10 secrets to a happy marriage

10 secrets to a happy marriage

 Secrets of a happy marriage

Before we go deep into the let first look at it meaning, the we look at 10 secrets to a happy marriage

Matrimony is said to be the legal union between a man and a woman to become husband and wife. Experience has taught couples that true love never fails. There are certain this that needed to make a successful marriage in spite the work of devil to undermine that plan. We should always try to make our marriage fresh and new every day no matter what because a happy marriage is that one that always refresh love and always tell their partner how much they love them because those words makes them happy and if your partner and you are always happy with each other no plans of anyone can divide you two. These are some secrete things that will make our marital life strong, happy and enjoyable. “10 secrets to a happy marriage”10 secrets to a happy marriage

“10 secrets to a happy marriage”

  1. Love

 This is the main thing that is needed in a marriage because without love there will be no happiness, forgiveness and tolerance, because there is a quote that say that love covers multitude of sins, if that is the case that means where there is love there is peace and happiness, so the word love is very vital in a marriage. Couples should love each other without reservation. We need to know love language of our spouse. Tell each other words of affirmation “ I love you”, “I care about you” “you mean a lot to me” “you are the love of my life” “I can do without you” all these keep it up and happy.

        2. Together

Couples are free o do everything they like together as they think that will fit them. You ought to know that you are the “STEP” which means that you should sleep together , talks to each other, eat together because couples that do all these together always find there union happy and enjoyable.happy marriage       3. Be united as one

this is one of the secrets of a happy marriage The man and woman should be together leaving all others, couples as one united by marriage and God should avoid interference from external family relations. The man should protect his wife and make her accepted by his family, the wife also should accept her husband people and his family. The man owns the body of a woman while the woman owns the body of a man which means that Sex is to be enjoy by them freely at anytime as they want.

“10 secrets to a happy marriage”

       4. Be open 

Try to always be open with your spouse and talk about everything with him or her. Do not hide your feelings, listen to his or her complains, opinions and discuss them. Don’t leave your house in anger stay and resolve it amicably. When your spouse tell you some areas of your life that you need to change do not feel bad about it. Share ideas plan together there is no secrete.

      5. Truthfulness 

It is not good to be built on falsehood, couples should try as much a possible to avoid telling lies. Try your best to avoid telling lies to you spouse because it gives room to doubt or suspicious. Remember that nothing is hidden under the sun. yet your Yes be Yes and No be No.

      6. Appreciation

Learn to appreciate one another time to time. Husband appreciate your wife beauty “You are more beautiful than when I first meet you”. Appreciate her food, her dressing and everything about her. Wife you must appreciate his caring and handwork “Darling you work too hard, please rest because we still need you”, focus your attention on your spouse strength than weakness, encourage instead of criticize and pray instead of gossiping. Learn to say “Thank You” and “I am sorry” because the words are healing and binds couples together.

         7. Be Sensitive

A wise should be sensitive to the husband’s Observe his mood and know when he is angry and finds out ways to appease him. Observe when he dresses up to work because his dressing s says a lot about you as the wife. Do you ;know the food your husband enjoys most? The way to a man’s heart is the stomach and don’t joke about it. Whenever a man fails to eat your food women are in big trouble. Leave of everything and find the cause. Men should also try to understand their wives. Women love petting from their husbands, touching and use of love words.

“10 secrets to a happy marriage”

        8.Be creative

Avoid monitory in doing things. Add variety to your home, you can re-arrange your home and add new menu to your cooking plans, add surprise and fun in your homes. When last did you buy a gift for your wife? When last did you take your wife out for a good treat or shopping? Many men can do a lot of things for their women before their union but when they are finally married all those things become the things of past which is not good.

        9. Believe in the matrimony

Many people don’t believe in the marriage they are into, every married couples should do anything it takes to make their matrimony workable because it takes a man and a woman to make a union last. The couples need to see their self at in complete without each other.

      10. Spend time at home

For a lasting happy union you need to spend time with your partner, spend time in your home instead of hanging outside a lot, do it with your partner. If you spend time with and relate with your partner regularly, you will get closer and more intimacy to each other because for marriage to work both have to invest in it.

Conclusion on 10 secrets to a happy marriage.

Always try to believe in your partner and love and cherish your partner for it is said that “for where your treasure is there your heart be also” so why not you take your marriage as a treasure, below is some questions I want you to ask yourself today and plan to arrange your marriage with it

  1. Tell Me When last did you say I love you to your spouse?
  2. When last did you complement his or her dressing?
  3. How many times have you give her food in the mouth?
  4. Have you kiss her for some time now?
  5. Did you have time to play with your husband?

