Beauty Sleep: Why You Don’t Want To Miss It Before Your Wedding

Beauty Sleep: Why You Don’t Want To Miss It Before Your Wedding

It is quite common for people to want to look their best at their wedding. Some even go to the extent of subscribing to expensive skin treatment and fitness packages to rejuvenate their skin before their big day arrives.

But what if we were to tell you that the natural glow and suppleness of your skin can be brought back just by making sure that you get your daily dose of beauty sleep.

By now, you must be wondering “’what is this beauty sleep that everyone keeps talking about and how can I get it?” Shed your worries because we have come up with this special piece on beauty sleep that not only reveals the way to achieve it but also explains why you shouldn’t miss out on it before your wedding day.

Beauty Sleep:

In simple terms, beauty sleep is the restorative sleep that your skin requires to heal from the day’s toil.

When your body receives enough deep sleep, it facilitates in the process of growth hormones that repair any skin damage and maintain its elasticity.

Although, ageing and wrinkling are natural processes, getting adequate beauty sleep can drastically reduce the rate at which your skin ages. Beauty sleep also helps combat other skin issues such as fine lines, loose skin, dryness, puffy eyes, dark circles, etc., that are normally associated with sleep deprivation. 

Beauty Sleep: Why You Don’t Want To Miss It Before Your Wedding

Tips for Getting Adequate Beauty Sleep on a Daily Basis:

#01 Remove Your Make-Up before Sleeping

It is rather amusing to think that something as simple as removing make-up can appear as a herculean task.

Take that additional effort to wash your face thoroughly once you reach bedtime because keeping your make-up worn overnight can increase the risk of clogged skin pores and make it hard for your skin to breathe.

This can lead to gradual skin damaging and pimple breakouts that nobody wants to see on their face, especially when they are about to be married soon. 


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#02 Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is the panacea for all problems related to health including that of your skin.

Getting enough water to reach your system can flush out harmful toxins, help balance your pH level, reduce the risk of sagging skin, and above all, keep it moisturized.

That said, gradually reduce your water intake as you reach towards bedtime so that you do not have to face unnecessary sleep disruptions caused by a filled bladder. 


#03 Moisturizing is Important

Apart from adequate water intake, another viable and efficient way to keep your skin moisturized is to apply a good moisturizer on your skin every night before going to sleep.

What makes moisturizing so important and non-negotiable is its ability to trap moisture in your skin overnight and repair damage done throughout the day.

Make sure that your moisturizer is packed with beneficial components like retinol, bakuchiol, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, etc. Not only does the moisturizer make your skin appear supple but also reduce signs of roughness and dryness.  


#04 Apply an Eye Cream

Skipping out on your regular night eye cream is one mistake that you definitely cannot afford before your wedding. Persistent skin problems like puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles, and lines, can start to appear because of fluid accumulation under the eyes and eye fatigue.

Therefore, once you are done with washing your face and applying the moisturizer, scoop a layer of eye cream with your ring finger and gently it along the eye contour before calling it a day.

An ideal night eye cream should come with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, niacin amide, coenzyme Q10, and ceramides, among others. 


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#05 De-stress

Stress is one of the biggest enemies of your beauty sleep. Not only can it make it harder for you to doze off at night but also cause hormonal imbalance that leads to fluid retention under the eyes.

It is therefore advisable to employ soothing activities in your pre-bedtime routine to gradually reduce the stress from your body.

Drink a cup of herbal tea, read a book, listen to calm music, or take a warm bath dipped in essential oils- basically, allow your mind and body the buffer it requires to wind down before finally going to sleep.


#06 Tie Up Your Hair

You may not realize it but keeping your hair untied before going to sleep can have a lot of adverse effects on your skin. When the hair comes in contact with your skin, it exposes the skin to all the oil and dust particles accumulated over the day.

It is therefore advisable to tie your hair loosely and neatly in a bun and place it in a silk cap so that there is zero contact with the skin. This also helps in preventing cases of split ends and hair fall so that your hair can look perfect at the time of your wedding.  

#07 Sleeping Position Matters

Sleeping on your stomach or on your sides puts a tremendous amount of pressure on your skin and may cause wrinkles and fine lines. Moreover, the risk of acne and pimples also increases drastically when the skin comes in contact with allergens such as dust, dead skin cells, broken, hair, bed bugs, etc., that may be present on your pillow. At times like these, your pillow cover can have a significant impact on sleep by preventing the accumulation of such allergens and pollutants. Try to gradually develop the habit of sleeping on your back as it ensures the least contact of your skin with the bedding and does not exert any pressure on your face.

Bottom line:

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We hope that the concept of beauty sleep and its importance before your wedding day is clear to you now. That said, once you cultivate the habit of achieving your beauty sleep on a regular basis, carry it for the entirety of your life and not just till your wedding day so that you can continue to appear as the best version of yourself.

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