Can a husband be faithful after cheating

can a husband be faithful after cheating
can a husband be faithful after cheating

Can a husband be faithful after cheating my

Yes a husband can be faithful after cheating on you, but it depends on the character of the husband towards you, and not the words and promises that he made to you when you caught him cheating on you. So don't fully rely or hope on the talks or promises that he made to you, but try to also look to his characters and know if there is a change in it. Only then will you believe that your husband has changed. So with this let me tell you some characters you will see in your husband and believe he have truly changed.

Here are characters to see in him

1. He will be coming back home on time and will avoid late nights.

2. He will spend more time at home and with you more.

3. He will give you more attention, care and concern.

4. He will let you know about his activities and places that he is going to.

5. He will always buy you gifts no matter how small it is.

6. He will always call you to check on you even if he is at the work place.

7. Your heart will tell you that there is nothing wrong again in your marriage. So listen to your heart too.

8. He will not easily get angry and blame you always.

So all this above are few changes you will notice in your husband, and know he have changed truly, because many will promise you that they will change but will not, instead he may step up his game in a way that you will not notice fully. So it all depends on the man if he truly love and care for you, he will change or ask you to help him out. And in some cases I also suggest you meet a chancellor for this issue. Thanks

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