Now if you can sincerely answer this questions and find yourself not doing any of this said above know that you are getting it wrong because once in a while both of you should become children and play together. Men love the tender touch of their wives and also fancy their happy laughter. Laughter as they said is medicinal and it heal souls, wounds and refreshes the body. Make plenty laughter available in your home  and enjoy the wife of your youth!

How pornography can destroy your life or relationship

How pornography can destroy your life or relationship

Pornography  can said to be any form of thing design to cause any forms of excitement. It can also be said as the portrayal of erotic behavior designed to cause sexual excitement. It is words, acts, or representations that are calculated to stimulate sex feelings.  Independent of the presence of another loved and chosen human being.

Pornography is one-sided, self satisfying relationship built on lust and immediate gratification. It devalues and damages the true meaning of sex. There is no way it will provide the relational skills and understanding that you need for relating to someone. Or for a life with your future partner.

Porn is a multi-billion dollar industry that like drugs, thieves on “addiction”. And has no concern for your well being. They only care about getting you hooked on their products. Bringing you down to their gutter level of morality and then persuading you to call it normal. So let now talk on how porn can cause damage to your brain and the solution to it.relationship pornography porn

Causes of pornography to brain and life in general.

Seeing opposite sex as a sex object.

Due to all the videos and pictures both the books that you have read about it. You will have no good thought in your mind when you see your opposite sex. Instead you will be seeing the person as sex object. Because you have filled your mind and brain with all the rubbish that you have been watching. And that will makes it difficult for you to communicate or relate with your opposite sex. Due to they  now looks like a sex object to you. So why killing your mind with such act that contribute nothing to your life than to destroy your life for you.

       1. It makes you feel guilty or secretive

Due to influence of porn in your life. It will now make you to feel guilty or secretive. Because you are watching pornography you always want to be alone. Or always stay in a hideout for you to feel relax because you know that is not good for someone to see you in such act. Since you know all this and also agree with me that most of the things that are down secretly has only bad influence in human life. Why then are you still watching it.

       2. You will never be satisfy

No matter what your partner do you will never be satisfy with your sexual life. Because your brain is filled up with lots of pornography videos. With the eager to also try out new styles and things you see there. Because your brain and mind will feel that it only those ways will be the best ways to satisfy you sexual life.

      3. Living with memories that can scatter your relationship

Due to the bad memories of all the porn videos, pictures and books you read. You now expect your partner to act as that drug man or woman that you watch on the video. And if they can’t act such your useless ambitions thinking. You became sad and angry because they cant meet up with your sex expectations.

      4. Making you partner uncomfortable or afraid

Due to lack of not satisfying you the way you want. Your partner will always be afraid or uncomfortable with you especially when it comes to sex time. Because they know that they cant satisfy you they always try to avoid talking about it or doing it.

       5. Drug addict

Due to the things you have seen, read or had about sex, you may end up becoming a drug addict in other for you to meet up with the things you saw them doing and that way you have started the journey of damaging your life.

       6. Sex addict 

Well this side is a major problem that porn causes in ones life due to the habit which it have form in you life.  You always have the memories fill in your heart or brain. Which can end up seducing at times, which is not good.


Solutions that can help you are

  1. Be Yourself

You need to always try to be yourself, and make a strong decision to stop it and stand by it and not just saying it and tomorrow you end up doing it.

       2. Don’t be idle

Always try to have something keeping you busy or entertaining you at a particular time because it is said “ an idle mind is a devil workshop” now take it like this “ an idle man is a erotica fan” it will always be in your mind and always try not to be idle to avoid been erotica fan.

        3. Avoid internet when you are alone

Try to always avoid the internet when you are alone because erotica will always come to your mind to enter the web, and you may not resist it when the temptation comes so try all your best never to access internet alone.

         4. Avoid things that makes you remember erotica

Always make sure to avoid all sort of things that can make you remember porn , in that case you need to burn or remove porn magazines that is around you, delete porn pictures and videos from your phone and laptop and even the video plate you bought. So that you will always have chances of avoiding pornography at all cost.

          5. Try to always win its temptations

porn may be really very tempting and hard to avoid but you need to always try at your best to resist the temptation in other for you to archive your aim of avoiding it. pornography           6. Explain to your partner

At this time the only person you have now that can easily understand you and always try to help you is your partner. so try talking to your partner because your partner will be the one to help you and fight it for you to be able to secure your relationship or marriage.

          7. Never give excuse

At time when the temptation of porn comes try to always control yourself from giving any excuse that will make you fall for pornography. Because you will find out that if you fall for it, you will always regret it at the end so in other for you not to regret it you need to advice yourself and avoid any excuse.

