Can AS Genotype Marry Same AS?

Can AS Genotype Marry Same AS
Can AS Genotype Marry Same AS

Many are still asking this question if it’s advisable for someone with genotype AS to marry someone with the same genotype AS. Well it is not advisable for AS to marry AS, because there are still clear chances that they will give birth to SS genotype. So due to that it’s not advisable for anyone with genotype AS to marry AS to avoid giving birth to SS.  So if that is why you are here  to know if is possible for AS to marry AS then relax for you are in the exact place for you to answer the question. For i have taken a good time to explain it well in a way that will make you to understand it better without confusion. And also know the reason why is not recommended to do so. Now without wasting much of your time let go straight to explain things well for you. “Can AS Genotype Marry Same AS”


I know that you may fall in love with someone without knowing the genotype, and as a human being you getting over it will be hard to let go of someone you love, but before making the decision of saying that you will go ahead to marry the person no matter the genotype, try to think of your future kids and what will be dear faith because if someone with genotype AS marries another one with AS are likely to give birth to AA, AS and SS and according to research there are high chances of SS offspring. So please consider your decision well. For you not to endanger your future kids tomorrow.

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I hope I have answered your question on AS marrying AS.

“Can AS Genotype Marry Same AS”

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