Can You Ever Stop Loving Someone And Have No Feelings?

Do This If You Really Want To Stop Loving Someone Some And Have No Feelings

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I understand why you ask this question right now, I do feel the pain which makes you ask this. So without wasting much of your time, the answer to this question is YES you can stop thinking about someone you love, and have feelings for. You can even stop loving them but all is your choice. “Can You Ever Stop Loving Someone And Have No Feelings?”

I know that your next question now is how. Well, calm down let take things easy here, for you to understand how you can do it, and be free from that bondage or pain of love because it hurts badly.

Do this to stop loving and thinking about the person.


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First, you just have to believe in yourself.

Appreciate yourself that you are special and deserve to be treated special.

Hangout with friends and family who cares about you and treat you special.

Don’t try to be idle or alone. Because it can remind you of the person.

Occupy yourself with activities and make your day very busy with much work or things to do.

Do the things that you love most. Especially those things that put a smile on your beautiful face.

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Believe in your mind that the person doesn’t know your value and that someone who knows your value will soon come, with so much love and care for you.

Can You Ever Stop Loving Someone And Have No Feelings?

Yes, you can stop loving someone and have no feeling again for the person all you just need is self-training and doing things that will make you happy. And try to learn how to be happy by yourself without hopping on someone to do that for you, to avoid been hurt badly again.

Lastly, give yourself a break, or try to be careful when loving someone else to avoid repeating the same mistake.

Doing this can help you improve fast and help you to stop loving him or her. And by doing so you can help you to stop been hurt from the pains of falling in love, so if you are asking this question,

“Can You Ever Stop Loving Someone And Have No Feelings?”


How to stop loving someone.

How to stop loving someone

You can stop loving someone and have no feelings about the person. It not easy to stop loving someone, but that won’t make you not give it a try because it is never impossible something for you to do. Now I will quickly tell you about the things you need to do to stop loving someone.

  1. Remove all about the person. Is there any property or something about the person you have with you, try to remove it or keep it out to a place you can’t easily see.
  2. Temporary unfollow or mute the person on social media so that you can’t be seeing their updates and start to think again.
  3. Learn to start loving yourself. This time is the best time for you to start taking care of yourself and be doing things that makes you happy.
  4. Try to visit those places you love and ever dreamed of going to.
  5. Make new friends and live with people that give you joy and happiness.
  6. Don’t stay alone, even if you must remain alone, avoid staying idle. Try to look for something that will always keep you busy.
  7. Hang out with friends. Follow them to the party and those places that you will go and have lots of fun together.
  8. Try to make anything about your life look new. Even starting from your room and the way you dress. Doing so will help give you the strength to stay without the one you love.
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“Can You Ever Stop Loving Someone And Have No Feelings?”

How to make the one who hurt you jealous.

How to make the one who hurt you jealous

If you feel hurt by the one you love, here are the tips of what you can do to make them jealous and regret leaving you.

  1. First, don’t try to make the person notice you want to make him or her jealous.
  2. Hangout more with your opposite sex and have lots of fun with your friends too.
  3. Try changing your attire or the way of dressing. Change to a more sexy and sweet look. Try dress in a way you will look different if possible.
  4. Start loving yourself and doing things that will make you happy.
  5. Keep having fun and updating it all on social media, together with your new way of dressing.

Things not to do after breaking up with someone you love.

  1. Don’t try to date or be in any relationship with his or her friends.
  2. Never you try to do something terrible to them for living you.
  3. Don’t always try to call him or her begging after like a month you break up.
  4. Don’t try to fight or disturb the new person he or she is with.
  5. Don’t try to show them or act as if you can’t live without him or her. Because you can do so, many things in this world will make you happy, and many want to make you happy.
  6. Don’t reject other relationships because of what happened between the both of you. Remember, everyone is different.
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Now you can also share your idea on this issue using the comment section. So that others can learn from your experience and take caution of it too.

“Can You Ever Stop Loving Someone And Have No Feelings?”

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