          8. Try to always take it as serious problem to solve

Always have in mind that is a big problem that you have wish you really need to solve, so that you won’t have any problem in your life and your relationship, having this in mind will help you in a great way of removing yourself from pornography .

          9. Uproot this habit from it root

Since this is a big problem to you try to always cut it off totally than having the stupid idea that you can stop it gradually. Because such act is not what can be stop in a gradual process instead is what you need to cut it all at once and say in a loud voice enough is enough porn!.


Having know what pornography is all about, and the problems involves in it, why can’t you now make a strong decision today to stop it. And apply the above listed solution and end all it problem and leave your happy life and enjoy that beautiful and handsome partner that you have or you will soon have!


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Signs he is jealous and possessive

signs he is jealous and possessive

Hardly is it to separate a good boyfriend from the one who always tries to control You. Well, a tip of such behaviour is usual in any relationship, if you in any way feel insecure. Here are the signs of being sure you not in a relationship with an envious and overprotective guy. This shows he feels insecure always or a controlling type if he displays a handful of these signs seriously if you notice a lot of these signs from your partner, it’ time to talk to him about it before it gets out of hand and turns uncontrollable. Envious and overprotective men are like York or noose around your neck. Any time you give in, their grip only gets tighter, and their expectations seem to grow bigger and bigger. For sure, your man will deny it or accuse you of using these signs to make him look bad. But if both of you need to have a fulfilling and satisfying relationship, both your expectations and wants from love need to be addressed and met. If your guy can change for you or cant stop trying to control you, perhaps you should walk away from him, or he will surely expect more from you always. “signs he is jealous and possessive.”    

Signs he is jealous and possessive. 

1. “pace” “is another language

The thought of giving each other space shocks him. He wants to be part of all the activities you’re involved with, yet he may nag and whine about something you enjoy until you give it all and do things that he enjoys to make him happy and comfortable.

        2. He tags along

He’s exceptionally insecure; however, everything you try to impress or make him feel loved. He hates it when you go out to meet your friends by yourself, and always insists on tagging himself along, especially if there are a few guys in your group of friends.

        3. Your decisions

He always wants to play a part or get involved in any decisions you take. And he can seem to accept it if you choose to do something he does not approve or permit of.

“signs he is jealous and possessive” 4. New experiences

He’s exceptionally protective about you and does not want you to do anything new without him. He behaves like your life is in danger, and sulks when you try something new for the first time without him.

       5.Responds to his calls

He does not care who you’re talking to, but he expects you to answer his call as soon as he calls you even if you’re busy on another call. And if you ignore him because you’re working, he accuses you of ignoring him or being a bad girlfriend. “signs he is jealous and possessive” 6. Faults your friends

He ridicules all your friends, especially your male friends and always picks their flaws. And each time they let you down, he takes it upon himself to emphasize just how unworthy your friends are, and how he is the only one you can trust.

        7. Inquisitive

He wants to know about everything that goes on in your life. And if you do not talk about something you consider to arrival to talk about, he gets angry or sulks until you tell him all the details, all the time.

         8. His possessiveness is love

Every time you point out just how possessive he is, he defends himself by claiming that he is possessive only because he loves and cares about you so much.

         9. You shouldn’t have fun alone

He hates it when you have any fun without him, if you go to the movies with your friends and meet him at the end of the day, you may find sulking or quiet. And eventually, he may tell you the real reason and find a way to make you feel guilty about it at the same time. “signs he is jealous and possessive” 10. He sees red

He gets crazy over simple issues, especially if it involves another guy. And also He doesn’t just want you to create any memories nor does anything fun with any other guy but him.

“signs he is jealous and possessive” 11. Controller-ship

He dislikes it if you meet a friend or go out anywhere without telling him about it first, even if it isn’t around. It starts little by little until you find yourself asking him for permission for every single thing you do.

         12. Passwords

He wants to know all your passwords and all your secrets, even if you do not want to share them with him just yet. He disturbs you and threatens you until he gets what he wants.

          13. Still hunt

He always tries to find out where you are often when you’re out with a friend by calling out of the blue and telling you he wants to see you or meet you, or that he wants to pick you up.

           14. Extolment

He’ uncomfortable when you speak highly of someone else. Every time you say something beautiful about someone. A friend or family member, he immediately tries to point flaws. He’ extraordinarily competitive and wants you to believe that he’s the only one you should ever look up at or seek help from.

          15. His world centres on you

He behaves as his life revolves around you. And he forces you to do the same thing for him. Even if you don’t feel that way just yet, he wants to be the centre of your world and forces you to give him special attention over anyone else in your life.


