Can a marriage survive without intimacy?

To answer this question, you need to ask yourself this question. If you are not close to your partner is there a way you can know what troubles him/her? As you ponder on this now listen let me clear you and read it full, to understand me clearly and know what to do about your marriage. “Can A Marriage Survive Without Intimacy?”


Marriage cannot survive without intimacy unless the marriage is a contract marriage. Anyone that tells you that marriage can survive without intimacy, then know that there is cheating in that marriage and many things I mentioned below will be missing in it. So don’t be deceive by anyone that tells you marriage can survive without intimacy and i have listed my points on it. And you will also see it yourself and understand it well.

Can A Marriage Survive Without Intimacy?

  1. You won’t know when your partner needs you most and he won’t also know when you need him most.


  1. There is nothing like understanding in such marriage.


  1. There won’t be love in the marriage.


  1. Caring is a long story in such marriage.


  1. You can’t know your partner’s weakness, and to talk of how to cover it.


  1. The marriage will have no formula or pattern because there is no understanding.


Now looking at all this said above that will be missing, you will see that no foundation again is holding that marriage except the word called marriage. Of course this is not good for a marriage.

Now over you reading this looking at all this, what do you have to say on it about marriage without intimacy, tell me your own view in the comment section?

“Can A Marriage Survive Without Intimacy?”


Onyedika Boniface

Born in family of life. Love seeing everybody in a peaceful and happy relationship and marriage. Address: no 23 Ase-Eme village, pH. Road, Ohabiam,Aba South, Abia State, Nigeria. Phone number: +2347062470552 Email: [email protected]

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