Can sexless marriage lead to divorce

First let us look at something here, in marriage we are talking of two people that are mature and not just being mature, but with different gender, living together in one house and sleeping on one bed as husband and wife. And you expect one to hold his/her urges because you want a sexless marriage. Is that person’s body a fire wood? Or is he or she not feeling urges? If you want a sexless marriage why then did you then marry? You should have lived a sexless life alone, without involving the other person. So please think twice on what you do especially when hurting the heart that loves you, and also care about you. That’s all I have to say but to answer the question. “Can sexless marriage lead to divorce”


Does sexless marriage lead to divorce?


Yes sexless marriage can lead to divorce, because you can’t expect one to join you in your sexless decision. You won’t expect your partner to live a sexless life, when he or she married you to feel loved and everything in it. If you think is easy to live a sexless marriage or life, why don’t you allow your partner to be without involving him/her in such life. I will go for divorce, if I writing this should be your partner. So please remove that thinking of yours, and think of how to make your partner happy.


Is a sexless marriage sign of adultery?


Yes is a big sign of cheating, and there is nothing one can say to deny that fact, because unless you are a spirit or stone, will you see the person you claimed you loved without having feelings and urges when you are with him/her. Is only when you satisfied yourself outside with another person, and you will come back home saying you are tired please, it’s not good. You are really hurting and cheating on the heart that love and accept to live with you.

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Now is your turn to tell me your contribution or what you have to say about this because I think we are need to contribute on this issue, so that many will learn from it. So you comment box to write your own opinion on this.

“Can sexless marriage lead to divorce”



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