Don’tforget, not all of these signs you see in a guy is harmful or dangerous in a relationship. But there is a little threshold between tolerable behaviour and extreme possessiveness. And that threshold is different for everyone.

Some ladies may love their independence. While a few other girls may love depending on a guy for all their needs. Everyone has their expectations. But this signs is something that needs to be addressed in a relationship. It also said that jealous is part of love. Do you as my reader believe that envious is part of love comment below please and also share our content.

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12 signs to know you are been manipulated by your lover or partner


If you think that you are been manipulated by your lover these are the signs you need to know for you to find out that you are been manipulated.lover

Do you think you are being manipulated ?

Sometimes we manipulate our partner to get things our way. we may at times do it purposely just for fun, we at times do it sneakily and subtly to get something without confronting them. And it is all fun and games for a while, as both partners realize that one of them is being arm-twisted into giving in.

Manipulation is cute the first few times or when is a harmless request from them. Some of the request can go like this, your girlfriend or wife say something like. “am not going to have sex with you tonight if you don be back on time” you can’t help but to smile about it. Or if your boyfriend or husband brings breakfast on bed and ask you if he can go out with the guys on a weekend. You may even laugh about it and accept his request.

Knowing if you Are Been Manipulated

But what if these cute threats turn into something darker or more bitter or agonizing?

Do you think you have the spine to stand and decline something if you think it would go against your principles or wishes?

Do you have the spine to stand your ground and say ‘no’ when you don’t want to do something?

It not easy to reflect within and ask yourself if you are a victim of manipulation in your relationship. But everything starts with self realization. If you can accept the fact that you are a victim of manipulation or emotional abuse, only then can you be able to try to work yourself out of the web manipulation that has been built around in you.

Use this 12 signs and ask yourself if you feels any of this symptoms around you or in your relationship, and if you are doing this things it time to take a stand and believe in yourself for who you are, or you just get work over all the time and there won’t be a thing you can do to stop your partner from using you or manipulating you.

      1. Anxiety

You feel anxious each time they want to ask for a favor. You fear they may ask you something that you can’t do. And yet, you know you can’t deny them their request because your heart always feel that you need to do what will always make your them feel happy with you without you knowing that you are been manipulated.

          2.You hate yourself

You hate yourself for being so weak for accepting the request made. You realize that they are using you or taking advantage of your niceness and generosity, but you are too timid too.

           3. You can’t say no

You can’t say no to them. Just the thought of turning them down or saying no seems like a crazy idea and you feel helpless and week each time you even try to say it. You know the right thing to do is say ‘no’ but you cant bring yourself to say it.partner

        4. Obligation

You believe you are obligated in doing something for them. You constantly feel grateful to them for loving you or being in your life.

       5. You can’t shut up

You just can’t say a simple no’ and shut up.  But you have a deep need to explain yourself and your actions every time, to everyone. And you want your them to understand your mind and your reasons clearly. While your partner on the other hand is always vague or doesn’t justify the things they do.

        6. You justify your actions

You try to reason with yourself and justify that you aren’t being manipulated you will always try to convince yourself that it is you who want to do the favor for them.

        7. You are bad

You will always feel or look at yourself as a bad partner for turning them down no matter what they ask of you.

        8. Are you selfish

You will see yourself as a selfish person for not helping them in their troubles. At times You feel really guilty each time you turn their request down. And you always feel so bad that you can’t even look them in their eyes. Because of all the guilty you are carrying you. It just seems so much easier to just hate yourself and do what they ask of you.

        9. Expectations grow

Your partner always expect more from you. No matter what you do or how much you do. They behave like they are happy and much pleased with your giving ways. But they always ask for more which you will always see yourself struggling to do it for them.

         10. It’s your fault

You blame yourself for not being good to them. And you feel guilty for being idle and relaxed. When you could be doing something to please them or make them happy.

         11. You hate awkward pauses

When they ask you to do something for them. You may be able to muster your courage and say ‘no’ . But as they pause and stare at you for a few seconds. By then you can’t help but still feel your stomach churn. And then you give them another opportunity to use you once more just the way they always do.

         12. You can’t lie

Just because you can’t lie or anyone else that is manipulating you. Even though you know you can never get caught, you can’t tell them that you are too busy or too occupied to do something for them but instead you accept it and always find a way to do it for them to be happy with you?


With these signs listed try to find out what you are to your partner and if they are manipulating you but please always try to make them happy don’t use this as a means to hurt you lover.

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how stress and exercise is important to our health

How stress and exercise is important to our health

Health– according to world health organization, health is defined to be a complete state of physical, mental and social well being of an individual, to be in absent of disease.health

With this definition, you will find out that one cannot boldly claim that he\her is healthy just because you are physically fit.

