Asian Happy Ending Massage | What It Is & My Very First Experience

Happy ending massages from Asia are everywhere. They are a popular choice in the deep world of sensual massages. What are happy endings massages?

Although it’s awkward, this is what I have done a few times with an Asian happy-ending masseuse. What was my happy-ending massage experience? Here are the details!

Happy ending massages

All of it started when I was lying on my back, late at night, browsing a website that wasn’t suitable for children. I was tired and bored, especially with my hands. So, I scrolled through the pages until my eyes began to droop.

Porn is a lot of fun. It can get boring after a while and it becomes predictable. After 30 pages, I was tired and lost. This was a decade ago. I was single, and lonely back then, and the frequent adultfriendfinder pop-ups were quite annoying. The bottom of the page caught my attention.

A beautiful Asian girl was barely dressed and I saw the words “Want a Massage?” Happily ever after!

I clicked the banner, and it was all that led me to the location of a happy-ending masseuse near my home.

What’s a happy ending to a massage?

A happy-ending massage, for those who are not well-informed, is a massage performed by a woman on a man. The girl then finishes the massage with a full-blown handjob.

This is quite an exciting fetish and one that most men would love to have. It’s like getting touched up by a girl from another country and then also getting a job. This isn’t every man’s dream, but it’s possible.

Are Asian happy ending massage common?

This is something I didn’t know before my first happy end massage. But they are quite common in many countries. There are many types of happy-ending messages. They can be regular massages with a handjob or soapy massages that involve the girl lathering herself in soap and giving you a full-body massage. Then there are oil massages. These massages end with sex, and many other variations.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that all of it is legal. It’s simply that many countries have people who make laws that seem to prefer to ignore them than face them.

Asian Happy Ending Massage | What It Is & My Very First Experience

Happy ending masseuse is a different experience than a massage therapist

First, it is important not to confuse them. A massage isn’t the same as a happy-ending masseuse. A massage is a skilled professional or specialist who can relax your muscles using the right pressure and manoeuvring.

A happy-ending massage? Yes, you get some massage. The minx that will be massaging your body would prefer a more sexual approach to a massage. Although she may not be trained to massage you, she will know how to make you feel relaxed and at ease.

Masseuses who offer happy-ending massages are a common complaint among massage therapists. However, you have to do what you can to make a few dollars as long as everything is agreed upon.

We’ve now clarified the differences between them, let me share my experience.

My first happy end massage

I was standing in an Asian lane full of shops and noise, the next weekend when I saw the advertisement, staring at a new and flashy board. It was quite different from the dingy, unappetizing places you might expect to find after reading positive reviews about massages.

As I entered the parlour, I was greeted by a host of tiny Asians who were laughing and whispering to me. It was awkward and I could feel the sweat beads build up on my neck. They wanted me to choose a girl, so I decided to stop ogling and dawdling. I pointed sheepishly at one of them and she smiled back, stepping ahead. All the girls returned to their chairs in the corner of our room and continued to talk to one another animatedly.

After I had completed all formalities, the parlour boss lady (a very attractive older woman) asked me to pay her in advance.

It was quite amazing, even though I wasn’t a fan of the massage. However, I didn’t make it to the end, so she charged me about $100 *a decade ago* for the “full work”.

My entry into the “message area”

I had heard that happy-ending massages were illegal in any other state than Nevada. I was concerned about the possibility of a police officer grabbing my back, but I was assured by the parlour lady. “No police. It is legal. Enjoy. Go. Go.”

Those monosyllabic responses helped calm my nerves. I was thrilled to have found a girl who was friendly, beautiful, and reassuring. I entered a small, bare room. I was led by the girl towards a bed and told to change into my freshly washed robe. After a second of confusion, she laughed at me and made a curtain between my bed and hers.

I nervously removed my clothes from behind the sheer curtain. I paused for a moment to take out my drawers but decided to continue. I put on the robes and rolled onto the firm but comfortable bed. The AC was blowing cold air and I could already feel my muscles stiffening!

I enjoy my illegal massage

Although it started as a regular massage at first, it quickly became an exciting experience. I was asked to take off my clothes and she gave me a towel within a few minutes. Wait?! Wait! I took off the robe and wrapped the towel around my waist. Then, I placed my head on the firm mattress.

My heart beat fast, so I closed my eyes and waited for the right time. The masseuse that I chose was wearing a sheer white top with a black bra and sensually moving her arms over me, sometimes touching my shoulders.

It was quite spine-tingling. It was like going to a salon and having your hair cut by a girl. It was like when the flirty hairdresser gets naughty and presses her boobs on your shoulders and face too often. She also lingers for way longer than necessary and gives you a wink.

Asian Happy Ending Massage | What It Is & My Very First Experience

A happy ending

It was all very simple at first.

It began as a professional massage. She was also very skilled at it! It was a regular massage, and she did not do anything naughty or kinky. Her hand would occasionally touch my nether regions, but she was careful to pay attention to my legs.

It felt, on the whole, like a Thai massage you would get in a professional setting. It was all there, with the firm, strong stretches and bends that made my body feel great.

After a good hour of massaging, she pulled at my loin cloth. I lay there naked, feeling like I had known this girl for ages. It was only a matter of seconds before I felt the blood rush to my loins. I felt a massive erection after flashing her.

She was professional and spoke occasionally, barely audible, but very sultry. She was very talented and her hands were able to find the right spots. She touched me in places I didn’t even know had sensation. I was able to feel my privates frequently, for crying out loud!

It was good and I couldn’t stay awake for more than five minutes. Damn, I was excited and she was great. She smiled at my face.

She said, “You come back again and I’ll surprise you, okay?”

Naturally, I was going back. It was a wonderful experience. I gave her twenty dollars. She glanced at my money and asked me if the message was not for me.

What? Yes, I did. I gave her twenty more.

She smiled and said, “Now you showed you you like my massage.”

Me and the Asian happy end massages

Although I was told that Asian massages are good, the experience I had was amazing. It was pleasant, not as many people claim. It was not dirty, dingy or full of ugly women. It was a happy ending to a great Asian massage!

I fell in love with the feeling of a massage and started going to her once per week. My surprise was that I started having sex every week with her. I began to get to know her and we started meeting outside of our “professional” workplace. She was very friendly, affectionate, touchy-feely and a lovely girl. Sometimes, she would surprise us with another girl for a massage. It was a good life. There were no sad endings. It’s still good to live!

Memories and experiences with massage

There are many stories that these girls are illegal immigrants or poor, and my masseuse assured me that this is true to a degree. However, it is not always true. This profession is not for everyone.

This job was offered to her by her family as she wanted to support them. She said she was open to other opportunities, but that this was temporary money until she can save enough to leave this job and look for a better job.

My masseuse quit the massage parlour one year later and began working as a waitress. Four years later, she is now employed in a bank. She proudly stated that she now works in the corporate world. I was so happy for her!

We are still close friends and would sometimes get a surprise from each other! Of course, I would do the same for her! A friend can give you a massage, and it’s legal. We haven’t seen each other in a while, and life has just gotten in the way.

We are still connected via social media, and I continue to comment on and like her posts. Every time she posts a picture of herself with new friends, living a completely new life, far from her past, I feel happy for her. We now have our memories. What started as a happy ending massage turned into friends and acquaintances.

My Asian massage experiences have been enjoyable, even though I am a law-abiding citizen. While I cannot guarantee that all experiences will be wonderful, I do recommend getting one. An Asian happy-ending massage is a wonderful fantasy and well worth considering!