Application Of Calculus In Everyday Life

Many students become disillusioned with certain subjects in school when it seems like what they are learning has no application in real life. Most of them look at the long and complex mathematical calculations and wonder where they will ever be asked to do them after school. What you may not know is that topics like calculus are used in everyday life, even if it might not seem evident at first. Of course, it is now applied in practical ways instead of the complicated math problems that students have to tackle in school. In the following ways, you can now start to look at your studies from a different perspective.

1. Architectural designs that last

Think back to the last time you come across a building with intricate designs. You may wonder how the building was designed to make sure it does not get weighed down on the slimmer parts of the design. Architects use calculus to calculate how curves can be added to a building without compromising on its strength. Examples of such buildings include domes, which can last for decades and resist the pull of gravity. Without calculus, such designs would be tough to achieve without facing high risk.

2. Electrical engineering made it easier

Electrical engineers work to connect two separate substations and transfer electricity from one point to another. Often, these two places are miles apart. Therefore, it is very impractical to do physical measurements without wasting a considerable amount of time and resources. With calculus, the engineer can calculate what length of cable will be needed to make the connection without leaving the desk. Calculus makes our work easy and saves us a lot of time and energy.

3. Calculus for space exploration

Calculus becomes even more critical in engineering when it comes to space travel. Space engineers often have to plan for long expeditions while still on earth. They take a lot of factors into consideration, including the orbiting velocities of the earth and how they differ from the other planet. Calculus allows space experts to incorporate other factors into the equation. These include the gravitational force of the moon and the sun. Both of these forces significantly impact the path a rocket will take and at how much speed it needs to leave the earth. In a field where physical measurements are impossible, calculus plays a critical role.

4. Biological experiments

The use of calculus in science also goes beyond engineering and architecture. It is also used in biology when scientists are growing live cultures of bacteria, for example. Because these experiments tend to have different results depending on various conditions, calculus can predict these differences. An example would be how the results will change with varying temperatures, or certain foods are added to the bacteria culture.

By now, you must have a clearer view of how calculus works in the real world, and you can appreciate it more. Many students find it easier to understand their course when they contextualize it in everyday life. If you are still struggling and you want to improve, it may be time for you to get extra help. Calculus experts can help you understand the subject much better and give a real-life perspective that will make your studies easier. Your assignment needs might be limited to tutoring only, where you need some one-on-one coaching from an expert in an area you do not understand. In this case, reach out to experts who have been in the field for some time. They can also help you complete an urgent assignment before the due date.