You may be physically alright but mentally depressed or lacking socially, for example, being mentally unwell does not mean that you are crazy. Lack of concentration and being depressed because of one issue or the other can lead to mental unwell. Again it is the most common problem in our world today that everyone is undergoing which be leads to depression then cause the mental to be unwell.Stress

What is stress……? It can be defined as a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.

Stresses are also physical, mental or emotional factor that causes body or mental tension.

It can be external, .i.e. from the environment, psychological or social situation or internal (illness or from a medical procedures)

It can affect people of all ages, genders and circumstances and can lead to physical, mental and social issues of an individual.

By this you can say that, it is an automatic physical, mental and emotional response to challenging event and a normal part of everyone’s life. When manage positively, it can lead to growth, action and change. But when managed negatively it can reduce your quality of life.

How to manage it,

  1. Engage yourself in physical activities (exercise).
  2. Get more sleep.
  3. Try relaxation techniques.
  4. Talk to someone.
  5. Keep stress diary.
  6. Take control.
  7. Mange your time.
  8. Minimize alcohol and nicotine.



Exercise is very necessary in one’s life as it contributes to a good living. At 3-5 times for 30 minutes of exercise is good daily. At 2hrs and 30 minutes of moderately exercise is better. At 75 minutes of vigorous exercise like swimming laps, jogging or other sports that gets your heart rate up is very good.


Exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness. It is performed for various reasons, including

Relaxation techniques

When you are stressed, your muscles get tense. U can help lessen them up on your own and refresh your body by,

  1. Stretching.
  2. Enjoying a massage.
  3. Taking a hot bath or shower.
  4. Getting a good night rest.

Take control

Stopping and taking a few deep breaths can take the pressure off you right away. You may be surprised on how much better you will become.

Steps to follow

  1. Sit in a comfortable position with your hands on your lap and your feet on the floor, or you can lie down.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Imagine yourself in a relaxing place; it can be anywhere that makes you happy.
  4. Slowly take a deep breath in and out.
  5. Do it for 5-10 minutes at a time you must feel better.

Eat well

Eating a regular well-balanced diet will help you feel better in general. It may also help control your mood. Your meal should be full of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and nuts, and lean protein for energy.

In conclusion;



solutions causes and how to prevent infertility in female


It is the inability or failure of the female to conceive after a year and four months of regular sexual activity during the time of ovulation (unprotected sex).

Female infertility

It affects an estimated 48 million women with the highest prevalence of it affecting


OVULATION: Each growth of a ripe egg (oval) occasionally two is released from one of the ovaries-the ripe egg begins to travel down the fallopian tube. It is here that it may be fertilized by the man out of the body through the vagina. It is known as menstruation.

Conception: A woman is most likely to conceive just after she ovulates. When and egg is released from her ovary, it is then fertilized by sperm. Over million sperm is released from a man and it is ejaculated ones. Most of the sperm leak out of the vagina but some to swim up through the cervix. One sperm may then join with the egg and fertilize egg (embryo) moves slowly down into the fallopian tube then the woman misses her period.


  1. canaries if the mucus remains thick and the sperm are unable to swim or if the fallopian tube has anti-bodies that attack the sperm.
  2. Ovary may fail to produce mature eggs or may be unable to released mature egg.
  3. If either or both of the fallopian tubes are blocked or damaged, thereby preventing the sperm or egg from meeting which causes infertility?
  4. The uterus may contain fibroid and its lining may contain endometrioses.
  5. Failure to ovulate
  6. Hormonal imbalance
  7. Ovarian problem /infections
  8. Pelvic inflammatory diseases
  9. Bed control pills
  10. Structural problem (the shape of the fallopian tubes)
  11. The imbalance of progesterone which is necessary for fertilized egg may cause miscarriage if it is for short time, the egg may not survive


  1. Make sure you know the cause of the undergoing an It test to understand the cause when the cause is detected, you find a solution but if you find boost the immune system.
  2. If it is caused by hormonal imbalance, balance your hormone with food that balances the hormone e.g. pawpaw and its seed, watermelon and its seed.
  3. Try the it solution therapy.
  4. Put your trust in God.
9 things that causes infertility in man with ways to prevent it

This is the inability of male to achieve pregnancy in a fertile female. It is commonly due to deficiency in sperm and semen quality. Sperm and semen quality is used as a surrogate measure …

mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life

mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life

In other to have happy married life there are many mistakes that you do in marriage today is cause by them without them knowing that is the cause of the problem they are currently face now and with this post I decided to list out some of this things to for people to consider it and make sure that they avoid the mistakes which will be discus in this article for them not to fall a victim of this problems for future regret. Now lets look to some of this mistakes

mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life
mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life

Being with the person due to wealth or position

Someone who accept a relationship  because of the things the person have or what the person is, instead of accepting them for who they are because the position the person is today might not be the position he will be tomorrow so pls try to understand that is better to love a person for who the person is and accept him because you truly care for the person than accepting because of wealth or position the person have.

