Benefits of Amethyst Crystals

Benefits of Amethyst Crystals

Amethyst: the violet stone worn by the Greeks to prevent intoxication. The crystal is still used for this reason by a few modern-day, recovering alcoholics.

Many other metaphysical benefits have been unearthed about this healing crystal too.

Throughout the ages, Amethyst has been known to provide unique, high-vibrational energy that works wonders for clearing negative energy and helping concentration. Certain crystals can help people in all types of ways.

Let’s look at five of the most common benefits that come from this magickal amethyst crystal

5 Spiritual Benefits of Amethyst 

The list of benefits can go on for eons, so we’ll only focus on the top five you might notice while using or wearing Amethyst. These include the following:

  • Enhanced spiritual awareness 
  • Stimulated crown and third eye chakras 
  • Relief from stress and anxiety 
  • Spiritual protection
  • Increased creativity and focus 
  1. Enhanced spiritual awareness 

Amethyst crystals are known for being an aide in spiritual enlightenment, strengthening intuition, and enhancing psychic abilities.

Your sense of spiritual awareness becomes even more abundant if you choose to wear this crystal as a necklace.

Amethyst also helps inspire a meditative state that is great for tarot readings and other practices that revolve around grounding your energy.

  1. Stimulated chakras 

Amethyst stimulates the third eye and the crown chakra leading to more vivid dreams and a better connection with the spiritual realm.

The crown chakra, also known as “the bridge to the cosmos,” is the central point of your consciousness and connection to higher powers.

The third eye allows you to enter realms of higher consciousness, harness clairvoyant abilities, and have out-of-body experiences (i.e., astral projection).

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Some people swear by keeping a small Amethyst underneath their pillow at night to get critical spiritual messages in their dreams or to help them astral project.

  1. Stress and anxiety relief  

Without knowing all the wonderful spiritual benefits, you’ve probably heard that Amethyst is great for creating a calm, serene environment.

This crystal helps remove negative emotions like anxiety, depression, or stress and help attract more positive energy.

It’s believed to help you think more clearly, too. This helps with decision making, which can help diffuse anxiety that is caused by a lack of direction. 

Because Amethyst brings so much peace, it’s also known as the stone that comforts those who are experiencing grief. 

  1. Spiritual protection

Amethyst is a powerful crystal when it comes to spiritual protection. The harmful, negative energy from any spiritual or psychic attacks are transmuted into positive energy.

It’s a stone that’s believed to allow you to control harmful and evil thoughts as well. This is why people who practice spell work will often have an amethyst nearby to make sure their intentions are pure when casting spells.  

  1. Increased creativity and focus

Amethyst can help your creative ideas flow freely and easily. This crystal not only inspires new ideas, but it inspires you to turn those thoughts into something tangible.

It helps you focus on problem-solving and planning and has a tremendously positive effect on your imagination.

This is why it’s a great idea to keep Amethyst wherever you go to study, work, or create.

 In Conclusion

Amethyst crystals are good for spiritual protection, calming the mind and body, increasing creativity, and increases psychic abilities like live tarot card readers listed on Juneau Empire . It’s been used for centuries by people to connect with their higher consciousness and the spiritual realm.

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This beautiful purple crystal can be placed underneath pillows for vivid dreams, on your desk to help you study, or even worn as stunning jewelry to be closer to your body. 

Amethyst can unlock so many things lurking in your unconscious mind!

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