Best Body Cooling Foods And Drinks To Reduce Body Heat Naturally

It is impossible to ignore the summer heat and not go outside. We need to stay hydrated during the hot summer heat.

The autonomous nervous system and the hypothalamus maintain the body’s temperature. Heat stress can occur when body heat rises. Heat stress can also be caused by extreme heat, certain foods, and other factors.

Let’s find out what causes an increase in the body’s temperature and how to fix it.

The Reasons Your Body Temperature May Increase

Fever is a condition where the body’s temperature rises beyond the normal range. A fever is an indication that there is something unusual happening within the body. These are the main reasons body temperatures rise:

  1. An infection can cause a fever. This indicates that there is something wrong with the body. This requires immediate consultation with a doctor.
  2. Hyperthyroidism is a thyroid disorder in which the body produces too many thyroid hormones. Feverish symptoms need a quick doctor’s check-up.
  3. Heat stress is caused by prolonged periods of intense physical activity in direct sunlight.
  4. Summer clothing that is too tight or synthetic traps moisture and makes it difficult for the body to breathe. Suffocation can lead to high body temperatures due to a lack of air movement.
  5. Heat stress can be caused by eating oily, fried, spicy, high-protein summer foods or caffeine-containing drinks.
  6. Some drugs, such as opioids, antihistamines, and antibiotics, can also raise body temperature.
  7. The body’s ability and capacity to sweat reduces, while dehydration can cause the body to cool down.

22 Best Body Cooling Foods & Drinks

1) Coconut water

Coconut milk, a tender and refreshing drink that can be added to your summer diet, is the best. It is a water-based fluid that contains enough vitamins and minerals for the body to cool down.

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2) Peppermint or mint

You can use pudina or mint leaves to make dips, chutneys, or drinks. Its cooling properties help to cool the body during extreme heat.

3) Watermelon

It has approximately 91.45% water. It is also rich in antioxidants, which provide cooling effects to the body. Melons can also help you stay hydrated.

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4) Curd

It is a favorite cold food for the body. It’s one of the most versatile body-cooling foods and can be used in many ways. Curd is a natural antimicrobial food used in smoothies, lashi, and even raita. It is also a delicious ingredient that acts as a cooling agent.

5) Bananas

It’s a great source of energy and a great cooling fruit. It causes tissue shrinkage, which allows for more water absorption and cooling of the core.

6) Avocado

It is rich in mono-saturated fat acids that help to remove toxins from the blood and excess heat. It is easy to digest, which prevents the body from producing excess heat during digestion.

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7) Cucumber

It is one of the oldest body-cooling foods Ayurveda recommends. It is high in fiber which helps keep constipation at bay. Cucumbers are high in water, which helps to prevent heat stress.

8) Fresh vegetables

Fresh vegetables such as ridge gourd, bottle gourd, and lady’s finger can be easily eaten with a lot of water.

9) Leafy green vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are a good choice as they have a lot of water. They can lose water if they are overcooked.

10) Onions

Onions are cooling and protect against sunstroke. The natural anti-allergen quercetin found in red onions is quercetin. You can either eat the vegetable raw with a little salt and lemon to preserve its taste or make raitas from it.

11) Citrus fruits

Vitamin C is a key ingredient in citrus fruits. It helps to break down fatty foods and aids digestion. It is rich in antioxidants, which provide cooling effects. Vitamin C is a great source of Vitamin C in citrus, oranges, and limes. This vitamin can be used to treat inner and outer body heat.

12) Lemon drink

The best body-cooling drink is Shikanji or lime soda. One can keep hydrated by drinking a glass of lime water mixed with honey, sugar, and cumin powder. It helps regulate your body’s temperature and keeps you hydrated.

13) Celery

It contains approximately 95% water and essential nutrients to energize you through the heat. It contains essential minerals such as zinc, potassium, and magnesium, as well as calcium and phosphorous.

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14) Aloe vera

In summer, two tablespoons of fresh Aloe vera Gel (freshly harvested from farms) acts as a body-cooling agent. It is anti-inflammatory and helps regulate body temperature in summer.

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15) Sattu

The traditional Indian cooling food is roasted gram flour or sattu. Mix two tablespoons of sattu with one glass of chilled water. Add a pinch of rock salt, half a lemon juice, and cumin powder to make a drink. It can be eaten with sugar, jaggery, or honey.

16) Tropical fruits

Bromelain, an enzyme that helps reduce inflammation, is found in some fruits, such as pineapple. Its anti-inflammatory properties have a cooling effect on the body.

17) Jaljeera

It is a popular North Indian body-cooling drink. This refreshing beverage is made with spicy and tangy cumin powder, which has antimicrobial properties. It helps with digestion and keeps you hydrated.

18) Aam Pana

This is an Indian summer drink made from raw mangoes. Raw mangoes are heat-regulating, protecting the body from heat stroke and stress. Aam Panna gets a mouth-watering taste from the tanginess of raw mango when it is mixed with sugar and mint.

19) Rose Drink

This traditional drink is also the best food to cool your stomach. Mix a tablespoon of the rose syrup with a glass of cold water to keep hydrated throughout the day. Mix it with a glass of chilled milk to enhance its flavor.

20) Iced Tea

For tea lovers, iced tea is a better choice. Iced tea can be combined with lemon or mint leaves to make a delicious combination. Combining lime and tea cools the stomach. In hot, humid summers, lime and mint help to keep you hydrated.

21. Bael Juice

Your body will be cooled by the coolant of Bengal quince or bael. It immediately lowers your body temperature due to heat stress and sunstroke. Keep the pulp in the fridge before you use it for better flavor and taste.

22) Sugarcane Juice

The best summer drink is plain sugarcane juice. It can be mixed with mint, ginger, and lime to keep you energized all day. Sugarcane is high in water and has cooling properties.


Body Cooling Fruits

Cooling fruits can help you stay hydrated and keep your stomach full. These are some of the best body-cooling foods :

  • Berries According to Chinese medicine, berries are alkaline. They generate cold energy and cool down the body. It is high in water, which makes the blood thinner and releases excess body heat.
  • Coconuts This versatile fruit can be used in many forms. Because of its natural electrolyte, it keeps your body hydrated all day.
  • Melons are 95% water and low in calories. They also have diuretic properties that keep the body from toxins.
  • Poppy seed: This is a popular ingredient in cooling medicines and a great way to quench your thirst. It also keeps your body cool.

Body Cooler Drink

It is important to drink lots of water in hot, humid summers. Ayurveda generally doesn’t recommend drinking ice-cold drinks or foods. They can disrupt the Agni or digestive fire.

You can choose these body-cool drinks to regulate your body temperature in summer.

1) Khus summer beverage:

Khus sherbet, made from a poppy seed that is great for summers, is made with these seeds. It is rich in Vitamin B6, iron, manganese, and iron. Its diuretic qualities make it an effective body-cooling agent.

2) Buttermilk:

Chas (or buttermilk) provides the best summer relief, and it’s the most popular Indian drink. Home chefs prepare it by separating butter from tempered dairy. It cools the stomach and regulates body temperature.

3) Lassi:

This is the traditional Punjabi drink, made with curd and flavored with rose syrup, coriander, mint leaves, and coriander.

Summarising Body Cooling Foods

The daily grind and bustle of modern life are too much to ignore. A healthy diet can help you stay fit and energized to get through the day.

Summers are when the body sweats more and is more exhausted. It is, therefore, important to keep your body hydrated.

Cooling foods and drinks for the body provide cooling relief and help maintain temperature. These foods can also help digestion and normalize acid-reflux conditions.