Marrying because you are directed by your spiritual leader

Someone who marry because their spiritual leader instruct them to marry the person, bear in mind that if God should peak to your spiritual leader for you to marry someone, God will also need to speak to you because if you think that your spiritual leader advice is the best always remember that it is not your spiritual leader that will be in the marriage so pls be careful and consult two or more people and choose wisely from your heart.relationshipDon’t allow love to deceive you

mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life
mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life

this side is too difficult for someonewho think love is everything that matters, pls don’t be deceive by this love quotes “love is blind” or “love covers multitude of sin” no matter how you love the person always try to consider the factors or things that you want in a person, always try to make his inquiry of; the person past and present life for you to avoid making a mistake and don’t always believe that you can change the person because what is you finally cant change the person then it may lead to divorce or anything so try to be careful and consider well.

Don’t enter in  marriage because of fun

someone who enters relationship because of others or friends are all in it or because they are getting marry so be careful of such people because they cant help or contribute anything good in a marriage or even grow your it because they find it as just fun and in kind of let do it that others are doing.

Don’t jump into it when you are not prepared or planed for it

mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life
mistakes to avoid in relationship or marriage to have happy married life

because is never good for someone without planning is not good because planning is a way guide your steps and decisions and give your life direction, and is good for someone to take decision of things they do because of their future because the decision you take today will affect your life tomorrow because failure comes due to lack of planning so you must plan well before anything.

Marring because you think the person is committed to church

This one is very dangerous so pls try to avoid falling a victim of this one because going to church does not make someone a good person because if that makes someone a good person that means that the devil is also a good person or angel because the devil also go to church so pls try to be careful because me I fear church people more than any other person because they use that church to cover their bad side. Try also to be very careful for those ones that said that God ask them to marry you because God cant visit only one person when there are two people involve in it, so don’t be scared when they said God said but instead try to rebuke them and choose wisely.

Don’t reject someone because you are not in the same church

many people have missed their chances of getting married in life due to the person is not attending their church or is not in the same religion with you and you think the person is not worthy of being with you , my dear you are making a big mistake because you never know if the person is the right partner for you so try to choose wisely before rejecting someone due to their church or religion.

Don’t allow your parents push you

so many marry because they were forced by their parents to marry, it is no good to fall on that because you may end up getting married with the wrong one so don’t be push by your parents words because they are not the one getting marry.

Don’t be deceive by family relationship

so may just do it because they were told by two different families that they will like their parent friendship to continue may be for business or anything not minding if their children’ s faith or happiness so try to avoid being part of that kind of it.

Don’t enter into marriage without asking your medical status

Try to take good not of this because this causes a lot of problems to some people today and why you even think of marrying a person who at the end you all will only be producing children of sickle cell anemia and at the end you will be causing both children and parents into dangerous health crisis that are yet to have solution when you can avoid this in the begging .


With some of this mistakes I point out above I believe that it will help you to choose wisely the kind of person that you will marry to avoid you ending up in a situation that you will regret later so I urge you my dear readers to take note of this and don fall a victim of this problem in future and if you have already fallen in the problem try to correct yourself if there is still time for you or you correct other to avoid making the same mistake thanks


Pls try to share this content to others and help them know more about this and avoid them from making the same mistake thanks as you are doing so.

Effect o Taking Your Job Too Serious than Your Relationship Or Marriage

your job can make partner cheating on you in your marriage or relationship

Taking Your Job Too Serious can make partner cheating on you in your marriage or relationshipyour job can make partner cheating on you in your marriage or relationship


Some people may say how can my work affect my relationship or marriage, or are you trying to say that my Job is not important again, I know you will have too many questions to ask about this topic but before you ask all this question can you please cool down to think on this “IS MY PARTNER HAPPY WITH THE TIME I GIVE HIM/HER” if you can ask yourself this question and be truthful with the answer you gave to yourself, you will be understand that your job is important the same way your marriage is also important because if your partner is happy and also makes you happy you will find greater happiness doing that your business , but when you can’t make your partner happy or bring out time for your partner, how can you then expect your relationship to grow, I have come across so many relationships that was scattered due to this and that is what pushed me to write about this for my readers not to fall the victim of this too. Don’t take your job too serious to avoid your partner cheating on you, because if your relationship or marriage lacks attention or concern from you due to your job then know that you are the one pushing your partner to be cheating on you and if your partner cheats on you blame yourself and your job, and never blame your partner for cheating on you.

