Baby Dedication Message(s), Prayers & Sayings

Baby Dedication Message(s), Prayers & Sayings
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A baby dedication message(s) could be sent at the time you’re ready to bring your child to church with God. What joy it brings when you are welcomed by a new baby into the world, the excitement is unimaginable. The next step to take as a Christian is to take the infant in prayer to God to raise the child to the mercy and love of God.

As parents, when you commit your child to God by committing your child to God, you acknowledge the fact that your child was brought through God to you. You are also placing yourself in the divine light of God to guide the child according to the rules and guidelines which are required from the Christian Godly parent raising a godly child. Isn’t it?

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Baby dedication is that you place your child in the care of God. To family and friends to share messages of dedication to the parents of newborn babies, I’ve put together an assortment of baby dedication quotes to send to family, friends as well as loved ones.

If you are a wife or husband as a couple, these baby dedication quotes could also be shared by both parties to recognize that God is the one who has created God in your home and to show your appreciation to a new baby.

Dedication of baby message(s)

  • This is an incredible day for you and also for your baby. Today is a very special day and memorable day for you all. Happy Baby Dedication.
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Baby dedication quotes

  • May this day bring peace, joy and joy to your family as you celebrate the dedication of your baby. God is with your baby and safeguards him or her. It’s all right with the soul of the baby. Happily baby dedication.

Prayer for the dedication of a baby

  • I ask God today, that the birth into the world of baby adoption will be a source of fresh items for your family. The welcome of this child will open new opportunities and a new sense of grace to your life. We wish you a happy and healthy baby.

Baby Dedication Message(s), Prayers & Sayings

Text message to the child’s dedication

  • I am so happy to be a participant in the christening and dedication of this brand-new baby. I hope that this day will be filled with wonderful memories for us all. Amen.

Baby dedication message for parents

  • My thoughts and prayers go out to you during this beautiful day. Let this wonderful day be one you’re sure to be appreciated and filled with joy as we celebrate the birth of the new baby. Best greetings from this place. The mercy of God never is lost on your family. Happy Baby Dedication.

Baby dedication quotes

  • I send my prayers on the day of dedication to the baby from here. Let the arrival of the baby brings the blessings of God. Let the day of dedication be filled with love and love, and also memories that last forever. God’s love will continue to shine upon your family. Happy Baby Dedication.

Baby dedication blessing

  • We are grateful to God for providing us with the chance to watch a baby enter your family. We hope that he/she brings many more babies into your family, and may your joy this day never fade into sadness. Happy celebrations.
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Prayer for the baby’s dedication from friends

  • I am grateful for your invitation today to visit the church where your baby is being dedicated. I pray that the joy of your home will never end through Jesus’ name. Dedication to a happy newborn.

Prayer for the baby’s dedication from a colleague

  • Thank you for this beautiful day. I wish you peace, happiness, and happiness as I celebrate for you as well as your whole family. Happy Baby Dedication.

Baby Dedication Message(s), Prayers & Sayings

Baby dedication prayer letter

  1. The baby’s dedication today will bring wonderful and lasting joy to your family. We wish you all the best by me at your baby’s dedication today.
  2.  May the Holy Spirit not leave you this day. I send my very heartfelt wishes here. Although I am unable to be there today, I’ll make time to give the baby a visit and am sending it the security and protection of the God of all. Grace will never leave your home. A happy christening, and commitment.
  3. I’m wishing you and your wife all the most wonderful days of your life. Let God be with the child.
  4. The baby is God’s gift for your family and the entire world. I wish you heartfelt wishes and prayers for the mercy that comes from God on this day of dedication to the baby.
  5. Congrats on the birth of your baby today. The Holy Spirit surround your loved ones as it helps you raise your child. Baby dedication to a happy child.
  6. This wonderful event marks the beginning of a magnificent life-long journey for the infant. Your family will receive blessings from God and let the Holy Spirit guide you to the right path and discover the wisdom of God to be capable of educating your child. A happy baby’s dedication.
  7. I ask that God’s light shine upon the baby boy today as the day approaches when he will officially become God’s child. Congrats on this wonderful baby’s dedication day.
  8. The start of the spiritual journey of the baby is upon us, and I as well as my family members send our warmest wishes. We wish God bless the baby with joy and peace as they take over the world. Happy baby’s dedication today.
  9. I ask for the graces and blessings from God are never lost to your child or your loved ones. I hope that God safeguards the baby and sends angels to guide his path as he grows by the will of God. Happy Baby Dedication today. God will bless your family.
  10. I am welcoming the infant to the world in the name of God. I pray that God’s Good Lord is continuing to shower blessings on you and give you the best. May peace, joy and happiness be the result of your commitment today. God is with your baby already. A happy and loving baby.
  11. I’m sending my love and greetings to the baby girl today. Happy baby dedication, with plenty of affection from my family and me. Cheers.
  12. God will be with the child all the time, and from that point onward, the baby will never run out of positive things. The hands of the Almighty will be with him, and the baby will be able to be a shining child for the household. He/she brings more happiness and joy to your home and will never cause of sorrow for your family. Happy Baby Dedication by me.
  13. Congratulations on the baby’s dedication today. I wish him/her the blessings and favour of God throughout his her life. Happy Baby Dedication.
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