacteria.

2) Sweet Smell

The reason for the sweet smell is also bacteria. To kill bacteria sometimes the ph of the vagina is changed and for that reason, you can feel that there is a sweet or sugary smell coming from your vagina.

3) Metallic Smell

There are instances when women have reported that their vagina smells metallic or it smells like a penny. Now first it should be made clear that blood has a metallic smell so if your vagina smells metallic it means there is blood there are two perfectly normal causes of this blood one is mensuration and the other one is sex. So if your vagina has a metallic smell during your periods or after you have had sex you don’t need to worry about it however if the smells last for a longer period that means there is some sort of bleeding in your vagina and you should get it checked.

4) Smells Like Chemical

If you feel that our vagina is giving off a chemical type of smell or it smells like bleach you should know that this smell can be due to urine, our urine contains ammonia, and sometimes when urine dries up on our underwear it can result in your vagina smelling like it has chemical over it.
other than that if your vagina smells like a chemical it can mean there is an infection in your vagina and you should see a doctor for that. Other symptoms such as a grey discharge or itching are also signs of an infection and it’s best you see a doctor for that purpose.

5) Armpit Smell

It is very normal and common for your vagina to smell like your armpits. It doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you this has something to do with the chemicals in our body. This smell can occur when you’re emotionally stressed. There are apocrine glands present in both your armpits and the lining of your vagina, these glands produce a milky fluid which when comes in contact with the bacteria in your vagina gives a strong smell.

Other sorts of smell coming such as a rotten smell or a smell similar to that of a fish are very common and alarming for women because this means there is an overgrowth of bacteria in your vagina and there is an infection that can lead to serious issues. You should visit a doctor whenever you feel like there is an unusual smell coming from your vagina.

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