Belated Birthday Wishes Religious – Sister, Mother & Daughter

In this post, let’s reveal some positive examples of birthday religious wishes. If your birthday here on earth was today, what will you do? Who will you call? Who would you visit? Who would pardon you? What would you seek forgiveness of? Will you give your life to God? We are never guaranteed tomorrow, so live every day like it is your last! Live, love, share, forgive, repent, and most importantly, ‪‎serve God because, without Him, nothing makes sense.

How Do You Say Happy Birthday Spiritually?

So many things taking place in the world are a form of spiritual ‪distraction! How are we doing as believers? Do we affect the lives that God places in our circle? Are we leading by example for those who are confused? The devil is a defeated foe. He knows He has control over the believers who are anointed, skilled, gifted, and impactful. Good birthday, Mum. You are without a doubt my best friend too.


There is a God who looks over all of us, but we can never know when our last day is coming. I saw God’s love in my life but I experienced His wrath as well. You should also choose to actively make choices to live your life that will bring you closer to God rather than separate you from His covering. Happy Birthday!

Spiritual Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday, beloved friend! Today, enjoy your day and may God continue to pour down upon you his richest love. Have a happy day today.

Happy Birthday. May all your dreams come true and I hope you have a wonderful day full of joy and laughter. May you have to come up with several more wonderful birthdays.

Blessed and happy birthday to you, my best friend and sister. Will you continue to soar and excell in all your activities as you enter yet another year of life and experience? I pray that you will continue to grow in spirit and never forget to let God become the center of your life! I know you’ll have an extremely fun-filled day, because I’m part of it.


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Religious Birthday Wishes for Mother in Law

I don’t know why I feel compelled to say this, but you are a powerful woman of God. The Lord rejoices with you. He has to be; bring it on! Happy Birthday my mother in law!

When situations come to you, just look at where you were taken from, what you were saved from and the current issues do not seem as bad as the enemy wants it to appear. Happy Birthday ma!

Happy birthday my wonderful mother in law. Remember always: when the devil comes to strike, make sure that he finds nothing that can be used to reach your heart! Be quickened by the devil’s plots and tricks in your life, by knowing Jesus’ characteristics and the devil’s characteristics. The devil is coming to kill, steal, ruin and embarrass, while the Lord is coming to give life! He gives blessings, heals and restores!

Once you have made up your mind to serve the Lord in spirit and in truth, be ready at any given time to go to war! When an enemy attacks you can not be caught with your pants down. When we’re tired we may rest our sword down, but a soldier must always be ready, watchful, and vigilant. The enemy’s always on the lookout for unarmed people. If caught off guarded, the consequences may last longer than your period of rest. Choose to defeat the devil through your continuous level of spiritual growth each and every time at your own games. Happy Birthday!

So you think you ‘re happy, content, satisfied, or complete with everything that you’ve got right now? Eyes didn’t see; ears didn’t listen. Neither has that which the Lord has in store for you entered in man’s heart. By serving him on an average level I will never again limit what God wants to do in my life. I swear to God, no matter what you’ve done, how cherished you are by your family or partner, if you don’t have a meaningful relationship with God there will always be a gap feeling. We don’t realize that He lives within us, and without daily recognizing Him as our sole director, we’ll have an emptiness that no one can fill for ever. Happy Birthday!

If we knew beforehand how many tests, trials, stumbling blocks and procedures we ‘d have to face, we ‘d immediately become suicidal; but year after year we ‘re still making it through. When you allow the Lord to lead your life and obey his will, you will live gracefully one day at a time , knowing that you will always prevail, no matter what you face! Happy birthday, darling.

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Happy Birthday Sister Religious

We tend to wonder how our own flesh and blood would treat us worse than strangers, but the devil will use anyone to discourage you or slow you down if you start walking in your true path. Your response should never be to fight fire with fire; you should show them the love of God which is within you. Happy Birthday! May God bless you again!
A happy birthday to my brother. May our Lord continue to guide and guide your journey, envelop your lovely family in His love and always pour out His favor upon you. Remain blessed, and be strong my religious sister.

Remember, the devil always seeks to make a take-back and challenge you in the areas you’ve already won. Keep your whole life covered by keeping up with the discipline that defined you and brought your breakthrough. Remember where you originated and where your life might have been! I wish you happy birthday. Wishing you a happy day. May the good Lord continue to bless you, and walk along with him.

We pray sometimes for things we believe we ‘re ready for. Our God knows that we are not mature enough to handle the responsibilities that accompany those blessings too, so He delays them. The delay of a dream doesn’t mean death; it just gives you time to grow, so keep on dreaming big while you are developing. Happy Birthday! Wishing you a blessed lifetime.

Sometimes we have to swallow our pride, quickly decipher which spirit is the problem, choose our response and move forward while keeping our emotions in control. I know only too well how hard it is not to “be you” and vindicate that it is up to God to give a sweeter result without dirtying your hands. Let me wish you continued your birthdays blessings.

Happy birthday for my lovely mum! I can thank this lady for so many things, but the fact that she raised all her children to know God is what I’ll always be thankful for, no matter how old I get. She had lived a life in which we saw God’s actual power. She had confidence when she didn’t have any money and we have always been taken care of. Thank you for having taught me how to live a life by putting God first, Mom. May the Lord bless you with many more years to make the most of all your wonderful investments in the lives of your children.

Religious Birthday Wishes for Daughter

We assume we are only praised for having done well. What about the numerous instances you will be attacked for standing up for what’s right? If you can’t handle the two seasons, daughter, you choose the wrong course. If it’s worth it then start training yourself to keep it going for the war. Blessed and happy birthday to you.

My dear daughter, the path or road to eternal happiness isn’t straight; it’s rough and rough. It is in this way that we as the creature of God will constantly remember Him. God knows we will waver in faith in time. He knows there will be moments when earthly issues overtake us, so our journey keeps us focused. We have to be steadfast in knowing and becoming spiritual, so that our every moment with God is in character. A happy birthday filled with plenty more to come.

A coherent and well thought out plan will take you exactly where you need to be in any area of your life. What’s even more important throughout your journey is to establish a spiritual foundation; otherwise, you will reach the end of your journey and be the shell of the person you began as. Merry long overdue birthday! May you receive all the blessings that God Almighty has in store for you and an extra little.

Who are you, then? You are not your name, job description, ethnicity , religion, complexion or achievements! If your purpose is to accomplish the one thing you were given specifically for YOU, wouldn’t you say that is the closest description of who you are? Have you already worked out your aim? Otherwise, how much effort do you put into figuring it out? Who is the only one that you can trust to disclose? Happy birthday, late. Bless you God my daughter!

Only when you have figured out your true purpose here on earth will certain unimaginable opportunities present themselves. You’ll only be living by guesswork before this stage. So seek out the Lord your God, the one who wrote the script to understand the awesomeness that is just waiting to explode within you! Belated Happy Birthday. May God continue to enjoy your day with His blessing upon you.

Religious Birthday Wishes for Sister

Blessed birthday to my dear big sister and best friend! You ‘re a strong person. I really respect how much you give the devil a consistent time! No matter how things appear, there’s always a way to see the good in the situation. You and so many others are a real inspiration to me. I love you and pray that on this special day you will receive the desire of every heart!

Happy birthday to the greatest, inspiring, motivational and a really awesome woman that I know. There are no words I could use to explain your faith and trust in God. You always preach on the basis of testimony and this is one of many things that I admire of you. I ‘m looking up to you, and how you’re holding together. You ‘re a beautiful woman with a great soul. Thanks be to God for you people.