your job can make partner cheating on you in your marriage or relationship


If you finish reading this and still don’t understand that your job can break your family by causing your partner cheating on you then know that you are making a big mistake that you may regret at the end, money is not everything and please don’t allow money to deprive you from your responsibilities in your relationship or marriage

Story 1:

A man named John is married to a woman named Loveth, he loved her wife so much and does not cheat on her but his business never allow him to concentrate on his wife and know when her woman need her because there is always time when a woman always need his man most, he failed to understand that and think that all is about money. One day his wife informed him that her distance cousin is coming to join them and stay in the house he agreed and the guy joined them in staying at his house, one day something happen the guy fall  sick and was taken to hospital and he was tested HIV positive and that was the time the man know that he was not her wife cousin but boyfriend and his wife too has carried the disease which means he himself is also positive of the disease.

your job can make partner cheating on you in your marriage or relationship

Story 2:

A married woman always come back late at night and move out very early in the morning without taking care of her house duties as a wife leaving all in the hands of a young girl serving them, this continue to happen till one day the husband was drunk and came back at home and his wife is not yet back and the house girl was the one who was there to help him and take him inside and while the girl was taking him to his room, he lose control and sex her, the woman never know till the day she finds out the girl was pregnant and started asking her questions only then she knew that the husband was the one responsible and he never deny it and went ahead and marry the girl.

Story 3

A man was always too busy with his work and forget about the feeling of her beloved fiance who he is living with, some weeks later they got married and then she finds out that her wife was pregnant and he was very happy that he is going to answer a father soon but one day something happen when the DNA test of his wife pregnant comes out he finds out that the DNA does not match with his own only then he finds out that it was his gate man who pregnant his wife when he was too busy with his work.


Now you have seen some stories above about how your job can really cause you a great damage in your relationship, so why not you now then minimize how you take your work serious, and make out time the way that it will not affect your marriage or relationship, how will you feel to see your partner cheating on you and knowing fully well that you are the one who force him or her indirectly to cheat on you, to avoid such issue take time to love, care and always communicate with your partner, always notice when your partner is really in need to be with you and always try to be there with for him or her because there is no one that they will want most that time than you, and if you not there you are breaking your partner heart, because broken heart is not only when you hurt or cheat on your partner but when you are not always there when he or she needs you most you are also breaking his or her heart by not being there when you are needed the most. I urged you my readers not to allow your business to be what will make you lose your partner because if after reading this you still fall a victim, then that is not good of you and if you have already fallen a victim of this before reading this post, try to also  learn from your mistake and never do that again to your partner instead treat the person as if you had no other one for you all to be happy in your relationship.

Please try to share for others too to learn from it as you do thanks

The Effect of Cheating On Your Partner

Problems with people who cheat on their partner

cheating partner

At times I wonder why there are so many people who cheat on their lover, after so many promises they made for their partner not to let them go, After telling them that their heart is only made for them, does it means that all this promises you made where just lie that you said just to gain one or two things from the person, how do you feel when you cheat on someone or hurt someone, does that make you happy or do you gain joy doing so. I have come across so many people who are cut cheating on their lover instead of saying sorry or begging  him or her for forgiveness they start giving excuses and reasons that made them to cheat but the truth is this that there is no reason that is enough for you to cheat on your lover.

instead of cheating on your partner why not leave them, what do you gain by hurting that innocent heart that gave you everything, even happiness, why did you cause broken heart to the one who love you, the truth is that i take people who cheat on their partner as a confuse and wicked people, for hurting the heart that do nothing but gave you full love, care, concern and happiness, so please think twice before you hurt that gentle heart that love you.

There is a story I will like to share with you:

There was a man named Charles the husband of a beautiful woman named Stella, this man was dating a woman named Joy before he got married to Stella and Joy also got married to a handsome man named Emmy who loved her so much more than himself, Charles and Joy although they are married with different woman and man, they still love themselves and still cheat at their partners, when Charles wife find out she was hurt badly and out of love cried out to her husband to stop cheating at her and even went further in confronting Joy to leave her husband alone and focus on her on husband but Joy didn’t listen to her follow woman plead and when Emmy her husband finds out he went to a Charles and talked with him man to man for him to understand him and leave his wife for him but instead of Charles to Understand him as his follow man, he shouted at him and send him out of his house, this continue till one day when Joy look that what she is doing is not good and he cant stop it unless he will stop seeing or hearing anything about Charles again so he decided to kill him for her to concentrate on her own marriage.

