Can Guys Feel When Sperm Is Coming Out?

In lovemaking or any form of sexual activity, it is possible to feel when you are about to ejaculate or even when you ejaculate. “Can Guys Feel When Sperm Is Coming Out?”

To answer your question, can guys feel when sperm is coming out.

Can Guys Feel When Sperm Is Coming Out?

Guys can feel when sperm is coming out, and it does happen to everyone provided that you are a man, but in some cases, many guys are unable to feel or know when sperm is about to come out, such guys are the people making mistakes when having sex with their girlfriend or partner.

During the time of pushing and penetration, there are times that you may be feeling so high as if you are about to explore, the feeling may depend on individual characteristics. So there are ways to identify when you are about to release, that is to say when sperm is about to come out during sexual activities.


How do guys know when sperm is coming out during sex.


  • When you are having sex, and at a point, you feel so turned on that your penis begins to jerk, it may be due to its about to release some sperm in it. For instance. If you are a man and you are having sex with your woman. You find out that it had reached to the point where you can no longer control your penis, it begins to push itself inside the vagina of your woman. You may notice some kind of seriousness and more pleasure in the penetration. It shows that your penis is making some semen in it, and in no time, it will splash the sperm load out.
  • Again, you may notice some kind of extra force, but it will not hurt. It will be filled with lots of pleasure. Some men will sometimes feel a pleasure moving like a stretch after a long sleep, from your knees to the thighs, then it will come to your penis head with an explosion.
  • Some will also feel it as a good kind of tension growing gradually, feeling you up until your muscles are hard. You will feel a sort of pulse, and at that time, all your mind will be telling you is to continue and never stop, so it is left for you to either cease or to continue until you reach the climax. “Can Guys Feel When Sperm Is Coming Out?”
  • You may be having a kind of shivering or tingling sensation. The shivering may start from your groans, your limbs, arms and spread along the spines, and it’s usually when you are having sex with your woman, you may not experience it during masturbation.
  • Some guys may feel their heart-pounding, and their minds will not be able to remember anything. It will be blank, and they will not be able to notice anything happening around them.
  • At the point of ejaculation, you will notice that your penis will be acting on its own, and all you need to do it encourage it depending on if you want to continue. Your body will automatically start its mechanism at the endpoint, your brain will be completely focused, and your penis will begin to swing. All you will be concerned it to push as fast or hard you can because everything is coming to the peak, and you are out of control at that time till the end zone of sexual activity. As this is happening, you will be noticing engorgement and stiffness, and you will be feeling your girth fully developed, and all will be placed at the base of your penis, pushing it to explore till the sperm is released.

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“Can Guys Feel When Sperm Is Coming Out?”

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