There’s no particular age a woman becomes sexually inactive, but there’s a period when a woman might not be that eager to have sex, not that she will not feel urge if a man touches her romantically. Until she is very old that the hormones responsible for urge gets weak. A woman gets urge when ever she’s being romanced by a man, or whenever her mind triggers for sex. Sexually active is naturally made, only that you may control your own in a way that suits you, that is why the priests are able to avoid it, not that they don’t feel sexually active but because they are used to controlling their urges. “at what age does a woman become sexually inactive”

Same thing happens to anybody even the women, they might appear to lose the appetite of sex maybe because of the problems or the little chance they may have, but take time to study that, a woman can never be sexually inactive, unless she is very old, that time her bones and arteries are very weak including the hormones responsible for urges also gets weak, that was when they are likely to lose the it.

There’s is even some young girls that loses urge for sex, but if you take time to build their feelings, you will see that the hormones will automatically rebuild it and the inactive hormones will now be active. It happens to anybody at any age, just that what you have to do is to buy your hormones that, which is responsible to revive it, and your partner too, will help you regain the feeling and the inactive hormones will be active again.

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“at what age does a woman become sexually inactive”

Have you asked yourself, how some women that is looking for a child, miraculously gives birth at the age when everyone thought that they have passes the level of giving birth. Although there’s a period when a woman is said to be on menopause, but it doesn’t mean that she will not be sexually active, so you have to know that no age is specified for a woman to be sexually inactive.


I believed that we have answered your question and cleared your view, if that you are sexually inactive but you are still young and fit, kindly go and build your hormones, eat healthier and meet up with your man, he will contribute to the building of your hormones and you will be active again. Do that and thank me later, don’t forget to drop your comments if you have any. Thanks.

“at what age does a woman become sexually inactive”

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