One day  Joy visited Charles at home when his wife is not at home, as they where laughing and making love, she slowly poison his drink and gave it to him and he drink it as the poison was killing him slowly she left the house but on her greatest surprise she only find a letter on the table in her room written by her husband telling her that she is sorry that she cant bear staying with her when she is still sleeping with another man, so due to that she married another girl who he is current living with now in another town. Some weeks later after the death of Charles , she could not bear the guilty of killing him so she confess to the Police and she was charged by court and was sent to prison.


Cheating on your lover is not good and can never be good because there is nothing good to account for it as a reason that will made you to cheat on your lover, instead of cheating on your lover why don’t you then break up or divorce with him/her with that reason so that the person will know that there is nothing bonding you together any more than secretly cheating and given excuses all the time on one thing or the other, so please my dear reader don’t toil with feelings of any heart that loves you, people who cheat at times end up with the wrong person that will forever hurt them, why don’t you think if you where to be the person how would you feel and more over there is nothing to gain from cheating than pains, hurting your partner and giving yourself high blood pressure, yes what I mean by that is this, you will not be at rest when you are cheating on your lover you will always be in fear of your lover not to find out your evil and wicked act. I have come across some guys who always say that that there is nothing bad for a man to cheat, that is very wrong because no matter who cheat weather a man or woman all is still the same and is very bad to do so, Okay you as a man that say that there is nothing wrong cheating on your lover why not you then stop doing is secretly from your partner and do it openly where people who know you are or where your partner can see you and know that you are cheating on her why then are you hiding from all this when you know that there is nothing wrong for you as a man to cheat at your lover, stop deceiving yourself and stop hurting the heart who love you.


10 Benefits Of Drinking Water

These are the 10 Benefits of drinking water

  1. Increase energy and relieves fatigue: since your brain is wet, it helps you think focus and concentrate better and be more alert, your energy levels are also boosted.
  2. Promotes weight loss: Remember by-products of fat, reduces eating intake, reduces higher, raises your metabolism, and has zero calories.
  3. Flushes out toxins: it gets rid of waste through sweat and urinating. This reduces the risk of kidney stones and UTIs (Urinary Tract Infection).
  4. Improves skin complexion: moisturizes your skin, keeps it fresh, softly glowing, and smooth. It gets rid of wrinkles. It is the best anti-aging treatment around. “10 Benefits Of Drinking Water”
  5. Maintains regularity: Drinking water aids in digestion as water is essential to digest your food and prevents constipation.
  6. Boost the immune system: A water guzzler is less likely to get sick. And who wouldn’t rather feel healthy the majority of the time? Drinking water helps to fight against flu, cancer, and other ailments like a heart attack.
  7. Natural headache remedy: Helps relieve and prevent headaches which are commonly caused by dehydration.
  8. Prevent crumps and sprain: Proper hydration helps keep joints lubricated and muscle more elastic, so joint pain is less likely.
  9. Puts you in a good mood: When the body is functioning at its best, you will feel great and be happy.
  10. Save money: Water is free if you choose bottled/filtered water, it still cheaper than that high sugar and fat-filled lathe.

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“10 Benefits Of Drinking Water”

9 things that causes infertility in man with ways to prevent it

9 things that causes infertility in man with ways to prevent it


What is infertility in male?

This is the inability of male to achieve pregnancy in a fertile female. Male infertility is commonly due to deficiency in sperm and semen quality. Sperm and semen quality is used as a surrogate measure in male infertility.


Causes of infertility in male:

  • Per-testicular: This fact refers to a condition that impedes support of the test and includes situation of poor hormonal support and poor general health.
  • Drugs and alcohol.
  • Strenuous riding/cycling
  • Tobacco smoking – (male smokers have approximately 30% higher odds of infertility.

These are increasing evidence that the harmful product of tobacco smoking kill sperm cells.

  • Medication
  • Genetic abnormality
  • Excess exposure to radiation
  • Infection
  • Diet

Common example: There is organ in a man that is fragile as an egg. It is called “scrotum”. And men always like to put their phone inside their pocket and cell phone emits “Radiation”, in that process it hatches, the egg and causes the sperm to weak.


  1. Avoid smoking
  2. Limit or abstain from alcohol
  3. Stay clear from illegal drugs
  4. Keep the body weight balanced
  5. Don’t go into vasectomy
  6. Avoid high temperature
  7. Avoid stress (physical and mental)
  8. Avoid exposure of pesticides, radiation and other toxins.