Best Ways To Satisfy A Woman

Best Ways To Satisfy A Woman

Best ways to satisfy a woman

Pleasing can be a very hard task as well easy. It all depends on how you go about it. It’s a common saying that we all know “Give a woman money if you want her to love you”. Well this is right to some extent. Why did I say to some extent? The reason is because not only money satisfies a woman. In fact you might not have money but still satisfy a woman.

Areas women need satisfaction


Lol, I’m sure you’re laughing now because you already know this. Love without money will not last. Take it or leave. Hustle hard as a man and provide food on the table for you and your family. This way you are satisfying your woman


Many men fail in this aspect. The believe once the support the family, they’ve satisfied their women as they won’t go hungry. This is true but she might be sexually hungry. This is the main problem that leads to adultery. If you aren’t satisfying your woman on bed she’ll eventually look for sexual satisfaction else where. The penis size isn’t what determines your woman’s satisfaction. Study her and know how her body works. Then you are good to go.


Create time out of no time to sit down and chat with your woman. It really helps in building a relationship. Don’t be the always busy type who doesn’t have time to sit down and discuss with his woman. She’ll start to feel lonely which can lead to something else.


She’s your woman not your slave! Don’t allow her do all the house chores without assisting a little while less busy. By the time she breaks down, you’ll still be the one to spend. Try your best to assist (no matter how little) your woman domestically.


Believe me, if you work on the listed aspects mentioned above, you’ll be the best man she’ll ever wish to have because you will satisfy her 99.9%

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